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debilitating stomach pains

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Since January of 2009 I have been having stomach pains. They were off and on about 2x per month. I am in recovery from anorexia and when the pains began I had already been in hospital, day treatment, residential, outpatient and iop and never had these pains during re-feeding just the normal bloating and constipation.  I was re- feeding again at home starting in September 2008 and was up to 115 from 100 by Jan, I’m now weight restored at 127 (5'6"). 

The pains are around the belly button radiating around my abdomen, sometimes shooting into the lower back. The pain is like stabbing knives and cramps in the upper abdomen not like menstrual cramps.  The pain then can be an all over pain.  The pain is helped but does not disappear when i lie on a heating pad and go to bed, usually gone by the morning. 

The pains got really bad starting in March 2011 3-4x a week. My docs and I did ultrasounds, x-rays, blood tests, and it seems i am lactose intolerance. I have cut out all dairy and feel better but got more pain yesterday. It also happens when I have not eaten enough, if I don't get a lot of food for 3-4 days then on the 5th day wham! Pain!!

Does anyone else have any experience?


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Wow, I just wanted to say that I am having a very similiar problem, strikingly so, actually, like I will get HORRENDOUS stomach pains and have since about January, even though I was practically weight restored then. I haven't talked to my doctors about this alot, because I am kind of self-defeating in that way, although my nutritionist was concerned that maybe the "good bacteria" in my stomach was killed off by a pretty strong antibiotic that I was put on in January for pnemonia. It's been a problem ever since, and sometimes I wonder if it is lactose intolerance.

       &nb sp; Lately my symptoms have gotten worse, and besides the incredible stomach pain, I get really bad bloating, severe constipation, and, as of late, even heartburn. All this even though I eat really "healthfully", as in very little fat, lots of whole grains, lean meat, fat free dairy, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, even though admittedly I do restrict pretty heavily some days.

     I had not thought of coordinating the pain with the frequency with my restriction, but really, that makes sense.

To both: It could possibly be gallstones? Check the symptoms online and ask your doctor for their opinion. 

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. It also happens when I have not eaten enough, if I don't get a lot of food for 3-4 days then on the 5th day wham! Pain!!

It could be your body saying STOP.

A friend of mine has been teetering along a burn out for some time now and her whole digestive tract has become the weakest link. She can control it by cutting put all sorts of food but it is effectively her body warning her that it's about to shut down. (My warning signs are first skin, then nose and sinuses)

But  speak to a specialist. Since this has been going on for two years you should get one of those xxx-scopies  (dont know the exact word - they stick a camera in your stomach) to make sure you have no ulcers or their preform

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loopy: I had a ultrasound and no gallstones or anyother issues in my digestive tract or stomach.

Flor: are you in recovery from ED? I am on probiotics since being diagnosed w/ lactose intolerance and it helps, I would suggest adding probiotic pills or yogurt and see how that goes before you cut out dairy.

Typicall symptoms of lactose intolerance are:

Bloating. Pain or cramps in the lower belly. Gurgling or rumbling sounds in the lower belly. Gas. Loose stools or diarrhea. Sometimes the stools are foamy. Throwing up.

Symptoms start 30 min-2 hr after eating dairy.

However, If you are re-feeding after restricting and gaining weight these are also common symptoms.


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