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that dreaded feeling like you're getting sick...

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anyone have any remedies that help when you feel yourself getting sick? I feel that my throat is starting to hurt and starting to get a stuffy nose... noooooooo!

The last time this happened i tried airborne on a friends' suggestion, but that didn't seem to prevent me from developing a severely sore throat/get sick before.


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Airborne is good for preventing a cold before you contract it.   If you already have symptoms, it's too late.  The best thing you can do is eat/drink Vitimin C, take some Echinacia and multi-vitamins.  Plus, the old standbys : lots of rest, lots of water. If you do that right away when you first start feeling symptoms you may be able to cut it short but, I don't think there's anyway to just stop it from happening at all.  Best of luck!

I started taking Cold-Eeze lozenges (twice daily) the day I felt questionable and while I did still get a cold (thanks to lack of sleep) my usually week+ long cold was only 3 days!

Yeah, pretty much a quick super-dose of vitamin c will help you, if you are able to be helped (if it isn't too late).

I always crave oranges/orange juice right before I get sick....go figure. Try either vitamin c chewables (easiest way) or oranges, grapefruit, etc. The vitamin C will boost your immune system.

Feel better!

Invest in a Neti Pot!  I have one and LOVE it.  I am prone to severe sinus infections and generally a stuffy nose and this helps me tremendously.  Also, I drink lukewarm tea with honey when my throat hurts - and cherry Halls :)   Although wiki says this citation needs help - this is the jist of it.  I have a small ceramic pot I bought for $20 at a healthfood store (Earthfare).  I use regular table salt (1/4 tsp for 2 cups water and I use about 1 cup of water per nasal passage) and ALWAYS make sure the water is roughly body temperature.  Always breath with your mouth OPEN so you don't swallow the saline.

The first couple times may be painful and bring tears to your eyes, but it is just cleaning out the crud.  Also, you can find videos on this, too - they are a little gross.

Hope this helps!  I never want to live without it!


Vitamin C! It's impossible to take too much, so I load up as soon as I feel something may be coming on. it's worked so far =]

well i need to go out and get vitamin c, hopefully it will help. This morning i woke up with what felt like a golf ball lodged in my throat! Frown

Usually I drink a lot of fluids and get rest- however I woke up Monday morning and BAM! terrible cold. I had no hint of it before that! And it's still going on!

Anyway, I vote for making sure you're eating right, sleeping well, and making time for yourself.

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