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Not enough fat - consequences?

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I'm 17 and for the past couple months I've been fruits and, mostly, vegetables throughout the day. For breakfast I'll usually have half a banana (not very hungry at 5:30..) and for lunch I'll mostly have veggies. Fruits are usually my snacks until dinner. For dinner, my mom usually cooks meat, along with a vegetable or pasta (sometimes both). Being a vegetarian, I only eat the veggie or a bit of the pasta.

I've lost some weight even though I didn't really need to. I really hate consuming fats or alot of carbs, they make me feel so guilty. But I also haven't gotten my uh.. "monthly" for a couple months (and no, I'm positive I'm not pregnant ;)!). Is this due to my not eating much fat during the day? And what are the consequences of not eating fat?
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The term "Eat a balanced diet" means just that, it needs to be balanced with fats, proteins, carbs etc. 
every single cell in your body needs fats to be able to form a properly functioning cell membrane

also, your body needs fats in order to absorb the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, & K)
I'm definetely not an expert, but I do know that you need some fats in your diet for your body to be able to digest/absorb the nutrients and vitamins in the other foods that you eat.  I know it's hard to understand but it's like taking a vitamin on an empty stomach and not having any food after it....the body won't hold on to any of the good stuff in the vitamin and you just end up peeing it all out.  This is how it has been explained to me, anyway.
Yes it could very well be caused by the lack of fat in your diet. I suppose it depends on how long it's been since you've eaten a proper amount of fat.

anxious1 has it right in stating that it's all about a balanced diet, which includes fat, carbs and protein.

You shouldn't feel guilty about eating GOOD fats. Fats from things like olives and olive oil, nuts and avacados are all good for you. I try to stick these ratios in my daily diet:

40%-50% carbs, 20%-30% protein and 20%-30% fat.

If you are missing TTOTM, I would consult a doctor even if you know you can't be pregnant. It could be as simple as eating more fat or it could be something else. Always better to get it checked out if possible.
If you don't eat meat you can substitute it with something like almonds, walnuts, pecans and of course, peanuts...You can also add an ensure protein shake...I hope this helps some.
as a cosmetologist, i can tell you that without enough fats your hair, skin and nails will suffer.
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I just learned on CC that eating the right kind of fats, like ones found in raw nuts, like almonds, walnuts..,avacado, olives, olive oil, flax seed, fish like salmon and tuna...will help you lose weight! As well as the other benefits the others have mentioned as well as Omegas we need to keep healthy.
definitelly eat fat!!!!

when i was exactly ur age i cut out ALL, i mean all, the fats from my diet and byt the time i was 19 my period was gone and i was having serious hormonal problems cause hormons are based on cholesterol. i struggled with myself a lot to reintroduce fats to my diet - olive oil, avocado, nuts, and fish and i am perfecty healthy now :)

good luck !!!
I think you definitely need to check out  pine nuts. They are a huge fats source in a little tiny soft nut.  2 tbsp of these per day (I add them to my fresh salads) will keep your fat consumption in line.
I'm currently on a 1200 - 1400 calorie diet and I'm watching my fat intake because of high tryglycerides.  But I don't know how much fat that I should have in my daily intake.  I don't understand the 20 - 30% values.  I was told to have 6ozs, but everything is measured in grams.  Does anyone know whether this is the correct amount and if it is, than how many grams does that equal?  I would appreciate a reply.  

I've been diagnosed with diabetes 2, high blood pressure, high tryglycerides, fatty liver,  high cholesterol, and I have neuropothy in both legs.  I gotten my blood pressure down, and I have blood coming up in two weeks to check my cholerol, sugars, and a CA1.  I've been losing weight, but I'm concerned about my fat intake because fat in the blood cells is hard to decrease
You MUST have fat in your diet.  Is part of the structure of very, very vital parts of you, such as your heart and your eyes.  You also require fat to absorb certain nutrients.  The good news about being veggie is that it is easy for you to avoid most bad fats.  Just stay away from trans-fats.  Eat nuts and use olive oil.  They are great for you.  If you eat eggs, get the ones that have Omega-3's added. 

This is an oversimplification of the whole good fat, bad fat thing, but I am not a scientist.  "Bad fats" are bad because they are very rigid once in place in your body.  Omega's are flexible.  Your heart and circulatory system require fat to function.  If they don't have any lovely bendy, good fats to use, they will have to use bad, hard fats that make the structures they get put in hard and inflexible and the heart and circulatory system have to be flexible to function.  What happens when you bend something that is rigid?  It breaks.
This might help if you are feeling fat phobic. althy/healthy6.htm
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