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Soo I posted this on calorie camp with my daily eats and got one reply back, I'm posting here too to see what you're opinions are! :) thankss!

Ive been wondering if I could still be dehydrated...ive been drinking 7-9 glasses of fluids a day, and I haven't thrown up in over 3 weeks. I'm eating 3000 callories a day or slightly over or under but more over than under. I am Wayyy underweightstill at 92-94 lbs at almost 5'8" or 5'8" not sure...I gained 16- 18 lbs the first 2 weeks though, which was like all from water my doctor said..the last week ive been pretty much maintaining I think. But I haven't been going #2 normally. I'm sometimes constipated, but its mostly diarrhea (usually more like baby/cat poop, but sometimes watery)...sorry haha anyway, my labs were almost perfect almost 2 weeks ago. My potassium was barley off at 3.3, (normal 3.5-5). My BUN (kidneys) was 21 normal is 20 and below0, so again my doctor said it was nothing ti worry about because its extremely close and ive been at like40 before. And my creatine (also kidneys was.4.8, again normal is 5.0 so it was real close, and this was only a week into recovery.) I was also BARLEY anemic, and that was all. So could something be wrong? I feel like I'm barley peeing...I have to go a LOT, but I hardly to any, and ive had a fever and really bad headache with coughing and a stuffy nose the last 2 days(think I picked it up at the zoo Saturday,bur not sure) so could I still be dehdrated?


REPLY:  Maybe you have a UTI? Fever, sensation to pee without peeing a lot, general terrible feeling. I would most definitely call your doctot first thing. Good luck on your recovery, it will be a long journey but it seems you are on the right track. Especially with such good lab results. Don't give up, and keep listening to your body. It will tell you what it needs, and you have to retrain yourself about how to listen to it.



MY REPLY:wow thanks for the fast reply! I never though of that, but ill call my doctor and ask about getting it checked out tomorrow...:) also, ive been getting really bad swelling in my ankles, which they say is edema and sometimes normal in recovery, but do you think that could be a symptom of a UTI also? Ohh plus ive been kinda really itchy down there....idk haha! Anyway thanks soo much! It IS tough,, but I'm sick of wasting my life over a couple silly pounds when I was technically underweight ore ED anyway:)



ETA: I forgot to mention I still have somewhat bags under my eyes, but they're MUCH better than they were...I can see and feel my veins again, and the nurse only had to poke me once when she drew blood, (usually more like 5 times), and also, I don't really have extreme thirst or anything....I don't feel dizzy, I've actually been sweating for once...So I'm really not sure...Should I drink more?? What do you guys think?? :) Thankss.


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Your metabolism amazes me.

That is great! You are doing so well. I am currently also eating 4500-5000 right now and maintaining(still trying to gain). I just wanted to pop in and say Continue on with stargirl, you helped me on my recovery.  Dont worry about theose syptoms because I get ALL (yes even the ichty down there). My blood are also complete normal and never been anemic or had low calcium. For the peeing, it could be that you just have smaller bladder? or has weakened due to lack of use? Sorry I am not much help, but I want to say I support you and beat this ED!

First of all, congratulations on your recovery, sounds like you are doing great! When did you start eating 3000+ calories a day? You have to give your body time to recover and balance itself out. Just think about how much time (years?) you were undereating, so you can't expect everything to be working perfectly within a few weeks (I'm assuming its only been a few weeks from your post, correct me if I'm wrong). Just keep doing what you're doing, be patient, and follow your doc's advice :)

thelovelyme_  haha really??? thanks girlll..:)

rice_paper_dolls- Awww thank you soo much! It makes me super happy that I could maybe help someone else with this..:) I plan on continuing on, it is SOO tough, especially at night, it like haunts me in my dreams haha...:/ And wow, 4500-5000 and not gaining, you must be like in hypermetabolic mode or something....Or have you always had a super high metabolism??? I've had to be on like 6000+ before to gain an ounce, but that was a long time ago, so I just don't know anymore.  I'm trying not to worry, but my doctor is worried there may be some underlying issue, so they're running bloodtests, a urine test, an echocardiogram, and chest xrays friday. Hes checking all of my regular bloods and hormone levels (to see if the swelling is just a sign of maybe my body pumping up hormones for a future period), as well as my kidneys to make sure there isn't any damage there, and a test for a UTI or a KTI, and my heart of course to make sure there isn't a problem in my circulatory system causing the swelling...He says he just wants to be safe, but until then he prescribed me  a lasic diuretic and told me to keeep my feet up so we'll see I guess..:) But that does make me feel better than someone else has some of the same symptoms...:) And yeah, I was thinking a small bladder, but idk so I guess its better to get it checked...:) And heyy you were  helpful, just an answer makes me feel could have said boogedyy boggedy bahhhhhhhhhhh and it would have at least made me laugh..:p

tlisseth- Thankyou!! :) Well yes you're right I've only been at this like 3 1/2 weeks, and I started on 3000 like maybe 1.5-2 weeks ago.. You're probably right, I'm being impatient, but I'd rather be safe than sorry....:) But I plan on it, I'm getting all of those ^^^ tests done friday, and I'll see what he says when I get the results and go from there I suppose..:) Thankss :)

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Stargirl, it is so incredible to hear that you are pushing back against the ED. Keep up the good work!

Yeah Stargirl, it's great to hear you're doing everything you can do beat this! Just remember, I'm here for you and everyone. Even though I joined only 4 days ago, it's awesome to see people I've made connections with making progress. My recovery only started like a month ago and I feel like I recovered, but then the guilt comes back, along with the binge eating and the feeling to purge. 

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