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One of my profs mentioned that low BP can make you experience dizziness when standing up more frequently than those with normal BP. I have been noticing that I get dizzy a lot lately when I stand sometimes to the point where I have to sit back down (though I have never actually passed out or fainted). The fact that I have low BP (~95/60) makes it all make sense, I can't believe I never made the connection before.  

I'm just wondering, is this anything I should be worried about?  

I've had low BP for years but it's not that low to be under medical supervision or medication. It's just because I run often and don't eat much salt. I realize that the obvious solution is to eat more salt, but I just don't like the taste of it. 


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I'm not sure if the cause is because you don't eat enough salt and run, sometimes it just runs in a family.  It runs in my family.  I have always had low blood pressure also and I struggle to keep my sodium under control (because of my food choices as I don't salt food or use it when I cook either).  I have never been told I should worry about it but my doctor did tell me to be aware of the fact that I might be dizzy when standing suddenly so to avoid it and make sure I am steady before walking.  It does create issues for me if I don't eat as my blood pressure drops even more and I feel like I am going to pass out.  I find that using calorie count has helped to remind me to eat more often and that helps keep my blood sugar more even (I am not diabetic or hypoglycemic). 


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Just a warning, from personal experience, better to eat more salt in your diet then get dizzy and pass out in the shower and have your head slam the tile right through the drywall. I have been dealing with this brain injury for two years now and it has made my life hell.

Ever since I can remember every now and then if I stand up suddenly I get really, really faint and dizzy for some time (usually under a minute). If it's bad enough I can even lose my eye sight. I think it's a combination of being tall and having low BP. Never worried about it, though.

Carmen, do you have a history with disordered eating? I'm asking because I, too, have low blood pressure, bradycardia (fancy term for heart rates lower than 60 beats per minute), and disordered eating habits. I'm actually going to the doctor fairly soon for an ECG/heart scans. Apparently, what masks as physical fitness can be a sign that your heart has been damaged due to malnourishment (especially if you're experiencing symptoms).. So I would get it checked out just to be safe.

I was just browsing over lunch, and saw this.  A few weeks back I passed out after about 2 hours hiking in the sun.  Last Friday I started to pass out again while biking in the sun - wife dragged me to the doctor, who did an ECG and it was clear, but my BP was (at least an hour after the dizziness) 100/60 - and my normal is 125/80.  Doctor ordered me a stress test and heart mapping (a week from Thursday).  Does anyone know anything about this kind of thing?

It happened to me after being in the sun all day and not drinking water.  The docs thought I had a heart problem bc my blood pressure dropped so much but everything was clear.  They did every kind of test.  I think it was just sun stroke or dehydration.  I'm really careful now and do not worship the sun quite as much as I used to (that was almost 2 yrs ago).  I do have low blood pressure normally too.

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Just a warning, from personal experience, better to eat more salt in your diet then get dizzy and pass out in the shower and have your head slam the tile right through the drywall. I have been dealing with this brain injury for two years now and it has made my life hell.

Im going to second this, because I got lucky I didn't slam my head and the shower curtain broke my fall.

Gosh, this has happened to me a lot lately too and I started a thread about the same thing last week. My bp is 100/67 and every since I have started losing and adding exercise into mu routine, I get dizzy a few times a week.

Hi Carmen! My blood pressure is also on the lower side of the scale (98/66 -> thats just an estimate. I did get it checked this morning but I don't quite remember the first number exactly). My family does have a history of low blood pressure, so I really don't feel dizzy right now (but I am having a hard time concentrating, plus tingling/numbness throughout my that bad??)

Anyway, I am a tad underweight though and without a menstrual cycle (stats: 17 years old/ 5'8"/111lbs pretty active, dancing for 12ish hours a week currently). I had to be pulled out of dance once because my blood pressure dropped significantly and my pulse became under 55 beats per minute and I almost got pulled again last week. 

I think you should check with your doctor about it. If you naturally have low blood pressure and feel fine then I wouldn't worry about it. But the symptoms you feel now (dizziness, etc.) are a sign that your body is not happy and that somethings wrong.

(I've never heard anything about needing to eat more salt though, so I'm interested to see if that is actually true or not. I never EVER get salt cravings, despite my low blood pressure and activity or anything like that and I almost feel nauseous if a food is too salty.)

Every time my doctor checks my blood pressure he says "wow, that's low... you need to eat more salt!" and that's about it. My BP is still in the low but healthy range and it's been that way for the last few years (I never paid attention to it before that) 

I never used to know what the numbers meant until recently, so I never paid attention to my BP when I was younger so I don't know if it was low or not. 

It's not like I have never experienced dizziness before. It's not a new thing to me haha, I think it's just one of those things you begin to notice more once it's been drawn to your attention. 

I'm not sure if low BP runs in my family, never thought to ask. But both my parents smoke and drink regularly, and my brother and sister are both overweight-- so I'd assume no one in my immediate family has low BP lol.

I had an eating disorder 6 years ago, so it might be a small factor. But the most obvious factors to me would be that I (a) drink a lot of water and tea, (b) don't consume much salt, (c) exercise regularly, and (d) don't have much stress in my life. Genetics may be a factor, but again I'm not 100% on that. 

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who stands up too quickly Wink

I also have/had an ED but for me i had low bp as a kid, and it runs in the family. I had it when i was a normal weight too. If it only appeared after you became underweight then i would suspect that it's from the ED and not chronically low, that's just my opinion

Thanks everyone. Thought I was the only one who has low blood pressure.
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