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Diet and candida, any advice?

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based on my blood test results - a while ago- I learnt that I have candida. 

I crave bread and it is really a problem. I suspect that candida has any role in this?

I have read a book by Dr. Crook? and they say that I MUST avoid sugar, bread, oats, fruits, yeast to fight the yeast. 

it is such a difficult diet as i am not sure what to eat for breakfast. i am not going to be satisfied with eating vegetables in the morning, afternoon and evening. 

I can eat Tuna, veggies, eggs, fish, flaxseed but no fruit. I still find it difficult.

maybe it is worth a try?

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It's certainly worth a try.  You don't have to avoid those foods for ever, just until the symptoms clear up... at which point you can gradually reintroduce them.    My understanding is that whole rolled oats and 100% stoneground wholemeal bread are fine on an anti-candida diet.  It's the refined carbohydrates e.g. instant oats, white bread, that you should avoid.  This weblink sets it out quite neatly t_diet.shtml

An Anti-candida diet - Cut out all of the following: -

  • sugar, all types: brown, white, syrup, molasses, honey, fructose, lactose, maltose, dextrose etc. Check all tins and packets, if the candida has caused an intolerance to yeast then cut out the following
  • yeast products: bread, pizza, buns, breadcrumbs, marmite, Oxo, Bovril, Bisto, gravy mix etc. flavoured foods i.e. crisps and foods containing citric acid.
  • Refined grains, white flour products, cakes, biscuit, pasta, cornflour, cereals etc. all prepared breakfast cereals except Shredded Wheat and purpose made options like Kashi
  • cured and smoked products: bacon, meats, kippers etc.
  • fermented products, vinegar, pickles, chutney, soya sauce, alcohol
  • tea, coffee, ovaltine, chocolate, etc and all malted products
  • cows milk, cheese cream except yoghurt and cottage cheese
  • mushrooms
  • peanuts and peanut products

Enjoy the following foods:-
Onions and garlic,
Fresh vegetables and their juices (beware of carrot juice it contains a lot of sugar) Rainbow salads are good,
Rice cakes, oat cakes (unmalted) ,Ryvita, sesame and original only,
soya milks, butter, cottage cheese and yoghurt.
herbs, mild spices,
freshly cracked nuts, seeds
water, fruit and herb teas
cold pressed oils
brown rice and flours, use for cakes and pastry etc.
oats (porridge makes an excellent breakfast – make with water and serve with nuts, seeds and yoghurt)
meats, unprocessed preferably organic or free-range
fish preferably unprocessed, oily fish is best
eggs, lentils, peas and beans

why not visit a nutritionist to get some new ideas? These people often can help big time...


Gi-jane, Thanks so much for the link. I know for sure that I crave bread AND sugar but most people do. right? i don't know if it has anything to do with the candida that I have?

do you know anything about the symptoms ? I just crave bread more than anything else. they say depression, bloating and sugar cravings but that is very general. 

I eat McCann's steel cut oats. Maybe it is a silly question but do you know if they contain wheat?

Jcbolt, thanks for the suggestion. My insurance plan doesn't cover any visits to a nutritionist which will probably costs me $300 -$200 per visit so I won't be able to do it.

It's fairly normal to have candida albicans since it's one of the natural bacteria present in the gut.   A Candida Albicans overgrowth isn't recognised universally as being a legitimate medical condition.  However, some people claim it causes the following .... thrush, headaches, upset stomach, fatigue, constipation,... all kinds of things.  However, if you had any of the above, you'd be well advised to see a doctor rather than try to self-diagnose.  

"Most people" don't crave bread and sugar since craving suggests an uncontrollable urge to eat a particular food.  Most people, however, can enjoy bread and sugar as part of their diet.  So can you.

Craving bread and sugar can stem from eating a lot of bread, sugar and other refined carbohydrates.  It has to do with blood-sugars rising and dropping too quickly.   If you can replace pastries, cakes, white bread and white pasta with wholegrain foods or other unsweetened foods you will find your cravings for sugar diminish because your blood-sugar levels will be more stable.  

Craving sugar also happens when you don't eat enough or if you eat too infrequently.  In both cases, blood-sugars drop down too low.... result your body will look for a quick fix in the form of sugar or refined carbohydrate.

Oats are oats.... wheat is wheat.

Thanks for the explanation. I really crave bread and it is really weird. I don't even eat fast food, pizza or potato chips. I don't care about ice cream or even chocolate but bread is my problem and I don't know why. I guess I will have to fight that.

Try Azo Yeast, it is a pill you can take on a daily basis that fights yeast. I suffered from yeast overgrowth for years and finally AZO saved me along with watching my sugar intake. Good Luck.!

Original Post by ilove2travel1221:

Try Azo Yeast, it is a pill you can take on a daily basis that fights yeast. I suffered from yeast overgrowth for years and finally AZO saved me along with watching my sugar intake. Good Luck.!

thanks so much. can I ask you what were the symptoms that you had? 

Sure, I had the usual vaginal yeast symptoms, but I also always felt dry and itchy and just uncomfortable like my skin was tight and gross and it wasn't the normal dry skin feelings. Bad breath was common too.

Just a comment on the wheat/oats question - my daughter has to completely avoid all gluten (mainly found in wheat and barley), and from my understanding, although oats do not contain gluten, they are processed right alongside wheat products, so they end up "contaminated".  Supposedly there is at least one company now that guarantees their oats are gluten free.  It is probably not enough to worry about for you, but there are some people who will have a gluten reaction to regular oats. 

Thanks Katann. I was reading a book and it says the same thing. I was just wondering about my morning oats but it sounds like I will have to avoid it as well. the problem is I have an ulcer which makes things complicated. I feel that my diet is very restricted now that I don't want even to start. 

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