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Dizzy lightheadedness!! What does it mean, why wont it stop?

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I keep gettin dizziness, well lightheadedness and double vision, i feel funny to the point where i feel like im gonna faint n my ears start to ring n sometimes my vision will go a little slurry n blurry.

what is it?  whys it happenin?

Its makin me worry.

as soon as i shake my head a little n focus on sumthin n rb my eyes a little it tends to ease off.

dont get it or understand t?

Help anyone?  


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People get dizzy/light headed when they haven't had enough high-energy food to keep them going throughout the day.

If you have a glass of water and a slice of wholemeal bread, you'll probably stop feeling so dizzy.

I used to get it a lot, as well as blackouts when I stood up too fast and almost collapsing because I wasn't giving myself enough energy to last the day.

Eating low GI foods, and foods with lots of slow releasing energy are better substitutes than eating white bread, high-sugar cereals and 'empty-calories' and will make you feel more full for longer.

If you're dieting at the moment and eating nothing but fruit and veg - go have a  jacket potato without any fillings, or sweetcorn or make some delicious and low calorie Potato Skins/Wedges as a <100cal snack :)

(Also go and see a Doctor and get a proper diagnoses - this is just general advice)

I had same feelings and just thought I was dehydrated.  I saw a doctor on a whim for something else and discovered I was very anemic!!!  I had no energy, frequent colds, and felt dizzy and lightheaded frequently.  I had much less stamina and found I was exercising a lot less due to fatigue.  Get a physical asap!!!  I am now on twice a day Iron tablets.

Good Luck!!!

from what I've heard, lots of times, women who are active and healthier than others who don't get regular exercise or eat properly are actually more likely to develop dizzy spells caused by a sudden drop in blood sugar. It's because our bodies take less energy trying to pump blood through our hearts since we already have a high RMR (Resting metabolic rate). This is why a lot of times you may experience dizzy spells upon standing from a sitting or lying possition. It happens to me a lot. :) I hope I helped. I just read something about this in SHAPE magazine.

Please go and see a doctor and tell him/her about your symptoms.  Dizziness and double vision are serious symptoms and you really need an expert opinion for a diagnoses.

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