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Drinking Water + Harsh Chest Pains

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Background info: I have an eating disorder, I was "in recovery" (not real recovery, was always one foot in, one foot out) for about a year, and then relapsed. I am now again severely underweight.

Before I get a lecture on needing to get help, I know what I need to do, it's a matter of actually getting myself to do it. But I am here specifically for a health related question (which may or may not be contributed to my eating disorder / malnourishment), and would like feedback on that.

Now for my concern. When I wake up in the morning, I always have a large glass of ice cold water before drinking coffee or having breakfast or anything. When I do, I have a tendency to just basically gulp it down, or pour it down, rather than sipping it like I probably should. Anyways, whenever I do this (and it's just in the morning), I get chest pains upon swallowing. This morning the pain hit me so sharply I was almost in tears and hurdled over for a few minutes. 

Are these chest pains, which only happen in the morning when drinking water too quickly, a cause for concern? Or could it be that I'm gulping too much air when I'm drinking it and just need to slow down?

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We are not qualified to diagnose the cause of chest pain. Only a doctor can do that.

The obvious thing to say, is don't drink ice cold water first thing in the morning if it causes pain, but I understand your ED may get upset by that idea. Irishshorty, you are very, very ill. You don't want to hear this, but i'm gonna say it anyways... (I'm like that)...

At your lowest you say you were 68 lbs at 5' tall, getting up to only 85 lbs about 4 months back. If you are now down to a 'severely low weight', your body has taken a real battering. It may be that it is simply not able to handle this kind of weight in a way that it seemed to do before. You could be in really, really serious trouble at the moment. Getting help is hard to persuade yourself to do, but I really urge you to do it  - while you still can.

Thanks for the input. And yes, I know I NEED to get help. I WANT to get help. It's just talking myself into it that's a challenge. I keep going over and over with myself why I need to get help, so I don't think anyone can really say anything that will convince me to do it, because I already want to do it. It's just actually doing it that's hard. 

But again, thanks for your advice.

Could you maybe just start by going to the doctor about your chest pains? It could be completely un ED related, but you still need to get it checked out. Maybe when you're there you'll find yourself able to talk about other things, maybe not - but either way, you'll at least be addressing to the q you posted. Hopefully one less thing to worry about, right?

It sounds like a vagus nerve problem, exacerbated by the gulping of cold water.  However, as dansmum said -- we are not doctors.  Regardless of whether you seek help for your anorexia, you should definitely seek help for this -- chest pains are usually not good things...

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