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Eating a lot but REALLY hungry, is this normal?

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These past few weeks I've been strangely hungry, and to combat this, have been eating a lot more than usual. But I haven'tĀ felt like I've been gaining weight at all and in fact, when I checked (after 2 weeks of no scales), I had lost just over a pound!

Sure, all the excess I have been eating has been (mostly!) healthy, but there has been a LOT of it. A serious lot. I haven't been exercising any more than usual - nothing at all has changed, I'm just *hungry* :P

Today, I had a larger than usual dinner at usual dinner was always enough to keep me going until the next morning. But today I full on felt like I was going to pass out from hunger at 9pm. I practically inhaled half a tub of yoghurt and two slices of bread and now, at 10:20, I feel hungry again.

And I'm 25, not a growing teenager! Nor do I feel sick. I feel FANTASTIC. Just hungry ;)
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Read this and see if the explanation fits with what you've been experiencing

Dieting & Metabolism
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Ahh, not really!
I am in my 5th month of losing weight (45 lbs, go me!) and I have deffinitely noticed times when I am just hungrier than normal.  I don't know if my body is having a cell replacing spree, or building muscles, or what.  When I'm hungry like that, I eat, I just am very careful about what I eat, and it certainly hasn't hurt my weight loss.  It sounds like you are eating very sensibly during those times, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.  Make sure you are well hydrated.  You may want to bump up your complex carbs a little and try to keep sugars and simple carbs to a minimum, that might help keep you from getting so hungry.  Keep up the good work!
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Just a question, don't shoot me

Could you be pregnant?  Sounds like me when I got pregnant both times.  Eat until you can't chew anymore and still lose weight but I felt great and healthy.
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I did *wonder* if I was somehow pregnant...but that would require either an immaculate conception or my ex-gf being a freak of nature. Heh. So definitely not that.

I've been drinking a lot more coffee lately and was thinking maybe that's somehow hyped up my metabolism. It's just odd. I mean, feeling a little peckish, sure, but practically blacking out from hunger? That's a bit whoa.

Maybe...I've just turned into one of those annoying people who can eat anything and everything.

Dork question: which are complex carbs, which are simple?
is it colder than usual where you live? if its cold, your body needs more calories to warm itself up

TTOM could also be making you hungrier, it happens to all of us

Added stress or mental pressure? Giving our brains a workout can increase your metabolic rate (so I've heard)

Perhaps you are walking more (taking the stairs, the long way to your desk, walking to the shops) and without realizing it you are exercising more than you think.

Also, pay close attention at the nutrients you are taking in. If you are lacking a certain nutrient your body will crave it (eg. low calcium = suddenly turning into a yogurt addict)

In my opinion, eat when you are hungry, but choose wisely - if there's no negative change in the scale or in the case of measurements; your waist etc. then you have nothing to worry about. Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs :)

good luck!
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Well I don't have an answer for you then but it does sound hormonal to me.  Maybe you need to check it out.  When is your next physical?
Your doctor might want to check you for diabetes too.    I hope not.  Although low blood sugar could be the cause too.

Hope none of the above.
I can't believe someone asked if you were preggers!  That's so annoying... anyway.. this is what I've learned about why some people seem to have increased appetites after they've lost weight:

Okay, there's a part of your brain stem that measures body fat in your body and releases certain hormones according to what it thinks is going on in your environment (famine or non-famine). 

When you lose a certain percentage of body fat, your brain thinks that there was a famine and it constantly sends hunger hormones through your body to urge you eat back all that fat you lost.  That is why alot of people give up their diets after losing 10lbs, they just can't stand being hungry all the time.

Good news is after about 24 months this red light resets to consider whatever fat percentage you currently have as 'normal', and you will feel less and less hungry.  So you have to try to stick with it for a couple of years until your body re-adjusts itself.

This is what I've read and what nutritionists have told me about my hunger... cause I have the same problem as you of feeling hungry all the time.

Hope this helps!
Ah, WELL now i know why im always hungry! Thx for the info Ravenlark, even tho this wasnt my topic. =P
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