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Drank rotting, spoiled milk for breakfast

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I inadvertently drank a cup of spoiled milk this morning. I added it in a smoothie and thus could not taste it. Wasn't til I took a swig straight from the gallon jug that I realized what I'd done. 

Stomach is churning pretty bad right now, but it's bearable.

Haven't eaten since 'cause I'm afraid I'll puke or screw myself up even worse. Any ideas? Should I eat, or just drink fluids all day? I'm surprised I'm not violently ill; that stuff was pretty rancid!

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You'll be fine. Drink plenty of water & do eat something. It may be the thought of what you drank that's making you queasy.

I'm forever making people at work cups of tea with milk that's off as I have black coffee so don't really notice (plus I hate the smell of milk - off or not). They're all still very much healthy :-)

Aw, that's pretty gross! I hate when that happens - I remember that happening with my Almond Breeze. I poured it into a smoothie and drank that in the morning (felt fine!) then poured some into a cup to drink at night... and chunks fell out!

Anyway, I suggest just eating some crackers/pita/bread. That always calms my stomach down when I feel like I'm going to lose my breakfast. =) Drinking fluids might just end up upsetting your stomach even more.

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Hahah oops I've done that before too. It was not completely rancid stuff, but I thought it tasted funky. I realized the next day when it got rancid.

I did eat Yogurt that had an expiry date for June 4 today..... and it was still good, surprisingly!

Hope your feeling alright!

it might or might not develop into something bad... i just had diarrhoea a few days ago after eating something wrong, so i can commiserate... try to avoid things with high sugar content (cause it tends to feed bacteria), avoid fruits (they make you go) and eat complex carbs like oatmeal/brown rice. And go see a doctor as soon as you can, just in case. especially if the stomach churning continues. My stomach was churning/mildly painful for a few hours, and i thought that it would just go away after a while, but it just got worse >"<.

Bad milk is basicly buttermilk that has fermented on its own instead of through a comercial process.  It won't hurt you.  Now, if its chunky, I would strain it and use the chunky to make cottage cheese but It isn't going to hurt you.


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