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Eating after midnight

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I had a weird weekend...just thought I'd ask around for your opinions!

So on Saturday after dinner (I'd eaten to maintenance calories of 1600) I went out to party and drink with friends.

It was 2:00am and I ate 4 brownies, some chips and a packet of biscuits, around 500 calories...

So technically it's "Today" (Sunday) when I ate the food, so I thought I'd try to log it in for Sunday.

But I could't help it and went back to normal eating on Sunday, not counting the extra 500 calories I had at midnight......

So I actually ate around 2200 calories today if I count the midnight treat, but if not, I'm in maintenance level.

Oh, and my dinner was mostly vegetable stir fries, which amounted to around 500-600 calories in itself. Even if its all vegetables, I still overate the calories.....

Will I gain anything tomorrow?


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Oh no....I don't wanna gain any back!


You don't have night-eating disorder... you just went out one day and ate. People do that...

Don't worry about that. In that party you burned more calories than if you were sleeping, so probably you didn't end with all 500 extra calories. But even if you did, 500 extra calories here and there don't make you gain. Everyone has days that they go a little over and it's not a big deal.

you need 3500 extra calories to gain a single pound! it is literally not possible that 500 calories over (what frankly sounds like quite a low!) maintenance will cause you to put on ANY fat.  if i were you, i wouldn't bother weighing today or tomorrow, but if you do: any "gain" you see will either be down to extra food weight or water retention due to possible increased sodium intake, NOT FAT.

also, "normal people" (i say this in quotation marks because, let's be honest, no one's really normal!) don't micromanage their calories every day and still manage to maintain their weight over years and years!  give your body some credit: it can cope with a couple of chocolate brownies without thinking "OH MY GOD, MUST CONVERT TO FAT!!!!".  very few people eat EXACTLY the same number of calories EVERY day and those who vary the amount they eat (not deliberately, just because some days they fancy more than other days) are not exclusively enormous blobby blimpy posterchildren for obesity!

erm sorry, to summarise: read patriana's post because it said everything i wanted to except better and shorter!

also: keep calm and don't panic!


(oh, and also (there are too many "also"s in this post but bear with me!), if you look at sanjay125's previous posts, they're just trying to advertise some website.  this, combined with the fact that they've clearly not read your post at all, makes me think that perhaps their advice might not be hugely helpful!)

yeah I'll join everyone else and say "Don't worry about it" ^_^;; having some biscuits and brownies one night won't do anything if you eat normally the rest of the time.  And weight gain can not be accurately seen on a day-t-day basis anyway.

If you are still worried about it, go for a walk/run or do some gardening ^_^;;

runtolive and others, thanks so much for your replies.

That was an advertisement? okaay.....

Anyways true, but I've been sneaking bits and pieces far too much to be able to deal with the midnight eating! Plus no exercise...:(

I say you just gave yourself a little extra to work on.  Noone eats the same everyday, its ok. 

Just move on and don't look back!  :D

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