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does eating snacks every 2-3 hours throughout the day help to ward off a binge?

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if i can't stop binging and purging by my next psychiatrist appointment, i may possibly have to go inpatient.. and i really don't want that.

i'm going to stop my binging once and for all. if i don't binge; i don't purge.

if i don't really eat "meals" per se.. but eat filling snacks every 2-3 hours, will it help me stay in control?

for example i mean: i'd have some oatmeal with fiber 1 mixed in when i first wake up, and then fruit with yogurt a few hours later, and then hummus and celery on crackers a few hours later, and so on and so forth.

i'm still going to get a decent amount of calories in (1500 - i'm gonna be sitting on my butt all day tomorrow) but i just wondering if snacking all day would help me not give into binging temptation.

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thats exactly what i do and it works for me!
supposedly small "meals" many times a day are good for you anyway



goodluck :)

It is recommended that you eat 5-6 times a day instead of 3 large meals a day. This keeps your blood sugar at an even level and keeps your metabolism reved. Also prevents binging because you should not be hungry if you are eating the right foods, fruits and veggies, lean protein, lowfat dairy, complex carbs, whole grains. ymaximum-weight-loss.html


hi..... hows it goin..... seen a few of ur posts n im sorry to hear ur havn a hard time. i am in a similar situation and i recently went back to recovery group from my eating disorder programme. this is what my meal plan looks like and as u can see the idea is to have something very regularly and so far its actually going ok

bfast : cereal and 2 x toast/brown bread pat butter n jam and OJ

mid morn. piece fruit or yoghurt

lunch: 2x egg sized potatoes,portion meat (breast chicken etc) Veg and dessert 4 times a week

mid aft. piece fruit or yoghurt

tea: 2x brown bread and salad, with meat and egg and some potato salad etc butter n jam with bread. OR a hot tea ie:omlette, or potato wedges and beans or moderate portion of fish n chips or soup with bread.... u see what i mean

Evening snack: 250-300 cals.. this is important. cereal or bar choc etc. the point of this is if u give urself a decent treat u are far less likely to go mad on huge choc binges.

this does work but u have to try it and try it honestly!
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Grats on your resolve to stop the purging!!  Good for you!!

You need to find out what works for you.  There are a lot of studies that say you should eat 5-6 meals a day to keep your metabolism working it's best, but that doesn't work for everyone.  For some, eating often means they're more likely to sneak a few extra calories in every meal, which can add up.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that a plan that you can't stick to is no good.

However, personally, if I get too hungry, I start to suffer from my-eyes-are-bigger-than-my-stomach syndrome, and I end up eating too much in one serving.  So, I try to eat every 3 hours, which keeps me both from feeling full, and from getting hungry.  Both of those things will probably help you resist the urge to purge.  So, in short, I think you should try it.  I might be exactly what you need!

Good luck and grats again!  I know you can do it!!

Hi not sure if this will help you at all but I thought I'd just let you know anyway.  After getting interested and reading a lot of forums about bodybuilding I was curious to what it would feel like eating extremely low carbs for a day.  I didn't think I'd be able to do it at all but it actually made me have no cravings at all.. like even though I'm trying to put on weight sometimes when I'm just sitting at home I'll be bored and just feel like eating something but when I tried this I had no urge to eat at all.  Those few days I tried it all I ate was meat (chicken, turkey, beef, sausages etc), cheese, nuts and vegetables.  It was high protein and quite high fat.  There was hardly any sugar either and I think that might have been what caused me to have no cravings, no urge to eat when I wasn't hungry.  Maybe try having a day with no sugar (including fruit) and just see how you feel.  I know fruit is healthy and good for you but trying it for a day or two wouldn't do any harm.  I know that for me if I had breakfast and then 2 hours later I had a snack of yoghurt and fruit I wouldn't be satisfied and would probably be wanting to eat again soon after.

Anyway sorry about the massive long paragraph .. which you may not understand coz i kind of rambled on and on.. lol.. just thought it might give you something else to try =] Good luck!

Woo hoo!!!! Congrats on wanting to STOP bingeing and purging, you have the want, now we just have to work on the actions. Okay, so snacking every 2-3 hours might help. Remember ED's are part physical and a whole lotta mental. I think if you're able to up your protein in every meal that'll help a lot, take away/hide trigger foods, only eat at certain times, sit down to eat, eat with people (this is the hardest thing for me), and first and foremost be HONEST with whoever you're living with.


The last time  I binged my brother's let me do it--I've been under eating and so to them me eating (in any shape or form) was a great thing. After the binge was said and done and I was in pain, laying in my bed, they understood that what I had done was not healthy. As hard as it was for me to be truthful about it I told my mom what I had done and she kept me accountable as well as helped me out by throwing out the food I was bingeing on...


I don't know if this helps, but good luck hun... I know inpatient sounds scary, they want to do that to me too and I refuse to do that so I'm trying like hell to fight myself into eating/exercising regularly instead of giving into my ED. Stand strong, you can do it, you can be a healthier you!

Yes it does..for me if I get hungry in between meals I sometimes eat a snack even if it was unplanned otherwise I will eat a large amount late at night.

I love sweet potatoes as a snack.. I know they're quite high cal but they fill me up.

one more thing,

you said "if i don't binge; i don't purge"

I have a little advice for you, if you DO binge, not that you would, remember that we ALL make mistakes and are not perfect. Do not purge afterwards..It  helps you break the cycle.

Good luck.

I also found this... maybe it'll help? nge-eating

I'm sorry you're having a hard time of it right now. Amazing what the idea of hospital can do, though - I remember just daypatient being mentioned making me even more determined to recover than I had been. As many have already said, little and often is a very good idea. I also like fidget's idea of a decent evening treat, so that you don't feel deprived of anything. In fact, make sure you -don't- deprive yourself of anything, but rather encorporate it into your MP from time to time. That way, you shouldn't find yourself with cravings. However, if there are trigger foods you know you can't trust yourself with, either throw them out or lock them away, or ask your mum to lock them away if your mum knows about your ED. Fibre and protein should help keep you full too. I wish you lots of luck. :]

Good on you for your determination. I struggle with staying out of the ED cycle myself, although I've never developed a full blown ED. Protein bars throughout the day give me 200 calories a piece and a host of vitamins and nutrients (and the protein which most women are lacking in their diet). Daily I worry I've actually eaten more calories than the calorie count tool tells me. This prevents me from eating at least 1200 calories because I start worrying I'm already over for the day. Eating bars helps me to know exactly what I'm putting in my mouth, gives me a nutritious meal replacement or snack, and seriously tastes like candy bars. The cookie dough and chocolate raspberry balance bars are my favorite, and the zone fudge graham. It keeps me confident and my sweet tooth satisfied, plus if you eat them slowly, they're very filling. Plus it doesn't get any easier than ripping off a wrapper and biting down.

It really depends on the person. Sometimes I just wish we didn't have any 'real times' to eat, but that we could just snack all day long. That's the best.

If I never sit down for a real meal, and allow myself snacks at all times throughout the day, I don't binge.

But I've also found that I have foods that trigger binges. Like I know not to snack on cereal, because that will just set me off. And I know not to snack on nuts, because that sets me into binge mode too.

There's something about the cereal that sticks the sugary goodness to your tongue and then won't let it go. Damn you cereal!

It helps me (though I was never a binge... just an evening grazer). I find I'm rarely hungry if I eat a good breakfast, lunch and dinner (~400 cals each) + a snack in between breakfast & lunch and between lunch and dinner (~200 cals each). The amount of calories in the snack isn't the deciding factor though... I make sure each meal & snack has a good ratio of carbs & protein so it lasts longer. Since I upped my protein and carbs other than those from fruits, veg & whole grains, I'm rarely hungry or snacky.

Planning ahead is KEY. I prepare and plan out everything I'm going to eat the night before. This works best on weekdays when i'm at work.

I think it all depends on why people binge.  If people binge because they are constantly under-eating, then spreading out those meager calories throughout the day probably won't do any good unless they raise their calories to a decent level. 

Your profile says you are 17, right?  If you are in recovery, then you probably should not be trying to lose weight.  Depending on how thin you are, you might even need to try to gain some.  I'm assuming you are not trying to lose weight.  Therefore, you probably need to be eating more than 1500 calories.  I'm 28 and even sitting around all day at my computer, I can eat 1500 and not gain.  Being a teen, you need more than that.  Being in recovery, you definitely need more than that. 

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