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Dizziness and Period

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Does anyone have problem feeling dizziness during period?

I have had a problem with orthostatic dizziness since I was little, but I especially feel very dizzy and kind of tired during period, and that continues all day long.

I have irregular bleeding (basically I have two, sometimes three-week period in a month). This has continued for last 2 years or so. I heard during period, large amount of iron are lost. Thus I thought I feel very very dizzy, so I started taking iron supplements and eating more food that contains iron.  But it seems not working for me...

It is much easy to solve the irregular period problem, so I begun to take pills about an year ago, but I have not found the one works for me....

If anyone has same problem, feeling dizzy and tired during period, could you give me advice?

Thank you

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Hi gizmo! I get pretty dizzy sometimes too, but my periods don't last as long as yours; only about 3 or 4 days.

My dizziness HAS gotten a LOT better though. I've been making sure that all my vitamins are 100% and I've been making sure to have a tomato right after I eat my multigrain cheerios. The cheerios has the iron, and the tomatoes have vitamin C that helps absorb iron.

I have cheerios religiously for my midday snack to get my iron. I eat it at around 11-ish, while I have breakfast at 7:30 and dinner at 6:00ish. I have a calcium supplement of 500mg with both breakfast and dinner.

The reason I don't eat the cheerios for breakfast (other than the fact that they're not filling at all) is because calcium uptake tends to interfere slightly with iron uptake. Basically, the receptors for calcium can be blocked by iron and vice versa.

So if you're planning to take iron supplements, make sure you don't have them at the same time as your calcium intake. Space them at least a few hours apart, even if all you're having is a bite of cheese or yogurt.

You also need energy if you're getting dizzy. I'd advice taking deep breaths, laying down, and eating something richer in carbohydrates.

ALSO! I know dates are pretty bad for you (sugar and calorie-wise) BUT they're awesome during your period!!!! Have a few! Not only are they utterly delicious and nutritious, but they also help with menstrual side-effects like dizziness, cramping, and migraines.


I hope your dizziness gets better! *hug*

I'm amenorrhic right now, but I used to get very dizzy on my periods.  I would also get chills/fever, experience extremely painful cramping,  become nauseous, and often vomit.    I wish I knew what to tell you, but I never really found a solution to the problem. 

I'm sorry this wasn't more helpful.  I just wanted to say that you're not alone.  I hope you find something that helps.

a large amount of iron is lost but taking more iron may not necessarily help. It's important to take in vitamin c to make sure your body absorbs the iron as well. 

I just got my period today after having absent periods and I get dizzy quite a lot, and particularly dizzy today while I started my period.  I also get shortness of breath, and chest discomfort which I think is related to Anemia, but my regular doctor is on vacation until April so I couldn't go and see him, but it could explain why I have been pigging out as of lately - so hungry.  



Make sure to eat some iron rich food with Vitamin C. I've been losing weight, but ive managed to curb dizziness by having iron-rich cereal with either strawberries or a tomato. Dizziness really really sucks so you have to make sure to get some carbohydrates for some quick energy. Make sure what you eat is not too rich in simple carbs because that can make you dizzy as well.

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