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What to eat the day after a night of binging ??

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last night i binged again. 2 boxes of quakers granola bars and 1 box of andes chocolates. i almost wish i didnt know each box of granola bars was undoubtedly 1000 calories since it says so on the box. :(

anyway, this morning i didnt feel hungry. so i ate a small breakfast. wasnt hungry all day and ate little. (and somehow managed to binge again tonight because it was my dad's birthday and there was carrot cake. no need to say more.)

i know i wont be hungry all day again tomorrow.
so i was just wondering, should i eat breakfast if im really just NOT hungry?


Edit: just thought about adding this - i am usually a strict breakfast eater... i NEVER skip breakfast. but i feel like i might explode right now, and its not going to go away any time soon.

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If you're that full don't eat breakfast. Missing it once couldn't hurt.
well if you think of what happened today, you ate a small breakfast and ate little all day, but then you ended up binging maybe you ended up binging because you didnt eat ALL day so you should probably try to eat something durign the day unless you are super full!

If it were me, and I wasn't hungry after a binge like that I would constantly drink water all morning to "get the system going" and flush everything out. Then I would eat a light lunch and regular dinner. Never look back at your mistakes, press on and press forward. You can get past this, I'm rooting for ya!Smile

Yeah, don't beat yourself up over it.   Tomorrow is a new fresh day with endless possiblities :)

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