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Dry skin crisis!!

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I've never suffered through acne once during puberty, so people have always said they hated me for being so fortunate. But I have very difficult skin nevertheless, on my face. I have normal skin with dry patches along my cheeks and around my mouth and nose. And with the the temp and humidity dropping now that it's fall, it's getting worse. My face is so sensitive right now that normal moisturizers sting---I think maybe there is alcohol in some of them. And come winter, if I don't fix this, I'm going to have to deal with big irritated patches on my skin all the time.

I was just wondering--does anyone know of any moisturizers that might help me? Or even home remedies for such a condition?

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I'm right there with you!  I have never had oily skin and started with the dry patches in my early twenties.  Here are the things that I have used over the years.  It's so bad now that I have a prescription creme that I use on the patches and have been diagnosed with psorisis. 

I have used, and they have been helpful, hand lotion (St. Ives Whipped) and vaseline.  Use them at night and use your regular moisturizer during the day.  If they work for you like they did for me you won't have to use them every night to keep your patches under control.  Use them everywhere you have patches!  I have them on both arms and shins, one thigh and my face - in particular between my eyes and around my nose.  Looks like I have had a sunburn and am peeling when it's really bad.  If those don't help go to your Dr and ask for something.  It's a steroid creme that's like 2 - 5% (can't remember) and it's a little expensive but one tube lasts me at least one year.

I have similar dry patches and extremely sensitive skin with allergies.  Two things that helped me were an OTC cream called Glaxyl Base and another one with wax called Prevenex?? or something like that.  You can go to a steroid cream but the effect is cumulative.  Meaning that the more you use it, the more you have to take, or it loses it's effectiveness.

I like jojoba oil and vitamin E oil.  Both are pretty inexpensive and both work well for me.  I have dry elbows and some mild psoriasis on my scalp.  It also works well for behind the ear and belly button gook/lint.

Try adding essential Omega oils to your diet.  I take them in supplement form from GNC.  3 caplets per day in addition to eating fish and using flax seeds with breakfast every morning.  The oils leave my skin so soft I don't use lotions anymore, other than on hands and feet.  I live in the high desert of Colorado, where it is REALLY dry all year round - and once winter hits and the furnace kicks in I used to crack and bleed I was so dry.  Before I started taking oils regularly, I would use Petro-Carbo salve from the Watkins company (  It is an old farm remedy that my grandma used back in Minnesota, but they have refined the petroleum jelly now so it is no longer pitch black.  Has a carbolic acid in a petroleum base which moisturizes and has an analgesic effect as well. 

I'm right there with you guys...and this may seem obvious, but make sure you are drinking lots of water. I never drank (is that the right tense?) much water and my skin gets dry patches within a day or two of not drinking plenty of water. I also moisturize morning and night but I'll have to try some of these suggestions come winter.

Why don't you ask your doctor?   Dermatitis takes many forms and if your skin is sore and irritated it possibly needs a medicated application rather  moistursers to cure it.   A mild cortisone cream might help, for example.

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