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drinking alcohol & bloat/puffyness

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Hey all. Since the holidays i've been drinking a lot, plus its a lot of my friends birthdays and stuff like that. I've noticed my face getting chubbier and me forming a double chin and I know its from the drinkin/eating way too much and stuff..I was wondering if maybe puffy face could be from drinkin a lot and will it de-puff or is there anyway to make it not look so fat? I know its sorta a stupid question. I'm just wondering if anyone else experiences puffy/bloated feeling and what do you do to de-bloat? what foods do you avoid etc? thanks

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I've heard of people using a bag of frozen veggies to their face to combat puffiness.  I have no idea if it works or not...Tongue out

after a nite of drinking, whether i have more than a couple of drinks or 1 or 2 beers, i am ALWAYS puffy/bloated the next morning!! ALWAYS!! my fingers get really swollen and usually stay that way until later on in the day when the bloat goes away.... your best bet is to (if you remember) drink A LOT of water before your head hits the pillow....that usually will reduce my puffiness in the morning, not to mention help with a hangover!

Drinking a lot of water the next day usually helps me de-bloat if the bloat is alcohol or sodium related.  Like, LOTS of water.  Herbal (decaf) tea is nice, too.

It's caused by dehydration. The body is retaining water. Probably a combination of the alcohol and sodium in the foods. Drink water and eat less. Wink

You should drink lots of water, get more sleep and eat more natural foods.

For me, it's not the holidays but rather football season that causes so much drinking! What I do now is have 1 glass of water in between every drink I have. Not only does it make you full fast and cause you to drink less, but also keeps you hydrated throughout your drinking session.

ok thanks guys. haha, yeah so drink lots of water! got it.  i hope i debloat by tonight

Booze sucks as far as weight gain. It takes over a week and up to two weeks for some women to drop the water. The comment about water is good and cutting salt will help your body drop. Lots of cardio to sweat out the water helps too.  If its a constant part of your life, the calories are empty and can cause a quick body fat gain.  It is my worst demon and I have cut it out for a few weeks and Im feeling like my old self again.  Good luck with your diet. Cheers


This sounds nuts, but it really works well...

Rub some Preparation H into your face and neck!

My husband has the 'cool gel' kind so it even feels kind of nice!  Wipe with a wet washcloth after 5-10 minutes and you're good to go.

having a puffy face is caused by excess fluid under the skin.

this can be just a mild thing that lasts a few days (or cured by a good sweat plus rehydration) to something much more severe.

this condition, known as edema, is common in alcoholics. having water retention the day after a night out can be no big deal, just an uncomfortable feeling that will go away by itself or with some time in the sauna/steam room. it's important to replenish vitamins,minerals, and nutrients whose metabolisms are hindered by alcohol consumption. if you're not a heavy drinker or alcoholic, as i said, this will go away- avoid foods rich in sodium, and take in some MILD diuretics (green tea, cranberry juice). bananas are especially good at reducing bloat because they contain a lot of potassium. if you've had any background in biochemistry, you'll see why this is. your body maintains ion balance by pumping sodium and potassium in opposite directions. more potassium in your cells will draw more sodium out, and with it will come water, to balance concentrations. more potent diuretics like coffee will cause water retention just like the alcohol-- you will get dehydrated and your body will want to retain all the water it can get.

if you are a heavy drinker or a full blown alcoholic, it's important to quit drinking immediately (best to do this under medical supervision- withdrawal can be very dangerous). some alcoholics who try to quit have a 'puffy face' for many weeks after quitting drinking, regardless of what measures they take to reduce water retention. this is a sign of impaired liver function. the liver releases a protein called 'albumin' which is responsible for maintenance of homeostatic water concentrations in the cells and interstitial tissue. when you quit drinking and have this condition, it's important to get your liver enzymes checked. if you have this residual edema, it means your liver is damaged, has accumulated fat and has become swollen.

if this description fits you, do not panic. the liver is remarkably able to repair itself (just about the only organ to do this), unless the damage has gone beyond a certain point. if you are not jaundiced (yellow skin and eyes), and you have not been drinking heavily for many years, you should notice that you will slowly heal and your body will recover.

i'm not the alcohol police and won't preach, but IF you decide that you need to keep alcohol as a part of your life, at least give your body a few months to heal and then work on a plan to moderate your drinking afterwards. obviously, some people have a real problem with alcohol and must decide to permanently quit- which is a fantastic idea. a few hours of fun is not worth the long term damage it causes.

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