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effects of loss of period

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ok, quick question. i lost my period from losing weight too fast. this is ONLY the 3rd month i havent had it, but im still nervous cause while ill be trying to get more body fat, i've heard sometimes it doesnt come back for a long time, even if you gain weight back. so im planning for the future. 

im going to the dr next week and will no doubt bring this up, but im so so so curious right now,

my question is, assuming you eventually get it back, how long of a time of not having your period does it take before it can have a permanent effect on your fertility? 

just to one more time make this clear, i AM trying to get healthy enough to get it back right now. i dont need to be convinced that its bad and i should do something about it. Laughing

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Loss of period can have a variety of causes. If you are underweight, if you do not have enough fat intake, if you overexercise, as a result of PCOS or other hormonal imbalances, as a side-effect of certain medications - just a few, though the more common of the causes, but it's basically anything to stress your body into thinking it's unable to birth, quite simply.

If you want to get it back, you need to gain weight if you are underweight or on the low end (sub 19 BMI is where trouble begins if you get there through dieting unhealthily, or too quickly), to eat more fats in your diet, to exercise less if you're overdoing it and, most importantly, to make absolutely certain you bring it up with your doctor. The damages of amenorrhea include osteoporosis and infertility as well as coming along with the dangers of the causes of secondary amenorrhea alongside.

There is no set time period for how long it will take you to regain it. Just do all the right things and see your doctor.

I am in a similar situation... I've lost my period and it's been 2-3 months now.  I'm not losing weight anymore and have been in maintenance since mid September.  I have a healthy BMI and I'm not underweight.  I just saw my doctor last week for my yearly exam and she was very concerned about my period loss.  She agreed that I lost the weight in a healthy manner (about 2 lbs/week, over about 7 months) and is determined to get to the bottom of it.  She ordered blood work for some extra tests and is also checking my hormone levels.  I can't understand why they've gone away... is exercising about 5 times a week for about an hour or so overdoing it?  I'm hoping the doctor gets my results soon and calls me.  I hate waiting...

Make sure you tell your doctor how much weight you've lost, how fast, etc. so they can get an accurate idea of what's going on.  Best of luck, and hope you get yours back soon!  :)

Same with me! It's been 9 months since 'she' last visited. I too have a BMI of less than 20, but am not considerably underweight.

My doctor ordered blood tests (resulted in nothing abnormal), and then a scope of my ovaries (again, resulted in nothing abnormal).

Hope you have better luck in finding the problem than me!


Update: I finally got my period today!  The doctor also left me a message about my lab test results that they wanted to go over them, but when I called them back they were already gone for the day.  :(  I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if they found anything.

Yeah i've been a year and a half without a period...and i'm really worried.

I lost weight about 2 summers ago, but i gained all of it back plus some : ( the weird thing is, i still havent gotten it back.

But then two months ago I had it, and it never came back again! I have a BMI of 25, so i'm not underweight, and I eat enough calories. I'm guessing maybe stress has something to do with it?

I would think that stress is a good possibility... that may be my problem too.  You should really go and see your doctor about it asap though.  My doctor said all of my lab tests came back normal (except for my hormone levels - I knew I was unbalanced) and she's sending me for an ultrasound to check my ovaries.  You never know if there may be some underlying problem and not having your period for so long can eventually cause some major health issues.

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