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No Energy and Stomach Feeling Sick...

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For the past couple of days I haven't really been having a lot of energy. My stomach has also been feeling sick and I've been getting headaches. What could this be from? I eat about the same foods everyday. So it's not like I had something new that I am not use  too. And I am eating enough. I still haven't been eating my calorie goal, but I am eating over my maintenance. 

please help. I am tired of feeling sick and tired. : (

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If I remember correctly, you're recovering from anorexia right? So, your body has been through a lot and is probably tired. You said you're eating over maintenance, but you need even more than that. You need calories to repair your body and give you back energy. About how many calories have you been eating? Your body is probably telling you it needs more.

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Yes, I am recovering from anorexia. I am now 79 lbs, only 6 more lbs to more goal weight. :) 

I am not exactly sure what my maintenance is, but I am eating around 2300 calories a day. I am gaining, but I am trying to up it to 2800 to fix my metabolism. I am not doing so well at that though. 

So, if I just continue eating, my energy will come back? When will I stop getting headaches and feeling sick?

Your goal weight is very low. Most recovering anorexics are advised to gain until at least  a 20 BMI to avoid relapse. 85 lbs is very, very thin, even at your age. When I began eating more I had a lot more energy, but everyone is different. Stomach discomfort is normal in the beginning, but maybe with the headaches and stuff its something you should ask your doctor about. I know you've been told this before and you're probably sick of hearing it, but I think a better intake would be 3000-3500 calories considering your age.

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