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Hi there, my question to anyone who reads this is,

What is your take on detox/juicing/soup diets such as the master cleanse (lemonade diet)? And though I know there are many others out there, this is the one I came across first.

I have reached a wall in my weight loss journey so I am exploring other options above and beyond my exercise and diet.

Any hints, tips, tricks or advise is more thsn welcome!


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They're basically the equivalent of committing armed assault on your body - harmful to the victim and unlikely to benefit the perpetrator either in the long run.

Complete bollocks that screws up your metabolism. Might teach you an interesting lesson about your eating habit in general, if you are  lucky, but it's generally a really bad idea. Also: Your body detoxes just fine, especially if you stop feeding it toxins for a while. That's what our kidney, liver and intestines are for and if they don't do their job we die. No need to forgoe proper food, just cut out alcohol, chemicals and sugar for two weeks. Cut out red meat and simple carbs if you feel you're not torturing enough.

On CC the promotion of starvation diets is forbidden, so either this thread will contain only criticial opinions or it will be locked.

Plateaus are normal. Switch your excercise around and eat maintenance occasionally to keep your metabolism on its toes.

Original Post by melkor:

They're basically the equivalent of committing armed assault on your body - harmful to the victim and unlikely to benefit the perpetrator either in the long run.


Some people need a lot less words than me to say the same thing.

I've done a week of a very radical traditional German version about 10 years ago. It did feel like war. And it did screw up my metabolism for a long time.

cleanses and "detox" are not considered part of HEALTHY weight management.  While we do considered that some people fast for religious reason, and some people feel they must detox what the liver already does -- they have NO place here as a weight loss strategy.

As kikt said -- cleanses, fasts, and detox (most fad diets, really) work because they lower calories past what is considered healthy, not only by this site, but by most reputable sources, and so yes, likely to get the thread locked.  just be aware.

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Detoxing does not increase your metabolism.

Lifting weights increases your metabolism. Lift heavy weights with few reps. You will gain lean body mass that will in turn raise your basal metabolic rate (the number of calories you burn a day while sedentary).

The best detox you can do? Eat real foods, not too much, get more active, and drink water.

Hey, today is my first day of My Master Cleanse of 2011 Spring. I am doing it since 2004, my firt time was by Polly Breg, only with water, then I discovered Masters. 


Demands a strong will, but nothing is easy in this world :) It's easy to say "Screw it all, eat normal food and you will be ok". But we are not talking about the weight problems only. 


Before starting my Detox 4 times a year i was allergic to eggs, chocolate, lemons, oranges, cats, dogs, cold, dust, flowers... and probably many more that i dont remember anymore.. I was suffering a lot from Exema and Atopic dermatitis. Flu was my best friend many times a year, constipation - almost constant... More 10kilos cover my "beautiful past".


So only good things I can tell about Masters. All the diseases come from "our normal eating". Our bodies deserve little holidays ones in a while. Life long, healthy and happily!


Good luck!

Allergies and "diseases caused by our 'normal eating'" are not at all the same thing.

If you're allergic to something (or gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, etc.), it genuinely is toxic to your system, and you should avoid eating it always and forever (and you may need a doctor to help you diagnose to what you're allergic).  Detoxing/cleansing might relieve your symptoms, but so would simply avoiding that food and eating normally otherwise, because it will stop triggering your body's allergic responses. 

Eating generally healthy foods to which you are not allergic doesn't cause any sort of "build up" that causes disease.  You have a liver and kidneys that have evolved for millions of years for the sole purposes of detoxifying your body, and, as long as those organs are healthy and functioning, they do a very good job.

If you eat a lot of junk and then change it for a better diet, yes, you'll probably feel better, but your body is perfectly capable of cleaning out the junk on its own without some freaky liquid fast.

And now i eat all kind of fruit, i can sleep with a cat and nothing..  As you say I got lucky then.


Let's believe in doctors and in chemicals. We will see how far we go..

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