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Endometriosis Diet

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    Hi, I am an 18 year old female that had been sufering from endometriosis for over two years now. I had a laparoscopy but not all of the scar tissue was able to be removed since it was attached to the major artery of my uterus. Awesome, huh?

Anyway, I've been able to realize that some foods aggravate it, but recently (due to stress) I've been straying and eating unhealthy foods and causing myself pain.

Are there any women out there that follow a diet to regulate the pain and are there any diets tailored for those who suffer from endometriosis?
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I'm also 18 years old and have been dealing with endometriosis since Jan 2006.

I tell you what,if you have myspace please check out my myspace that i've made all about endo.

Stress effects my eating and when I eat unhealthy foods its screws with my endo.I've been looking into diets that might help the endo and pain.I know I can't eat candy or drink pop because something about all that sugar just makes me cramp more (weather im on my period or not!)

Anyway check out the link for myspace above or email me at

Hope to hear from you,
I had a friend who suffered terribly.  I know that she took Evening Primrose supplements and swore by them.
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I've read alot about how gluten affects endo... i've never tried going gluten free... but it seems to help me if i avoid lots of carbs and don't give into my salt cravings too much..
No one likes to hear this, but... a raw plant-based diet is the best for endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a problem of inflammation.  Switching to a diet based on at least 80% raw plant foods, and cutting out pro-inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, and sugar (especially corn syrup) will help you the most just by maximizing your intake of anti-inflammatory compounds.

There are also supplements you should try, like raw powdered maca (a root from South America, becoming more popular in the US) which is a hormone-balancer and anti-inflammatory as well.
Hi I'm 25 and was diagnosed with suspected endo a few years ago.

I'm going for a laposcopy in september and am quite worried to be honest.

I haven't noticed a pattern between what I eat and the pain I get, but will try and take notice now.

Do any of you find that it effects the relationships you have? I think for me this is a big issue.

My emotions are always crazy, and I find myself getting quiet depressed at times.  Do any of you find this?
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Oh yeah, I've definitely had and still have emotional issues. Last year I practically became a recluse and refused to go out with friends. If I did go out, I was too exhausted. Not fun at all.

Now I'm noticing that I am a bit too short with people, especially when I have pains.
Hi Cmalcuit

Thanks for posting. It's a comfort to know its not just me!
I had endometriosis when I was 14.  (I am now 37)  I've had two surgeries, but the medication seemed to work the best for me (Birth control)  ~~~ I never had any problems with my diet, or noticed that foods affected it.  Does the doc have you on meds?  It is my understanding that if you have the Lap, get some meds, (or get pregnant) it usually will regulate itself.  What am I missing?  Or maybe when I finally quit smoking, lost weight and started exercising it went away.... here I thought it was the BC all this time!
oops!  should have indicated that they believe my endo is from DES... a drug my mother took in the late 60's to avoid miscarriages(she had two previous before me)... they found it caused cancer in the offspring, and ~~~ you guessed it, endometriosis.
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Hey Ladies, I too was diagnosed with endometriosis Jan 2006. My doctor put me on continuous dosage birth control. Which equates to having a period maybe once a year. I sometimes wonder what side effects I will encounter years down the road from this solution, but honestly, ruining my liver from practically overdosing on advil and darvocet is probably not a better option. (Im allergic to the stronger pain killers)

I was a vegetarian for 6 years and noticed the cramps werent as bad then as they are currently. Never thought it was due to the vegetarian diet.  Its an interesting thought tho. I'll have to remember to ask my docotor when I see her next month.
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I have been following an endo friendly diet for almost a year. I have recently started a blog with some of my recipes, hints and tips. You can read it at:

I discovered that I have endo about 2 years ago, and I have had 2 laparoscopy's since then. It just keeps on coming back worse than the time before. During my period I have really bad stomach aches which last until my period finishes. I find that even though the pain is always there, every time I eat, it makes the pain worse, especially foods high in gluten, sugar and lactose.

Along with the stomach aches during my period, over the past few years I also found I was having stomach problems when I wasnt on my period as well. Once I even had such severe pains that I went to the emergency room, where they removed my appendix, which they said was inflamed. Although, after it was removed, I was still experiencing the pains, so I have a general issue with my abdominal becoming inflamed.  

I cut out my gluten intake drastically, which was difficult for me because I ate alot of bread etc. and I found that helped. I have also cut out processed foods and sugars which helps as well.

I would suggest sticking to natural, organic, unprocessed foods. Alot of fruit and veggies and red meat.

Even though not much is known about endo, what doctors do know is that the endometriosis is produced by estrogen, so obviously, stearing clear of foods which are high in estrogen levels is a good idea. Keep an eye on meat products which have added estrogen, like some chicken products. Thats why its best to stick to organic foods and meat.   

I have had endo for about 10 years.  I have had 2 surgeries and 2 courses of meds including Lupron which is awful!  Mine mainly bothers me the first 2 days of my cycle and I have terrible cramps.  It is better if I avoid wheat products.  I had a really good book about endo and diet but I lent it out and never got it back Frown

Do you know if there are any good threads on here that talk about wheat-free foods?

I'm 16 and was just diagnosed with endo last month. I had a laproscopy last week, and already I feel noticeably better. I decided today that I am going to start tracking everything I eat and start a new endo-friendly diet, as well as a new exercise plan. I really think that eating bad foods is not only affecting the way my endometriosis is growing and feeling, but also its affects my emotions. I get very depressed and sad and feeling crazy sometimes, and I think its due to stress, endo and probably lack of good nutrition and exercise. The only thing now is that I would absolutely love a simple list of foods to enjoy and avoid for endo sufferers, but all I can find is information that means very little to me, as I've never been a healthy eater and really have no clue what I'm doing. Any advice anybody has for me would be great.


And by the way, cmalcuit, has a really good section on diet for endo.

Im curious... is everyone here still suffering from pain? The biggest mistake everyone makes is that they are looking for one specific food that makes them sick. the fact is most of the foods we eat make us sick. And we eat them all together so how can you pinpoint? We eat meat in almost evey meal! I am forced to be vegetarian and should probably be vegan due to the pain i get from almost any "normal" food I eat. I was clinically diagnosed over a year ago with endo but i have been treated accidentally for it because I have been on birth control since i was 14. After my daughter was born (4 years ago) i started getting sick all the time, whenever i ate. It didnt seem to matter what I ate, but I always suspected the meat. Finally I figured out I had endo and told my doctor. I've got every symptom and no one ever suggested thats what it could have been!

I came across it accidentally online and I was shocked. I ended up paying $60 for an endo diet, (and im so glad i did!) and I dont stick to it strictly, however, the first thing said stop eating meat. It doesnt matter where it comes from, meat of any kind raises your estrogen levels. Endo will feed off of it. And things that say "certified" organic, can still have hormones to a certain level. The only way you will get something certified "organic" is if you go somewhere that the culture and society hasnt been touched by modern technology. Nothing we eat is in its natural state anymore. So stop eating meat! Im telling you, give it one week. For those of you who are running for the bathroom everyday, feeling pain that's indescribable, and work becomes a very difficult place to bring yourself every day trust me, it took 2 days for me to feel the difference. I ate just fruit bowls every day and granola for a week and all the pain stopped! I was in shock! I know we cant live off of just fruit, but dont forget all the veggies, nuts(peanut almond cashew and walnut(good for cholesterol) and seeds (like sunflower and pumpkin[rich in iron]) that we often cut out of our diets. Im not a doctor or a nurse, but honestly how well do you all really eat? Im definitely not a saint... but I am concious of what makes my body feel good and what hurts it to the point of crying.

I know its not easy and to this day i crave burgers, grilled chicken and a steak, but its so much easier to not eat them when you FEEL the difference. Dairy or any animal products (milk cheese sour cream eggs butter) can all aggrivate it by raising your estrogen so please think about cutting those down too if your guilty pleasure like mine is cheese. =) I know its hard. Really hard. But just try a few days. And yes, I have to take a multivitamin every day or I will become anemic from a lack of iron. I dont recommend an iron vitamin because the dose is so high that I ended up overdosing in one month. (makes you dizzy nauseus etc) a multi vitamin like "nature made complete" is good bc it has a much lower safer dose of iron and everything else you lose from not being able to eat the meat for that matter.

Just give it a shot and im sure you'll feel a difference. Doctors know that laproscopys work, but only temporarily, they dont fix or treat the problem, they just lessen it for a little while. And historectomys are very emotionally draining, traumatizing and is very drastic. I dont understand why doctors dont talk about diet, when it actually treats the problem. But they are required to keep medical procedures and medicines the only line of action in treating almost anything. I wouldnt worry about this so much except that it worked so well for me.

The only "meat" i can eat is white fish. But we all know that eating too much fish isnt good either because of the mercury levels. Just trust your body. And let me know how you feel!

Hi, wanted to thank all of you for your information on this site.  I am 44 yrs old,  had a lap about 10 to 11 yrs ago and they found endo, growing in bladder and bowel!  I was never told then about diet.  I have been thru the "yo yo" weight for yrs.   I was very thin for many, then would gain and be about 20lbs over weight.    Right now, I need to lose 25lbs (again)  been exercising, eating better or smaller portions, but abdomen was still puffy.  I just knew there was something not right. 

I recently have been having extremely painful periods, heavy bleeding for a couple of days, constipation! Thought it was just getting changes, since it comes every 28 days and flow lasts 3 to 4 only. I realized my social life has decreased, more fatigue and bloat has increased. Family has noticed my mood changes too.  When the last 3 were so painful.....I went to my gyne, said " I am done with this!"  RESULTS:  My endo is back! (and have fibroids)  I did and do know this could come back, but never really understood what seemed to cause it, or contribute to it.  FOOD, UNREAL!  Makes sense. Look at all the toxins we are exposed to.   ( For the most part, I am a label reader and cautious)   So I started searching the web. I WAS SO SHOCKED THAT EVERY SITE I WAS ON, MENTIONED WHEAT AND DAIRY.  I eat and love both of them. I think the wheat will be easier than dairy.  With the dairy, I have changed to "light",  "low fat".  Hard to do when I was brought up in WIS! (but i have adjusted)  I am embarrassed, because I never kept up on the data/updates for endo all these yrs.  I felt pretty good after my lap for several years, not great, but better.    I look back, and realized how much life I have missed due to feeling inflammed.....pain etc.   WHAT A WASTE!  I am disappointed in myself that I never kept up on this.

I have a regular soda here and there, and always have known it is not good for me, but I like the fizz/taste.  Rather have that than a piece of cake or cookie!

If anyone could offer more great advice/suggestions/ideas/info/tips  I WILL TAKE IT ALL.  I know there is books out there, I want suggestions on some please?  GREATLY appreciated.

My questions right now are, starting a new venture : (1) is is best to start with, for example, cut out wheat of diet and see if that is it? (then try excluding dairy) (2) And for how long do I test it for?  I just bought powdered protein to assist in losing wt, and it contains soy/milk/wheat products. 

(3) Has anyone been able to drink protein powder shakes (w/ water) or would you suggest cutting that out too?

(4) Any suggestions on some easy to follow guide/book to take to store, a list. i LOVE healthy food.  I eat fish, turkey, chicken....lean meat.  I was brought up on good meat, but living in southwest now, don't eat much of it.  Just isn't the same here.   I do go to stores for poultry/meats that have no additives, hormones etc.  Love fresh produce.  Always could eat more veggies tho.

I really don't think I could go on a vegetarian diet, but could try it I guess. I stopped drinking diet soda over a yr ago, so I could conquer anything!   I am still in shock, and kind of depressed, because I don't know what I am going to eat.  SO PLEASE HELP!! 

I went out and bought a multi vit again,  womens one a day( w vit d, calcium, mag), and evening primrose.  I used that YEARS ago(primrose) and I do remember it HELPED!  How I do things "right" or" what works", then I stop.  Story of my life! 

I am so mad at myself, like I mentioned before, because I could of prevented from having another lap possibly....going to have one in a month or so.   Which is ok.  Keeping positive.

(5) soybean oil?  not good either?

(6) so basically wheat, soy,  sugar, white flour and dairy?  (of course alcohol in moderation and soda)  What about anyone that eats above in moderation?


THANKS for your time and assist with any info! 








Hi there,

I have found it hard to really get this publicly known.  I have been finally diagnosed just htis summer.

Check out what a few of us have started and please join us to liberate us from this darkness and those in it!

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I've suffered with endometriosis for over 4 years now. It took almost a year of going back and forth to my OB to figure it out. I've had 2 laparoscopic surgeries, 2 rounds of Lupron injections and a number of hormone therapies. not to mention years of infertility and two miscarraiges within this past year one a which was a tubal preg. I feel your pain, literally.

I was diagnosed 16 years ago and I just had my third lap two months ago.  Went to the doctor (i've been going to him for the last 14 years) with pain that I had prior to my recent surgery.  I have been on birthcontrol with no period for the last 16 years.  He thinks I have endo in my abdominal wall and now I am on Danazol for the next three months.  Has anyone been on Danazol?  The side effects are really crazy and I'm getting freaked out.

i have only recenty been diagnosed but definatley have noticed that certain foods make it worse. i would really like to reccomend it has really helped me,especially with diet advice.also from my research into the subject (because my doc wasnt very clued up on the subject!) i have found that women who try n help themselves fair the this i mean dont just rely on your doc apts and surgery.i cant take birth control for various reasons and have already decided to exhaust all other routes before i consider surgery.acupunture has helped me alot so far and have read very positive reviews of it from other women.i also take supplements.evening primrose oil.agnus castus and cod liver oil with multi vitimans.i have started yoga and am slowly changing my diet.sounds a lot but all helps and comes naturally once you get used to all the changes.from what i have read meat should be avoided  as it contains high amounts of estrogen but if your like me i love it!so i have cut right down and just but lean cuts and try and get organic where i can afford it.also dairy as is inflamitory but again find that very hard so i again have cut right down but pretty much 100% avoid cheese and get the lowest fat milk.caffiene,high sugar and processed food all bad i know all the good food!but i have found if i just have them as treats or in small quantitys my pain is at a minimum.i also write things down if they give me very pain.long winded reply i know but just some of the stuff i have read and tried.was diagnosed 6 months ago and still struggleing with the diet changes,i have days where i mess up n binge or am stressed and eat bad always in alot of pain after.hope this helps and wish you all the best xx x


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