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Diarrhea, stomach cramps - what to do/eat?

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Hello wise cc-ers!

I posted on Thurday about feeling very tired and dizzy all day. Well, that turned into severe diarrhea during the night. There was a bit of sickness along with this too. I took 2 imodium but the diarrhea carried on. I then took another after three more bowel movements and it still didn't stop! Luckily I had a doc appointment Fri morning for my weigh-in. He prescribed me some tablets to put on my gum to help with the sickness but I can only take two a day. I asked him what I could eat and he didn't really say anything apart from dry toast and to stay away from diary, which I knew already. I only asked as I was starving and had been having the weirdest cravings - sugar puffs, hot cross buns, ice cream - I say these are weird as I have always hated these foods! I asked him about the BRAT diet and he said he had never heard of it. I took the pills he gave and some rehydration solution, then sipped on water with sugar and salt (also suggested).

Yesterday I managed 3 1/2 pieces of toast, 1 hugely huge banana, 1 1/2 hot cross buns, 2 mugs of peppermint tea. This was nibbled at throughout the day and got easier in the evening. But I couldn't eat any of these in one go.

I have also been having faul smelling sulphur burps, gas, and I can HEAR my stomach and bowels working. I felt a bit better this morning, then I had to go again, only this time no where near as bad. It is just watery. Today I have also had crimpling stomach cramps. I thought it could be too much acid (which is why they say to eat toast to absorb it) so I took some gaviscon which has worked before.

My questions are: What else do you think I should/can eat? Do you think I should take anything else medicine wise? How long should I stay off dairy?


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Ginger ale preferably warm and flat is a good start.  If you can keep that down try crackers.  If that stays down chicken soup but maybe just the broth.
I would stay off the dairy until you had two normal BMs.

You should try taking a probiotic. Get a high quality one that needs refrigeration at your local health food store. It will make a huge difference in your entire digestive process.

Extremely smelly gas usually means that whatever you've eaten cannot be digested properly. My friend has a stomach problme and is forbidden complex carbs - so sugar, yes, everything with grains, no. If you crave sweets that might be an idea.

Try the Ginger Ale (non diet version!!!) - or ginger tea with lots and lots of honey - for a day. I know you're a gainer, so if you are really underweight you  have to have someone watch over you and make sure you're not collapsing.

I wouldn't take any more immodium - no matter if it's a virus or a food poisoning, the stuff wants out.

Peppermint tea is also good but, really, let your body get rid of whatever it's trying to get rid of, sleep, keep warm drink loads and loads of sugary uncarbonated drinks (no juice) and go to the doctor if you keep having this for more than two days.

But usually things like this take about 3 days and a fourth to recover.

Get well

BRAT: bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. these foods are easy on the system and will give you some nutrients, while not upsetting your stomach/bowels

you might have gardhia,  i have consistent gardiha from traveling in nepal but i dont know where you could have gotten it.  the biggest sign is the burps and gas,  its like eggs right and the stomach noises.  if its gardiha whatever you eat now is not going to make it worse or better, it should go away on its own, but mine did not i have to take antibiotics everytime it comes back...,  but eat and get treatment. they can check your stools for it,  its awful.

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These are the things that work for me:

All the things you wouldn't normally regard as very healthy: white bread, boiled or baked potatoes with no topping (ok, that's healthy), white rice with no topping and no fat. No raw fruit, except maybe bananas. No raw tomatoes. Nothing with a massive amount of fibre.

Thank you all SO much for your responses! I have been feeling a wee bit better today and have been eating as I go along, but sticking to bland simple foods. In terms of loose bms, I don't know whether they have improved because I just have less food inside of me than Thursday night? But I have been able to stomach waaay more food today. Still hungry too! Not sure what else to have now...hmmm.

bobo1 - Egg smelling burps - yes! It is so gross. My poor family. And poor you for getting gardhia often. I ruled that out though as I have not been abroad. The only place I have been where I could have picked up anything is the swimming pool.

Kikt - I have had plenty of sleep. Yesterday was a serious bedrest day. The first time I can actually remember doing nothing for a whole day. As weird as it sounds! I didn't take any more immodium after the third yday. I agree that what my bod wants to get rid of must come out.

Thank you all again!

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