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Dizzy after Sweets?

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I was wondering if anyone would know the cause of this, or has experienced something similar..

I'm okay when I eat candy, like lollipops or chocolates.. tons of fruit is okay too

but for some reason, when I eat a LOT of grapes, I get really sick to my stomach and I get slightly dizzy. This doesnt happen with ANY other fruits or snacks.. just grapes.


That and, today, I went to AU79, which is a teahouse near where I live, with a couple friends. I ordered a Lychee Green Tea with no ice and less sugar. When it came, it was still REALLY REALLY sweet, so i drank about 1/5 of it and added some water. However, as i drank the tea, I started getting really dizzy and nauseated. Everytime i moved my head really fast, or moved a lot, I felt like i was gonna throw up, and the more tea I drank, the worse it got.

Personally, I think it might be my body's reaction to all that sugar? I havent had this much sugar in one sitting in AGES. My dad thinks its cuz of a psychological fear of sugar (i doubt it.. I eat fiber one bars easily enough, and that has lots of sugar.. but i guess compared to lychee green tea.. not really haha)


so.. does anyone know what might be going on? or has had a similar experience?

For reference: lately i've also been getting dizzy anytime i stand up suddenly after sitting for a period of time.. might these two be related?

sorry for the really really long post >< but i thought i had to explain the situation in full detail. =d

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have you always had this problem with grapes? if so, you may possibly be allergic.

well if i only eat a few its okay. its when the grapes are REALLY REALLY sweet and I eat a couple handfuls then  I start getting sick..

happens with frosting too, which is why I scrape frosting off cake o.o

Maybe your body just has a low tolerance for sugar? Although I don't see why grapes would trigger it and not other fruits? In my nutrition class I believe bananas had the most sugar- do bananas make you dizzy?
I get dizzy if I stand up too fast after sitting for long, always have...

Another thing could be dehydration :o/ if your really worried though, why not just ask your GP?

This is called "reactive" hypoglycemia.  Your blood sugar isn't dropping below a safe level, but your body over-produces insulin JUST in response to high amounts of carbohydrates or sugar, giving you what seems to others like an over the top case of post-dinner napping.  I know, because I have it.  You can try and help with not eating large amounts of sugar at a time, or not having sugary beverages with meals.  (In my case, I stopped being a vegetarian to increase the amount of protein I was getting in ratio to carbohydrates, but I've never had much of a sweet tooth...)  Hope you feel better soon!


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