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eat, vomit, eat

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so ive had this issue for a loing time now. about 3 years at least. and i am getting quite worried that i may have something wrong with me.

when i am hungry, i need to eat straight away or i will become very ill. sometimes i need to eat before i am hungry because if i wait i feel sick for the rest of the day. my body alot of the time 'forgets' to tell me i am hungry, so by the time i notice my hands r already shaking and i am too hungry to eat. if i eat i will just vomit it back up again and continue to be hungry. i get around this by just eating and vomiting until i eventually can keep something down  (which btw is NOT fun at all). i get dizzy alot and often feel weak and tired. ive seen my doctor, they took my blood pressure and said it was fine, also had blood tested and it was fine (but need a little more protein). any ideas why i get so ill and vomit? is there something wrong with me??

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I'd go back to the doctor and ask for some more ideas because something sounds wrong.   The next time you go keep a food and symptom diary and take it with you.  That way you'll be able to show what you eat, how often, how much... match it up with the way you felt and maybe that would help a doctor reach their diagnosis.   Some people experience extremely low blood-sugars temporarily (hypoglycaemia) when they don't eat properly and that can cause similar symptoms... dizziness, fatigue, nausea... but yours are pretty extreme.   Did they do a fasting blood glucose test?..

I suppose what you need to do in the meantime is avoid feeling hungry at all costs.   Start the day with the biggest breakfast you can muster and eat regularly, every two hours, thereafter.   Keep snacks handy for between times in case you need them... dried fruit is a good choice.   I also think you should look at what you eat.   Do you know the difference between complex carbohydrates and simple starches?...  I think you'd benefit from a 'Low GI' or similar diet that keeps blood-sugars stable.   Adding a portion of protein to each meal would also help in that regard.   A good balance, in other words.

Also make sure you're eating enough... A typical adult female over 21 needs 2000 +/- to maintain their weight and get adequate nutrition.  If you're particularly tall/heavy, younger than 21, if you do a lot of exercise or you have a vigorous lifestyle... you'll need more than that.  The CC calculator could help you establish your total energy needs, for example.  As a safety precaution, take a daily multivitamin with iron.


I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean, but if you're saying when you eat you often need to vomit (out of your control) you may have something called Rumination Syndrome.  A friend of mine has it, and basically, she can't keep anything, or very little, down.  It often is misdiagnosed as bulimia, but the ill person does not induce the vomiting in any way.  Here's a link with more info: /

Good luck, I hope you get the help you need!

Try to eat at set times (every 2 hours meal-snack-meal-snack-meal-snack) during the day whether you're hungry or not.

I think they need to retest your glucose / insulin levels - it sounds a little bit like you are diabetic. Dizzy, hungry, need to eat all the time or else you get sick...

The other thing that could be happening is that you have an undiagnosed gastro-intestinal problem, and are malnourished because of it. Like, you're hungry, so you eat, but then the food can't get through? So you vomit because your body can't figure out what else to do with the food. But then you're still hungry, because you didn't absorb any nutrients. Could be an intestinal blockage, or a problem with your esophagus... baseline is, you need to go back to the doctor, pronto. Start keeping records of what you eat, and when you get sick. Bring these with to a GI doctor. In the meantime, do you think a liquid would stay down? Like Ensure or Boost? They are weight gainer drinks, sold at the drug store. They have a lot of vitamins, and might be a good supplement for you until you see the doctor again.

Good luck - that sounds awful!

Is this new?  It sounds like my sister when she was pregnant.  She had to get a shot for the nausea and then make sure she ate frequently enough to keep food down.

ok researched that link that was posted, i have similar symptoms but some i just dont have, it says i have to be vomiting for 6 weeks. thing is i only vomit wen i get hungry and then try to eat. i do take multi vitamins every day. ive had this condition for a few years now, i dont think there is blockage. i am not over wieght or under weight but that doesnt mean i am fit. i am not a diabetic (that i no of?) Cry i am not pregnant. i started taking the birth control pill about 6 months ago (would this be affecting me?) i have started to take a food diary and will see my doctor armed with that. how long does the diary need to be recorded for it to be helpful?

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how long does the diary need to be recorded for it to be helpful?

 If you keep the diary recording type of food, quantity eaten, time eaten and also marking when the symptoms appeared you'd only need to do so for three or four days for it to be useful.  A week tops.  

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