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What did you eat pre-ED?

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Thought it would be interesting if we could all remember what we ate before ED came in to our  lives, hopefully help prove to us that we were much happier that way, weren't hugely overwight and ate pretty much what we wanted?!

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I ate what I wanted, but I WAS overweight, actually. So, that part isn't quite accurate. xD You know, I'm able to eat some of the things I used to, and some still scare me too much. But something I miss, maybe even more than the actual food, is the freedom with food. Putting something in my mouth without knowing the calories and logging them internally so I can add 'em all up later.

Here were some of my favorite foods:

  • Ice cream, no matter what kind. It did not have to be "light".
  • Pasta
  • Pizza (haven't had it since ED, haven't gotten the nerve yet)
  • Grilled cheese (ate it for gaining weight, haven't had one since)
  • Peanut butter and honey/jam/butter/whatever topping I want (ditto)

So yeah. Recovery is a long process, but I wish I could just snap my fingers and forget the past four years of an ED ever happened. I guess we have to do it the hard way.

To be honest, I barely remember how I used to eat pre-ED it's been so long. But it was something like this...

And I was always naturally around a BMI 18-20.

B: Huge bakery cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting, 2 containers of orange juice

L: Pb&j, lemonade, granola bar, baby carrots, an ice cream

S: Whole bag of family size frozen chicken alfredo pasta

D: Huge plate of chicken nuggets (12)

S: 2 pitas with peanut butter, 2 poptarts


B: 2 lil debbie coffee cakes, 2 mini orange juices

L: PB&J, ice cream bar, fruit snacks

S: 4 (yes 4!) corn dogs, 3 cookies

D: 2 large ground beef tacos with cheese and sour cream

S: Bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with nuts, chocolate syrup, and strawberry sauce


B: 4 homemade belgian waffles with strawberry sauce and powdered sugar, glass of orange juice

L: Chicken nuggets (10), fruit snacks, 2 peanut butter cookies

S: peanut butter on toast 2x, ice cream sandwich

D: Huge plate of spaghetti and meatballs, cheese, and 3 rolls with butter

S:  2 bowls of peanut butter bumpers cereal with lactaid milk


So I know I ate ALOT pre-ED and always maintained a pretty slim weight. It does help me to look back at what I used to eat (a lot of junk though, lol). It sounds like the "typical" teen diet, and I ate all of those "indulgent" foods, and maintained, so it helps me to think about that. My diet is SOO much different now, that was probably when I was around 10/11/12 right before my ED started to get bad.

Great post, baybeehannax:)

Here's what a typical day of eating was for me:

Breakfast- A big bowl of cereal or toast

Lunch- Meat and cheese sandwich/PB&J sandwich, with 2-3of the following: fruit snacks, yogurt, chips & salsa, cookies, chips, red apple, granola bar

Snack-  Chips and melted cheese, popcorn, cookies, or something, usually w/ chocolate milk

Dinner- Normal servings of Chicken, rice, beans, a hotdog, macaroni, spaghetti, garlic bread, etc. whatever my mom was making

Dessert- Sometimes Dairy queen haha or ice cream/cookies in general

If I guessed calories, it would be 2500+ I'm guessing, and I was underweight-normal, depending on the stage of my life

I ate what I want, was never overweight, very active. Never measured anything, just put it in my mouth, knew how it felt to be full, not just bloated. Not knowing the calorie amount to almost everything, eat a variety not just having comfort foods.

  • Pasta, ravioli, meatballs(lots of it!) Pasta salads
  • Icecream(regular)
  • Huge bowls of high cal cereal
  • Trail mix! choc covered peanuts/almonds
  • Pancakes
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Peanut butter/almond butter without measuring
  • Cheeze itz
  • Steak
  • Cookies/brownies
  • Pizza! Bagel bites gosh i miss that :(
  • Subs (that weren't turkey)
  • Cheese!
  • Stuffing, macaroni and cheese
  • Chicken tenders/fries
  • Ordered what I wanted at restaurants! didn't look at nutritional information first

Ugh I can't wait to feel ok about some of this stuff again! It's gonna be hard though


I've had to think about this one, seeing  as I've been struggling lately I thought this would really help and after thinking about what I used to eat when I was at the low end  of healthy I'm back on track :) I hope others have found this useful too, I'm really enjoying reading the replies!

B- Pain au chocolate and a  yogurt or strawberry & white chocolate muffin and a yogurt. A glass of juice.

S- Packet of crisps or fruit or chocolate (oreos, square etc...)

L- School- Cheese roll, giant chocolate chip cookie/malteser cake etc... and crisps/ fruit/ frubes. Carton of smoothie.
Weekends- Hot meal (spaghetti bolognaise with cheese, pizza, sausaage rollss & chicken chhunks etc.. Glass of juice.

S- Varied sometimees as much as- Chocolate bar, pain au chocolate/muffin and a yogurt/ crisps or sometimes- fruit salad or one of the above. Basically I ate what I wanted, when I wanted it :P

T- Whatever my mum cooked or bought, always large portions too! Macaroni cheese, pizza, sausages and mashed potato etc... A glass of juice.

S- Some sort of pudding- M&S melt in the middle choc or apple crumble with custard/ice cream or steamed jam sponge puddingg orr sometimes snacks as above!

basically, every day was different and I didn't have a smaaller snack just because I had a larger breakfast or was going to have a larger dinner etc... Also even if I'd just had a snack in thee afternnon, if I was invited to go out to a cafe or anything I wouldn't  hesitate to have something else to eat and drink! and my BMI was never much above 19.5!



I don't really remember how i ate pre-ed, feels like a million years ago! well 6 years is quite a while…i was Never overweight, i've always been small and i did eat pretty healthy pre-ed.

It help me to think of the foods i ate back when i was in my early teens/adolescents…makes me remeber the foods thar I really do love.

  • Bagels!! loved them, had a bagel like every saturday! with cream cheese and lox!
  • french toast
  • belgian waffles
  • crepes!
  • pain au chocolat!
  • almond croissants
  • I loved Vanilla granola with lotsss of raisins in milk for breakfast!! or golden graham cereal or raisin bran cereal!
  • I loved those Brown Cow 'cream on top' yogurts! 
  • pasta with pesto and parm cheese, or pasta with my dad's tomato sauce or clam sauce on pasta.
  • ravioli or tortellini 
  • Annie's Mac and Cheese 
  • PIZZA! (with spinach or onions on top :)
  • Indian Food, we would go out to eat a lot in the East Village.
  • Cheese!!…. i loved brie, goat cheese, cheddar, gouda etc! 
  • quiche! with ham, or veggies…my mom used to make it all the time!
  • apple crumble! so good.
  • prosciutto sandwiches on baguette bread
  • good humor toasted almond ice cream pop
  • vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles! 
  • Caio Bella Gelato! my favorite!
  • tapioca pudding
  • warm milk with honey
  • oatmeal raisin cookies
  • raisenettes, almond joys, gummy bears, york peppermint patties were my favorite candies. 

my tastes in foods haven't changed much! i always liked my veggies ;) and had 'mature' taste buds as a kid lol…But anyway thinking bout pre-ed foods makes me quite sad to think how long it's been since i've ate some of these foods or enjoyed them without my ED making me scared/stressed...

 I ate whatever I wanted, however much I wanted and was still a twig. Imagine shaggy/scooby doo and you have me :). It was nice. 

B - either leftovers or egg on toast w/ cheese and ketchup, stuff like that. Or chicken fingers w/ pumpernickel bread and jelly

s - usually shredded coconut, chocolate chips, and pecans!

L - some sort of juice and honey bunches of oats or frozen pizza, or more leftovers

s - like a granola bar

D- homeade fried chicken w/ honey mustard, ranch, corn, some veggies, rice or something.

really depended but i cant remember full days. i would eat what i want when i wanted... my parents had to stop me hehe. i ate A LOT. i was 140 pounds so i was overweight.


Pre ED I was 11. A typical day was;

B; 2 toaster waffles/pancakes with lite syrup, a glass of skim milk.

L; 1oz of some sort of crackers, a PBJ sandwich (I remember throwing it away a lot and not eating it because the jelly always seeped through the bread and it looked gross), an apple, and a 100% juice juicebox.

S; A cupcake/a few cookies/an ice cream sandwich.

D; Glass of skim milk, bowl of pasta with cheese and butter.

S; Pretzels or crackers.

Not healthy haha.

Once I started thinking about this I realized my eating has always been a little disordered. Even before my ED I would go through phases where I would skip breakfast and lunch at school and wait till I got home to eat and I would end up eating a whole lot. I was always the one who would eat all of their food and then those who didn't finish theirs would automatically know to give it to me because I would want to eat it as well. I was a competitive gymnast though so I would eat all the time and have whatever I wanted to not have to worry about my weight. I miss these days SO much.

B: Huge bowl of special K fruit and yogurt with milk/4 pieces of toast with TONS peanut butter and jam sandwiches (everything unmeasured!) 

L: Big bagel with tons of cream cheese dipped into a whole can of soup with melted cheese/Leftover dinners from the night before

S: Bag of chips/cookies/ice cream/fudgsicles

D: ANYTHING my dad made - Buttered chicken with rice/so many different types of pasta with garlic bread/chicken with sauce, mashed potatoes, grilled veggies or even on occasion PANCAKES with syrup!

S: I used to take muffins, cut them and spread tons of butter on them and sprinkle spoon fulls of sugar on top (so unhealthy haha) 

S: Ice cream/fruit salads with sugar/tortilla chips with salsa/giant bowls of cereal and milk

I want this back so badly it's not even funny. Not even to eat all these unhealthy things but to be able to IF I wanted and not have a care in the world. Life is so much more the weight and looks and i'm wasting each day that goes by living with these stupid thoughts in my head. It's time to get my life back and enjoy every moment. I'm so over it!

there's soo much stuff i miss from pre ed

  • peanut butter. i miss this everyday.
  • pancakesss!!! chocolate chip ones drowning in syrup. my daddy used to make me these like every morning. i feel so bad now when i turn down his offers to make them.
  • grilled cheese. yumm
  • apples. hugee fear food.
  • giant bowls of cereal. whatever kind i wanted. not measured.
  • all regular ice cream. not light or sugar free or anything like that.
  • spaghetti and meatballs <3
  • muffins
  • bagels with a tonn of cream cheese
  • granola bars. major fear food.
  • orange juice. i used to down like 8 glasses a day!
  • mac n cheese. i actually told my friends i didnt like it anymore so i didn't have to eat it :(
  • pizza
  • candy. not sugar free crap.
  • chips and salsa <3
  • french toast
  • fresh baked bread with tons of butter. yummyyy.
  • cheese burgerss. <3 not like fast food ones. ew. but like a realgood big cheeseburger.

as you can see, i'm very limited now in what i eat :( hopefully i can conquer my fear of these "bad" foods! :)

I have come across this question before on here and even then it made me stop and think - the sad thing is, I really can't remember! It has been so long since I have eaten freely. But when I was younger I always had to ask permission if I wanted food outside of meal times. I was also very fussy as I didn't like many foods so usually struggled with what was put in front of me. I ate when hungry and stopped when full

I think it was something like this:


B: bowl of cocopops (a few times a week a slice of bread with nutella as well)

S: rarely had morning snack but if I did it was a refresher bar or a homemade cookie

L: thin slice of pizza, long sausage roll, cucumber, fruit yoghurt OR cheese pastie, thin slice of pizza, cucumber, yoghurt OR mince pie, mini submarine roll, cucumber, yoghurt

S: penguin biscuit/kitkat/nothing

D: bowl of pasta, 3-4 scoops of ice cream covered in nesquik OR chicken escalope, ketchup, peas, baked potato, 3-4 scoops of ice cream, thursdays was always fish fingers (3), chips, peas

S: apple sometimes packet of crisps as well



B: bowl cocopops

S: not always but 1 ginger biccie

L: 2 bread buns each with dairylea or tuna mayo, salt and vinegar crisps, muller corner OR bowl of soup with 2-3 slices of bread, muller corner

S: not often allowed

D: bowl of pasta, 3-4 scoops of ice cream covered in nesquik/ yoghurt OR chicken escalope, ketchup, peas, baked potato, 3-4 scoops of ice cream/yoghurt OR beans on toast OR cheese on toast

S: apple, sometimes crisps as well or would have some ice cream with my dad from the tub when he had his supper (if I didn't have it with my supper)

When staying with my grannie I would eat ice cream for breakfast or have eccles cakes etc. We weren't really allowed to snack at home.

I am stumped. How many calories do you think this is?!

I was naturally BMI 18.5-19 (after quickly calculating it) and my eats varied. One vivid day i remember:

Breakfast: Nothing

Lunch: An enormous milkshake make of about 500g fulfat ice cream, 1 terry's chocolate orange egg (yes, the WHOLE egg) and about 400ml whole milk

Dinner: ABSOLUTELY huge bowl of spaghetti carbonara with bacon bits, 400ml innocent coconut smoothie

Snacks: (i remember this very well, i was with a friend): 

  • about 7 homemade chocolate chunk cookies
  • pint of milk
  • about 8 homemade cupakes with chocolate frosting
  • Family bag of crisps (shared)
  • Family bag of popadoms (shared)
  • Family bag of magic stars (shared)
  • Cornetto
  • Chocolate lolly
  • Packet of dip dabs (an english sweet)

I remember this because i have a picture of it. Good old days (although not a typical pre-ED diet i must say!!) 

Edit: This was one day. All those snacks occured between 6PM - 11PM. I. Was. Stuffed.

I'd eat something like this =]

i posted a few examples of days on how i ate pre ED on beths thread! but i was always veryyy slim and at least twice a week id have these foods:

-pizza & breadsitcks dipped in ranch

-weekend breakfast of bakery bagels w/ cream cheese&bacon, hashbrowns, scrambled cheesy eggs, AND chocolate chip pancakes w/ syrup & berries

-went out for breakfast or dinner

  • -breakfast ordered: 3 egg & cheese omelet, hashbrowns, 2 pc buttered toast, pancake with butter & syrup
  • -dinner ordered: full size plate of beef & cheese nachos with sour cream, etc. OR what i order for bfast OR huge chicken quesadilla with extra cheese & sour cream

-taco bell: chicken quesadilla & nachos + cheese

-subway double cheese sub with a bag of chips & 2 chocolate chip cookies

-two lunches i frequently ate was:

  • can of spaghettios, egg&cheese omelet, plate of tortilla chips with melted cheese... and then not long after me and friends would eat potato chips/cookies/candy or whatever
  • cup-a-soup or ramen noodles with a big plate of pizza rolls & potato chips

-snacked whenever on whatever... me and friends used to sit watching tv and eat all of my halloween candy.. at least 10-20 pcs each and then eat goldfish/chips or whatever



i scare myself thinking about how i used to eat and how i was so slim and happy and didnt have consuming food thoughts. i wish i could go back to that :/


There was only a very short time when I was eating normally and at a healthy weight. This is the type of thing I would eat on a typical day:

B: Honey Nut Cheerios with Skim Milk, Large Banana 

S: Quaker Chewy Bar

L: Chicken Patty on White Bun, Mayonnaise, Fresh Fruit, Cooked Veggies, Chocolate Milk (Occasionally also a Cheese Streusel Muffin or M&M Cookie) 

S: Large Bag (Family Size!) Microwave Popcorn

D: ~4oz Meat (Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Steak), Cooked Veggies, Baked Potato with Sour Cream, Skim Milk

S: 2-3 Ice-Cream Sandwiches 

Yeah, I seriously didn't even think about it. Before this I was overweight and ate much more, and after I developed anorexia. This meal plan was what I ate during the short time I was eating normally. :p

i was slim and ate like 3 chocolate bars and a bag of bakery cookies everyday! I never liked bread anyway, but i used to eat a french breakfast of pain au chocolat/croissant and brioche rolls and egg with toast. I used to eat all the foods i fear, and potato was my best mate not enemy. i LOVED halloween, despite my age, cus id still go round with my little sister for sweets haha and then when EID came after ramadan i could join the celebration making loads of special gateux and eat it without worrying. Home-made crepes alot of the time after school.

I also used to bake bread with my 3 year old sister alot at the time.

i was never fat, but ED told me i was :(


My last completely healthy and normal year... which evidently was the happiest year of my life was 2007 :( But I remember vividly what I ate. I was very slim and muscular a bmi of 19.4 but less than 10% body fat. Haha got to love athletic genetics!

B/F: Huge bowl of muesli with full fat milk, yoghurt, banana and a piece of toast with a very thick spread of PB

S: Apricot and chocolate Bumper bar (the most amazingly huge muesli bar about 280 cals) and trail mix

L: 8 pack chicken sushi, chocolate bar, apple, yoghurt and a spirulina smoothie. 

S: 2 tim tam biscuits with a donut or muffin or slice or cake and a Latte

S: couple of pieces of fruit and crackers and cheese

D: Usual big bowl of pasta and salad or chicken satay on rice etc 

Dessert: Usually homemade like apple crumble and ice cream with a hot chocolate made with milk.

I used to eat non stop! We would even get fries from KFC on our way home a lot before dinner! I used to bake all the time and was very good hehe so would take baking to ballet and eat a lot of it! I also used to snack on whole bags of lollies!!!

I will get this back!!

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