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ED Recovery, Donating Blood and some Motivation

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Hey guys.
It's been awhile since my last angst-fest of a post, but I'm back!  And this time with a question!

When someone is recovering from AN but has gained to at least the minimum bmi of 18.5 (and the minimum weight for donating; 110bs) are there any qualms when it comes to donating blood?

I ask because the blood donors clinic is back at my school (they come every 3 months or so) and last time they wouldn't take my blood due to how underweight I was (which was a good thing in retrospect).  I enjoy the whole donating thing, and being the universal type O- helps too, so I tried again.  This time I went in at a much healthier weight, but they kept eyeing me diligently during the process (moreso than the other few that were there).  I felt fine afterwards and didn't pass out or anything, but afterwards it occurred to me that maybe donating should be held off if my body is still repairing any damage due to the prolonged restriction.


And to those out there struggling to recover from an eating disorder; scared to listen to their body and just eat (be it with others or 'reactively' in the middle of the night), I can tell you how once you fight back against those thoughts, how wonderful it feels to actually start living again!
My life is no longer ruled by food, calories and the scale. I've started eating foods I used to enjoy (like peanut butter, chocolate and baked goods) without binging on them like I first did in recovery, and living each day no longer feels like a dreadful chore.  There are still issues I need to overcome and everything, but as the saying goes "You don't eat an elephant in one bite".  Honestly, I wish I got to this state before in my half-arsed attempts at recovery because for the first time in almost 7 years I look into a mirror and feel happy with myself.

Tackle those demons!  If a p*ssy like me can do it, so can all of you! Living life tastes better than thin feels (especially when it hurts to sit for longer than a half an hour because you're sitting on bones).  You're all worth so much more than a number on a scale, and deserve the happiness that ED has kept hidden since it laid it first icy skeletal grip upon you.

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