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Why does my ear keep popping?

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I am not sure if I have water in my ear of wax buildup, but my ear keeps popping, just the left one.  It comes and goes and when it does it goes mute like somebody stuffed cotten in it.  I am betting it is wax buildup, but very annoying. 

So what is a good way to get rid of that extra wax?
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it could be wax, an infection or a lack in vitimins.

depending on what your eating (if its a balnced diet then no worries) depnds on your vitimin intake and im sure that if u lack a certain B vit. then ur ears can play up on u.
my ears kept popping once and someone told me it could be my sinuses! i took a decongestant, like sudafed, and it went away!
Try cleaning them out with peroxide
Mine does that if I get stuffy sinuses, Sudafed works for me.  I hope they've stopped popping by now.
Like others said, it could be the sinuses, but if you think it could still be wax, try Debrox.  My doctor told me to get that b/c I have particularly waxy ears.  They're just ear drops that you put in your ear a few times and let it run out and that should work to remove some ear wax.
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It very well may be your sinuses...claritin-d12 hrs works wonders...but please be cautious of what kind of ear drops you take some may contain gentamicin and other ototoxic chemicals in there that may be very harmful to your inner can cause vertigo,imbalance,dizziness,deafness,and damage your inner up about it...some doctors may prescribe this medication without telling the patient about the severe side effects that go's along with is also used as an eye drop which is used for pinkeye and other fungal problems, in eye's those side effects are very rare,but when directly dropped into ears it can cause harm,hope that helps and hopefullyt by now your ears are doing better,.....

i get this problem sometimes and I usually have some pain along with it too. If it's wax build-up and there happens to be fluid behind it, you should probably go get your ears irrigated. They basically just squirt warm water in your ear and then wax just falls out. It's kind of gross and feels funny but it doesn't hurt (and i think everything related to ears hurts!)

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