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I eat junk food only

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I need some help. I just eat junk food only. I can't stand to count cals again. not sure what to do.

I choose the most fatty foods in the store and eatit.. muffins, cookies, .....

I dont know my body is fighting me.. :( I have been like this for several months and it is getting worse.. :(

any help?
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hmmm...well, why would you want to only eat junk foods?  Those types of foods have no nutritional value whatsoever & are just empty calories.  The logical solution is to stop purchasing those types of foods and get the ones that have nutritional value such as fruits, veggies, chicken, tuna, and whole grains instead.  Our bodies aren't meant to process the crap that is found in junk food with all those preservatives, chemicals & other ingredients that you can't even pronounce because they aren't found in nature.  My advice is to start eating healthy foods again and you will definitely feel a difference in your body.  Good luck Smile

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The only thing that worked for me was to stop buying junk food. It may have been easy for me, but I know it's not easy for everyone.

Sorry I don't have any better ideas.

when a person is under a lot of stress, like how i have been for a few months, it tends to crave those fatty sweet foods.  i would go through a smaller size jar of peanut butter in about a week, along with bread and jelly.. not to mention the chocolate.  but all you should do is give yourself three days.  tell yourself, i need to cut back on the snack foods.  

if you crave a muffin, make yourself oatmeal with milk and brown sugar with raisins, maybe some peanut butter in there too.  it satisfies and fills you up.  

look for nutritional foods you can subsitute for the snack foods.  i like the kids Zbars by Clif bars.  they have peanut butter, chocolate and chocolate chip, they have minerals and vitamins and help me when i crave sweets, because they are sweet.

also, i reccomend watching Supersize Me.  very inspirational.

It's not your 'body fighting' it's your own decision to behave like a kid in a sweet shop.  When you're a kid your idea of heaven is to live on cookies and muffins.... but the nasty old grown-ups don't let you do it.  When you're a grown-up, you shouldn't need someone else telling you it's a bad idea.  You should have the maturity & intelligence to make that decision for yourself. 

If you eat junk and count calories you'll be hungry and miserable.  Eat good food in reasonable amounts, your health will be better, you'll feel in a better mood and you won't get fat.   Stop making excuses and start acting like an adult.  Best of luck

Don't go to the store hungry.  Then make wise choices and don't buy the junk - load up the cart with healthy foods.  if you don't have the junk at your house, you can't eat it.

Original Post by dm84:

The only thing that worked for me was to stop buying junk food.



It's not your body fighting you, it's your mind. Stop buying it. Give yourself your fix by buying A muffin or A cookie (or two!) & logging it.

gi-jane, am I posting here because I want to hear from people it is a bad idea to have cookies and candy??

I know it is bad and that is why I want help.

if all people had the maturity and intelligence that you are talking about, nobody would be fat.

I just can't believe what I read.
I think that was a bit strongly worded, but i think DM's point stands. You are telling us that all you eat is junk food, and you kep buying it. It takes maturity and willpower to force yourself to eat foods that are healthier. Its sounds like you know what is healthy, you just choose not to buy healthy foods. No one can force you to do that.

Its not easy, but it is simple. Make better choices.

It's not that bad. I eat stuff like cheeseburgers & ice cream. It's all about finding moderation. I only buy stuff that I don't have a "problem" with. For instance, I can stop at 300 calories of ice cream. I can eat A cheeseburger.

I do log everything & no matter how much or whatever I eat I log it, not to punish myself but so I can be honest about what I'm doing.

I would eat an entire batch of cookies if I made them, so I don't. If I really want a cookie I go meet a friend for one at a patisserie so I can only have one. If I really want to make cookies I make them for someone else.

You'll find balance. There aren't "bad" foods & eating them isn't stupid or shameful, it's delicious & normal! That other poster is either off her rocker or in total denial & ashamed of her own actions.

I agree with gi-jane. No one can help you. You have to help yourself. You know the food is bad so you have to stop choosing it.

I too am a junk food junkie. Maybe not so much junk as take out. What worked for me was learning to make some of the junky foods I loved to order out. I make a killer low cal shrimp scampi, and awesome low fat blueberry muffins. I know this probably isn't ideal for everyone, but it made a huge difference for me.

curvesaregood, you agree with that poster but I don't agree at all.

there are many people out there who suffer from the same issue. I don't think they lack the intelligence or maturity and I believe there is a better solution for me and for them.

sorry, I don't think you understand my problem.

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