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Eating disorder related goals

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Well I don't know if this has been done before, but I think that it would be good to talk post our short term and long term ED related goals, then later on post how we did. So I will start:

Short term: Eat pizza on friday

Long term: Be ED free, enough by the end of october to ENJOY Halloween again.

Alright so post your goals, and this group will try to hold you accountable!

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Short term: To look after myself well on holiday, challenge myself and not let ED ruin things.

Long Term: Get healthy and learn to cope with life without reverting to anorexia, get my periods back, get through second year of uni & go travelling next summer without anxiety & recover!

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the cc community only promotes healthy goals. Eating-disorder related goals means goals to recover from ED, not fuel it. Please get help, you are at risk of so many complications including death

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Hey =) 

This is my first time posting here, I always thought that it would never come to this.... guess I was wrong! So my short term goal is to go a day without bingeing or throwing up, and eat at least 1000 calories on that day.  My long term goal is to be completely free of bulimia.  I am going overseas later on this year and would love to be able to enjoy it.  Also I am re-starting uni next year and would love to be able to throw myself completely into this.   

Hope you are all able to pull through and overcome this!

Good luck!!!

Short term: Eat my snacks without my mom asking, and not skipping them altogether if she isn't paying attention

Long term: Stop wanting to lose "just 5 pounds" all the time. To just live life and have fun without any ED stopping me

Short term: Eat what it takes to stay in school!

Long term: Well, my class is going on a exchange trip to China in 1½ months, and it's something I would hate to miss. That's one goal! But another goal is getting healty till next summer, otherwise I can kiss my language summerschool to England goodbye.

my first post, never thought i'd do it but here we go.. :)

Ok... my short term: one week without binging and purging


long term: eventually get help and stop thinking about food in terms of numbers.

thanks xxx

Short term: Eat at a restaurant today with my mom when we go to the mall :).

Long term: Not thinking about food 24/7 and revolving my life around it.

I love this thread idea, it's absolutely beautiful and inspirational. It's so moving to see a place where other women, or men suffering from an eating disorder can work towards recovery, rather than setting unhealthy goals. Thank you for making this. I've been in recovery for just about a year now, but I still have my struggles! My goals are:

For Right Now: To stop comparing myself to thinner girls or unreachable model standards. To grow comfortable allowing myself 'junk' foods.

In the Long Run:  To never feel the temptation of stepping on a scale when I see one. To not worry about the ingredients in food for any other reason apart from health. To not cringe when I see thinner girls in the mall. & etc.

Physical Goal: to be at least 112lbs and not under EVER AGAIN. Look more womanly, slim but healthy (not frail and almost too tall for my body) smoother skin, fuller face, smoother shoulders, curvier, get my boobs back, not look tired under my eyes, not look boney on top, not look almost "neglected", more energised throughout the day and have good circulation/feel warm.

Psychological goals: to enjoy eating, treating myself and even indulging too much. To break insecurities, old beliefs I have about myself and eating (I was a binger some years back). To create new beliefs, obviously eating more now to gain and I can stop gaining any day I choose, I am still in control. Want to feel in charge of my own well-being, eat alone, eat when hungry, eat to look better/look after myself, eat what I want and not caring about what everyone else is having. Don't force food on other people so I feel better/superior. To sleep better. To ignore what everyone else is eating and focus on ME!

I know there is a lot of goals here but wanted to write down my thoughts. I've 7lbs to gain to reach 112lbs (my min)- weight is irrelevant, I could wake up tomorrow at 112lbs and it wouldnt matter which if the thoughts in my head were still messed up. I want both physical and psychological changes obviously.

Great thread. I stopped throwing up a couple years ago, but I continue to binge horribly and keep gaining weight. I never sought help for my problem and feel like even though I don't purge anymore, I still have a lot of unresolved issues and unhealthy thoughts.

Short term goal: String together at least one full week without a binge. Not let one snack turn into a 4000 calorie day.

Long term goal: To not base my worth as a person on the size of my jeans. To know that people will still love me even if I'm not my ideal weight. To learn to eat like a "normal" person and not let food rule my life and make me feel bad about myself.

Short term: Be accepting of my weight this wednesday, and don't freak out!

Long term: Try to maintain a stable weight through collegeUndecided

Long Term: Be able to eat pizza and cake by my birthday

I am still not sure if I have an eating disorder, but I do have goals towards being healthy :D

Short Term Goal: To gain up to at least 45 kg by next summer and fill out that bathing suit!

Middle Term Goal: To NOT halt weight gain at 40 kg and lose all the weight again >.<

Long Term Goal: To no longer be scared of gaining weight, and to love myself no matter if I gain weight or not.

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