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droping out of School during anexoria recovery?

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I currently droped out of school why recoverying

i think its a better idea for me cause i still need to workout the mental issues ED (im finally getting a therapist) have's caused me also i could stand all the negative comments teachers and classmates were making about my recovery weight gain (none of them knew i was anorexia)

also all of the recovery problems one time my heart stopped why i was in school,i couldent walk after meals so i couldn't eat lunch at school etc. :O

I planing to return back to school once the whole weight shifting thing happens i just dont think im ready yet.

Have's anyone else dropped out of school why recovering?


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I am recovering and am nnot in school either. Although this is actually because my heart rate is too high to be allowed I actually think it is beneficial in many otheer ways too. The only problem is there isn't a lot to spend my days doing so I have tto find different things to do  during the day!

im in college but only go in part time ie either i go in mornings or afternoons and days i have appointments i dont go in. And to avoid any exercise of the walk home i get picked up and taken there.



edsurvivor- i totallyy agree I find it pretty difficult to think of things to do during the day! I also meet my friends occasionally although during the height of ED i didnt want to meet them at all and that feeling still lingers around sometimes. I try to set myself some goals when I wake up in the morning to do during the day to give me some sort of direction. I have also decided to take up some volunteering work locally and have joined a Spanish evening class so I am not too far behind when I get back to school. What sorts of things do you do?



Hey edsurvivor I replied to your earlier thread while you were still at school. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. When I first left school it was fine having the whole day to myself but things can quickly become boring. Here's stuff I like to do:

- school work (sounds dull but I've got GCSE's this year and it keeps me busy)

- reading

- creative writing

- walking

- going into work with my mum

- cinema/shopping/talking to friends

- gaming (get something long that takes a load of time)

- helping out around the house

-soon when I'm at a healthy weight but still at of school I'll be able to go out running with my Dad... but now because I enjoy, not because I want to burn of cals! :)

Some of this stuff isn't exactly "fun" but it's sure better than doing nothing. Good luck!



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