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For about a week or two now, any time I stand up abruptly I get so dizzy that my vision blurs. It's kinda like tunnel vision, only it scares the hell out of me!

I don't know if it's low blood pressure, or if its something else. I don't do anything crazy: I eat right and I exercise 5-6 days a week for no more than an hour apiece. I've lost 13 lbs. in the last month, and I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Can anyone help me?
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Whenever that happens to me I find it is my blood sugar levels.  But it is also a sign of many other things.  Drink your water and see your doctor if it keeps up.
That was happening to me all the time...would have to actually catch myself from falling over...

My problem is a combination of the wrong blood pressure medication (corrected now) and discovering that I'm extremely anemic...I'm now on a supplement for that....And although I drink over a gallon of water a day, I was also dehydrated...Now I'm drinking almost constantly...My symptoms have improved...

If your symptoms continue, I strongly suggest you see a doctor!
My dad and I have that (genetic, apparently) where our blood pressures change dramatically when we stand up too quickly.  It only happens to me occasionally. 
are you eating and drinking enough for your activity level?

13 pounds is a lot for a month.

(safely it should only be 1-2 lbs a week)

I understand the safe weight loss range...however, I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary. My diet is sodium-conscious, low sugar and I eat plenty of calories (1500+ calories, and if I exercise I eat back the calories so I'm at that level yet again).

This is the second month I've been on the diet, so with the workouts I've done I'm not surprised I lost that much. I was 245 lbs., and so I figured that that was mostly water weight and a little bit of fat.

thanks for your concern, though =]
k...i wondered if it could be the water weight thing or the food thing.

i would go to the doctor to have a look-see on you just incase.
i mean you workout and better safe than sorry.

the other thought was dehydration then since you work out.
you can find calculators online to figure that out.
i think sports drinks mixed in with water are the best way to go about hydration. i feel a lot better myself when i do throw in a gatorade.
Yeah 15 lbs in a month is alright.. I've been losing like 4-5 pounds a week and I'm always over 1200 calories a day.

Anyway, it does sound like your blood pressure. Maybe you should call and ask your doctor if it's anything you should be concerned with. And you can check your blood pressure at any walmart or pharmacy.. they have those free machines usually. :)

I too had that - but I got my blood pressure checked and even got my thyroid checked-turns out I as fine-just low on water intake.So now I try to have at least 12 glasses a day.

all those of you who are losing so much weight in a month-please please could you share your exercise regime?I need to lose 10 pounds and seem to have platued after losing the last few.
When you bend over or sit down the blood pools in your lower extremities. When you stand up it has to get back to your brain quickly. It doesn't happen quickly enough, hence, dizziness and/or blackouts. My doctor told me it was nothing to be concerned about. My anatomy teacher, who is also a doctor blamed it on baroreceptors and also said it was nothing. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it. Happens to me ALL the time -- always has. 
A friend of mine had this problem and it was because of an ear infection. Apparently she had fluid in her ear. She was afraid she was going to pass out. It really scared her. I know she said she would get really dizzy. After the Doc prescribed some meds ahe was fine after a week.
i've had that since I was a teen. It's called postural hyo or hypertension. Nothing to worry about but make sure you stand up slowly. I f I jump up to quickly, I have to find something to hold on to because my vision tunnels and I sort of convulse. Not fun.

My mom and I both have really low blood pressure and this happens to me all the time. I also get low blood sugar if I wait too long to eat. This causes me to get dizzy and be a raving lunatic.

I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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Are you taking any prescription medications?

What you are experiencing is called "Orthostatic hypotension".  It is a drop in blood pressure when changing from a sitting or laying position to a standing position. This can be caused by many things including some medications, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and low blood pressure.  It is best to see a doctor if you are experiencing this regularly.  Also, the best thing to do to prevent it is to sit with your feet dangling over the side of the bed or chair or couch before you stand so that your blood pressure has a chance to normalize before standing.  Avoid changing positions rapidly to prevent getting dizzy, almost blacking out, or possibly fainting!!
that happens to me occosionally, i've got low iron blood - anemia. i found out when i tried to give blood - i fail the iron test.  i compensate with rasins and vitamins (red meat is very good source of iron, but i don't eat lots of it).    is it ttom? you should see a Dr.
I have lost 45lbs since January 1st and am having the same problem. Whenever I squat or bend over to do something and then stand up I get really dizzy. My vision gets blurry and I feel like I'm going to faint for about 5 seconds and then I'm ok. this started happening about 2 weeks ago.
this happens to me too occasionally.  Usually when I stand up too fast or very suddenly because your blood pressure fluctuates and blood is forced away from the brain slightly.  It goes away in about 2-3 seconds.  Don't know if that helps- but just thought I'd share. 
Happens alot to me to, most days when i wake up and then stand up i feel dizzy, usually have to sit down for a while till i can stay standing without passing out. Once or twice a while ago it's been worse, couldn't leave my bed for over a day or even sit up without feeling dizzy and sick.
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I think the key may be your exercise.  See the following link which explains why people who exercise regularly may experience a condition called positional hypotension (aka orthostatic hypotension): cks/a/dizzy.htm

The same thing happens to me, and I found this article when I was trying to find out why.   It's ironic that a strong, healthy heart can cause this side effect.

I have always had this - I sometimes will fall to my knees and my vision goes dark when I run for the phone or something after sitting and doing nothing for a long time. Have you had this before? For me, and many in my family, it is just low blood pressure. 

A tip that I have learned is to make sure I take a few deep breaths before I get up after relaxing for awhile. It is hard to remember to do that but, it works. 'Gets oxygen to your brain.

****The breaths do not have to be huffs and puffs. Just a nice quiet full belly breath or two through your nose - exhale compressing the air back out with your abs. For the 'professional' breather. Smile****

I would still be careful and ask a doctor or pharmacist if this is out of the blue for you. Take care.

get your iron levels checked. i was Severely anaemic when this happened to me. also get your BP checked. try spreading your cals more evenly throughout the day so that your blood sugars dont drop so severly to cause this. x

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