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eating healthy -- more gas??!

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okay so this isnt really a pleasant topic-- i have been eating a heathlier diet for about 3 months now, and i've noticed i've been having a lot more gas than normal.

anybody else have this issue?!?!

any advice?!


thanks thanks thanks :]

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The three of us in our household also experienced the same thing.  We also found that chewing sugar free gum also add to the problem.  Some artificial sweeteners cause increase gas. 


I experienced the same thing when I added more raw fruits and veggies and whole grains to my diet, but it went away after about five or six months.  It's worth the discomfort; my advice would be to just deal with it.

As I understand it, your GI tract learns to efficiently digest what you give it, and if it hasn't had a lot of healthy food in a while, it forgets how to digest those things well.  Which leaves rather unpleasant byproducts.  But I promise, it will go away!  :-)

Up your water intake, it may help.  I know what you mean thoughSurprised

That's what's supposed to happen, see your body is digesting mroe fibre than it's used to (from the fruits adn vegetables), and just needs more time to adjust to it, drink plenty of fluids, and after a month or so, it'll pass

I've been having this too, especially after adding a fish oil pill to my diet too.  I guess it's all normal based on other people's posts.

i understand what u are going through me too Cooli keep hoping it will at least slow down a little...but i used to have trouble with passing gas but now its gone the other way....but i still dont outdo my husband...Surprisedhe's a natural...keep eating the veggies and fruits and fibre they are very good for you and fibre i find filling and longer lasting in my system so i dont feel so hungry too soon...happy tootin:...

haha.  my bf is a very healthy vegetarian going on 7 years and believe me, the gas doesnt always go away. :P  but the trade off is wonderful health, so I *gas* its worth it.  (heehee ;D)

Tips for avoiding gas..... Eat more slowly and chew food thoroughly before swallowing.  Reduce your consumption of some of the more obvious gas-producing foods e.g. beans, brassicas.  Eat fewer raw foods and more cooked foods.   Sip water during meals and drink plenty of fluids at other times.  Take regular daily exercise as that keeps the digestion running smoothly. 

Finally.... don't be afraid to pass wind!!!  Discreetly of course :-)
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