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Diet to help H Pylori Helicobacter infection

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My 11 year old son was diagnosed, after months of suffering and testing, with H Pylori Helicobacter.

He finished the Anit biotics just before Christmas and was all good for about 3 weeks.

I was delighted to see him feeling well and being a normal young boy.

But, unfortunately, it was short lived. He started to complain and eat less after about 3 weeks and it has just escalated to severe stomach pain and acid reflux.

I took him back to the doctor and he has still test positive for Helicobacter.

I am currently waiting for a paed gastro appointment but not sure how long that will take.

Have read a bit about including lots of vitamin c in his diet. He loves citrus fruit and would eat 10 oranges in a row if I let him, but the acid makes his stomach worse. I am worried as he is already quite thin and now he is not eating as much as he should. He is very unhappy and if I could help him just a bit with diet, until we get some help.

So hoping that he doesnt already have a stomach ulcer.


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I have nothing,

But since I understand how hard it is to watch your child go through something and not be able heal them, I just wanted to send a (((hug))) to you and your son.

Thanks for that. Yes its horrible. When eventually discovered what it was, after months of days off school and trips to various doctors, I thought it was going to be a simple anit biotic treatment and off we go. But, alas it was not so.

thanks for your support.


Just did a bit of reading on the subject, probably stuff that you have already read.
I can imagine that you have read everything on the internet concerning HPH.

I have stomach issues due to wheat intolerance, I know, not even the same.
I practically live on ginger when I have issues.  

I know that this will not help with the HPH, but it might settle his tummy a bit.
Grate about an inch of ginger and boil in some water, strain and add a bit of honey and let cool.  

Take care 

I'm pretty sure you want to go sugar free with him, and keep his food very plain. I think a friend had this and he basically ate chicken and rice with salt and pepper only as spices, no sauces, nothing with sugar (and no white flour). Also I think he ate salad with no dressing. No red meat, no dairy.

I think a good idea would be to get him a probiotic supplement like Lactobacillus Acidophilus to introduce some good gut flora and try to beat up that helicobacter. Now, I don't think it will work if he is taking antibiotics but it might. Once he is better, a probiotic yogurt or continuing consuming the probiotic supplement will help keep it away.  I believe there are some probiotic liquid supplements now available on the market if he won't swallow a pill.

My friend's diet matches up with what I found here utumnhelicobacter-pylori

Foods to avoid void-during-H-pylori-infection

Foods to eat (note the two links have contradicting evidence on cabbage) cles/6-supermarket-foods-to-eat-if-you-have-h -pylori/

I think cranberry juice might be a good idea as mentioned - try to get as little sweetened as he can handle. I know cranberry seems to have some magic property which makes the walls of the bladder "slippery" and reduces incidence of bladder infections (or another theory is that it has some magical undetected antibiotic property) - I absolutely 100% swear by it for that, so its possible it will work for him too.



is your son having symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease ie. heartburn? there's really not much of a diet to follow. just make him eat smaller more frequent meals. while you're waiting for the specialist, why don't you see his regular doctor for some proton pump inhibitors or h2-antagonists. some foods are associated with gerd like chocolate, foods with high acid content (oranges would be one of them), fried or fatty foods, garlic, onions, peppermint, spicy avoid those?

Thanks, yes he has reflux. We struggle with smaller meals because he eats so little as it is. When he is hungry I feed him.

He takes ADD meds that suppress his apetite too so I really have to watch his weight.

Meds wear off in the eveining and then I can usually get him to eat a decent meal, but since the helicobacter thing, in the last 6 months he doesnt even eat much at dinner. He is underweight, only about 60 pounds, and he is 11.

Unfortunately the doctor wont treat him again for the Helicobacter, he wants him to see a specialist. There is a concern that he may have a duodenal ulcer. The first doctor who diagnosed it said that this was very unlikely in someone so young, but as the treatment didnt work, the new docotor thinks it may be so.

So for now all we have is gavescon, which is not very effective.

thanks for your help.



I have read some of these already and have tried to reduce sugar and red meat.

He wont eat yoghurt. I have tried a drinking kind that is probiotic but it is a struggle to get him to take it. Do you think a probiotic tablet would work. I will get some this afternoon and try.

Have increased his vitamin c intake but most foods high in vitamin c increase his acid load.

Thanks for the support.


yes thanks, I have read loads, but havent tried ginger. Will give it a go, you never know, it may just help. Thanks


I'm dealing with H Pylori and my heartburn is unbearable. I'm eating the the right foods and staying away from acidic foods. I've managed to work every day and maintain my weight. I just force the food down and I'm really not happy. I took pylera and I still feel sick 1 week later. I'm also trying natural remedies like DGL and Mastic Gum. As well as probitics plus prilosec once a day. I'm fighting it hard but feel I'm still losing the battle. What more can I do. How long is this gonna last. My energy levels are low and I just want to sleep all the time. The old me was so overly hyper active. I miss the old me :-(
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I am suffering with h ployri as well.. I am taking probiotics daily and just started taking mastic gum capsules combined with licorice root,marshmallow root, slippery elm..i will let you know if i feel better.. But my life has changed totally bloating, fatigue, everything i i eat makes me sick etc etc.. I feel everyones pain!!! We can get rid of this together!!
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