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can i eat sodium if i have low blood pressure?

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my blood pressure has always been normal to low. recently it's been consistently 110/60-70. Sometimes the diastolic (or whichever the top number is) goes into the 90s. my question is, why should i avoid salty foods?
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Regardless of your blood pressure, too much sodium can still be unhealthy and contribute to things like water retention.  Having said that, however -- if you have no blood pressure problems and no family history, there is no reason to restrict yourself as far back as those of us w/history.
I agree with coach k, too much sodium is unhealthy. I have extremely low blood pressure too though and my doc said that i need to add salt to everything that I eat basically. I tried that for a few weeks and it seemed to go up a bit. You actually might want to look into a prescription for bp medication to help with this!

positivelinny -- i really don't think my numbers warrant medication. occasionally i go into the 90s, but sometimes i'm as high as 120. don't freak me out! i have hypochondriacal tendencies.

coach_k -- that is comforting to hear. i think i've heard that from docs in the past, but i forget. i'm pretty good about checking it frequently, using those drugstore machines. it makes me proud. so silly!

however, i am trying to moderate my sodium intake because it does seem to impede weight loss. and it always works out that the days i eat my highest sodium intake (weekends at restaurant meals) are the same days i find it hard to get enough water in my system.


I know that my blood pressure is really low too.  I'm 25, weigh 129, down from 142, goal of 125.  I have to eat a lot of sodium (like 4000 mg a day) or I get light headed after a few days of low-sodium meals.... but the light headedness corresponds to low-weighing-in days... of course!  Because I don't have enough blood volume those days!! Sigh.  But, I know that my doctor says it's fine for young, healthy people with low blood pressure and occasional symptoms (dizziness upon standing, mini blackouts of vision, etc). to eat more sodium than others.  But only if you're healthy and have no history of heart disease, etc.  Hope this helps!! :)
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My BP is 100/60. My doctor said that's a good thing.
I too have a really low blood pressure and was told to increase my salt intake to counteract it (since it's a medical condition). If you don't have a medical condition, than I think maintaining a relatively normal amount of sodium in your diet is the only thing you really need to do. I would say that you could stay within 1000-2500 mg/ day.
I have low blood pressure also. I believe to much salt is unhealthy..but i also suffer from fainting and dizzyness. I got told to load up on all the salt I can. So I would say it would be ok for u to avoid it unless u have symptoms.
Unless you have high blood pressure, there is not much reason to limit sodium.  Heartwillforever, aren't you the one who is on a drastically low calorie diet?  That alone will make you faint.  Wake up!  You're starving to death!
Axually I have a rare heart and nervous system dysfunction. I am on this DIET because of this!! I have never felt better and I havent fainted to for the past 2 months now since I started this diet!!!

Hi, I have had low blood pressure all my life. It has been consistent at 90/60.  I am constantly told to cut back on my salt.  But when I do, I get 'White Out Spells'... like being hit in the head with a white board.  My bp went up to 96/ 72 while I was up to 180 lbs...miserable marriage. I have since lost 25 lbs and my bp is back down.  The doctor told me when I was a child to eat salt and it would raise my bp...... but it has not.  I have become quite the connoisseur of salt, trying all kinds.  I have found that Sea Salt is the sweetest... weird huh? but I am 55 and doing great...  Everybody and Every Body is different, and so are the requirements needed to function.  I think it is wrong to generalize everyone when salt is concerned.  I even got mad when MR Salty Pretzels cut down on their salt.  I believe that it should be MY option to cut down on the salt or not... I did not give them my OK to cut my salt intake. They lost me as a consumer.... You buy something because you like the taste, and when they alter it, they alter the consumer's buying and eating habits... With OUT our permission.  They should have made a low sodium version, instead of dropping the salt on the best pretzel around.  (getting off soap box now...)

I too have low blood pressure, usually around 100/60, but can go down to even high 80's. we don't know why this is. i get extremely lightheaded when i have a few low sodium meals. my doctor told me to increase my sodium and water intake. i now eat a lot more sodium, and i find myself drinking a lot of electrolyte drinks. i dont feel comfortable eating all this salt as it weakens the heart,but if i limit it, i am at risk of passing out. check in w/ your doctor like i did and get some an input (:

You shouldn't try to avoid salt. It's people with HIGH blood-pressure who need to be careful about salt. Extra salt is often recommended for people with low blood-pressure because it helps raise your numbers to a healthier level. Of course that doesn't mean you should eat salt by the tablespoon either. Going too far either way is not a good idea.

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