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could diet coke be causing stomach pains?

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I usually like to have a diet coke in the afternoon at work.  I just really enjoy them, and I figure one won't hurt. Since starting on CC, I have noticed that at the end of the day I have lower abdominal pains.  The last two days I haven't had my diet coke as I was late leaving for work and forgot running out the dorr (two days in a row.... sheeh!).  On those two days I havn't had any stomach pains!! Could drinking diet coke after having only a lite lunch cause my stomach pains?
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It could be the acid or the carbination in it.
Maybe its the aspartame? Not everyone can handle artificial sweeteners well. Its probably best to cut back on either way of course, diet coke is terrible for the drinker on so many levels...
It could be the diet coke but as with many things in life it probaly isn't just the one thing, but rather a combination of things.... diet coke/something else you ate  try a diet coke on monday  and see what happens good luck
It definitely could be the Diet Coke.

I used to drink 8 cans a day (disgusting, I know), I'd guzzle them down like a camel. Eventually, after about 6 months with a combination of stress and too much Diet Coke, I got stomach ulcers. Ouch.

Just be careful with how much you drink.
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I drink 2-4 liters a day. I've been drinking that much since I was 4 years old, and have never had a problem that I could possibly link to Diet Coke.

It is entirely possible that it causes you to get stomach aches though.
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