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Drinking: The day after.....

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why is it that the DAY after a night of drinking, I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have this insatiable hunger the whole way throughout the day that CAN'T be filled. I also have the shakes all day and tend to feel queezy, the insatiable hunger is even HARDER to quench cause unless the foods are CARB. laden they don't sound good to me. For instance,...i tend to crave CRACKERS, BREAD, things like CHICKEN and salty foods whereas the thought of what I WOULD NORMALLY eat makes me nauseous...Yogurt, fruit, cottage cheese, etc.
  why do I have this weird feeling every time?
anybody else relate?
just curious cause IT NEVER FAILS!!!
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Drinking alcohol will dehydrate a person.  Are you sure you aren't mistaking thirst for hunger?  Try drinking some water before going to bed after a night of drinking, as well as more water than normal the next day, and see if you still feel so hungry and nauseous.
that's a good point, drwxpanda...
this last time I actually threw up because I drank too much  (I don't drink often so my stomach couldn't handle it i guess)
, I guess the dehydration thing is even MORE of a possibility then right?
lileberly...i know exactly what u mean... for me though, it is when i get HOME from drinking. Recently, I have been bad. I last weekend ate peanutbutter by the spoonful and this weekend, a little better, i ate an apple, can of veg soup, edamame in pods, and a little bowl of oats. The thing is - i did not eat dinner bbecause I ate a big lunch and took a nap instead. STUPID. Anyway the next day for me isn't usually that bad but I have heard from many people that greasy/salty foods are the best for hangovers...I know you are recovering so that may be difficult for you but just wanted to throw that out there!
I used to feel that way the day after drinking, but now I've started making sure to have gatoraide when I get home from the bar/party, and again when I get up.  It not only rehydrates you, but it helps with the electrolyte loss.  If you had an electrolyte replacement(available at health food stores), that would work just as well as long as you drink lots of water, and it would have less sugar.

Oh my dear I can SO relate to you!!

I get horrible, horrible hangovers. When I can finally keep food down, I will eat ALL DAY!!! And I know how you feel when the thought of normal food repulses you.

Here's what I did the other morning/afternoon (woke up at 12). Had 1 piece of whole wheat toast with a pat of butter, fried 2 eggs, but used a non-stick pan so there was no added butter or oil (they ended up a mess, but I wanted the runny yolk to dip the bread in so it wound up ok). After a mug of hot chocolate, I snacked on some rice cakes (the caramel chocolate kind - only 60 calories a cake!!!) and milk. I dragged myself to the gym to do 1/2 hour on the elliptical, though I didn't work very hard. For dinner I had whole wheat spaghetti with bolognese sauce made with extra extra lean ground beef. 

Notice the complete absence of vegetables. I just can't stomach them when I'm hurting. But getting to the gym made me feel a whole lot better.

I guess the point of my story is that I still fulfilled my craving for garbage food, but made healthier choices than what I normally would have. So if you want chicken, salty stuff, crackers, eat grilled chicken (or shake and bake but remove the skin), find whole wheat crackers or rice cakes and try not to cook with added fat. And if you do give in, try to make it to the gym that day or the next, or at least go for a walk. You will feel 100x better. Believe me!!!


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for me, it's the wierdest thing after a day of drinking.. I can eat and drink ALL NIGHT LONG and then the next day I am like 2 lbs lighter! and i dont think its dehydration, because I always keep the weight off!! its so hard for when your recovering!


Similar to Oink420, my problem is when i get home that night from drinking. I'm usuall still a little tipsy, bored, and not quite ready to crash; so I turn on a movie and munch away. Usually, it's healthy things, like whole wheat bread, nut butter, fruit, and yogurt, just way too much of it. Anyway, if I can resist that, i've found that the best things the day after you've been drinking are water (of course), protein (satisifies you and keeps you from binging), vitamin C (to give your immune system a boost), and some exercise. So my routine after a night of drinking involves getting up and drinking as much water as I can (which admittedly is not always very much), then I make myself 2 eggs (little to no oil, either scrambled or sunny side up) and a piece of toast. Most people have orange juice in their house so that's good with eggs and takes care of the vitamin C, but I don't keep juice in my house so I drink a glass of Emergen-C.... that stuff works wonders!! It's got lots of electrolytes, vitamin C, etc. and not too many calories or sugar. Anyway, then make sure to try to do something active. I know it's extremely hard to peel yourself off the couch sometimes, and some days it takes me until 7pm, but once you get out and moving, you will feel SOOO MUCH BETTER.  If you can manage to do it sooner, awesome. You'll feel better about getting back on track and will be more motivated to eat better in the evening. Hope this helps you as much as it did me!!
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