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Dark spots on back

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Okay, I don't know if this topic should be posted here, but anyway. I noticed something odd 2 days ago. I was changing and I have this large mirror in my room, and I noticed that my back had these dark spots! It's not all over it, it's mostly on the spine-area. It goes from the lordosis(u know the curve over the butt, haha) and to a little higher place than my bra-strap thingy. It's not on my neck, but I'm scared that it will spread.

I don't know if I've had this before but never noticed or if this came when I started to count calories. Maybe it's a loss of vitamins or some nutritent, I donno. But I'm scared. I will talk to my brother's wife today so that she can call a doctor or something..But I'm ashamed of showing my back to somebody...

Have anybody experciended this? What did you do? How did it happen? Did it dissapear? How did it dissapear? I'm freaking out because my aunt told me that it was reaaaally bad and that it could spread to my neck, face and arms.

It's like this but it's more stuck together and it's on the back..As I wrote.

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It's sun damage, parts of the skin remain tanned all the time, the pigment doesn't go away and they are harmless. Also they don't spread on their own, only UV exposure can cause more to appear especially on the areas which get sunburned.

Depending on your skin color in general, it could be many things.  The picture you linked could be sun damage (liver spots) or any other skin condition.  The best thing you can do it to make an appointment with your doctor or a dermatologist and have them take a look and see how they can help you take care of it.  Doctors see a LOT worse than a skin discoloration and you shouldn't feel embarrassed. 

I never expose my back to the sun, so it can't be sun damage.

Original Post by nemochan:

I never expose my back to the sun, so it can't be sun damage.

Yep you have.  Even fully clothed, unless you are wearing UV protectant clothing or head to toe sunscreen every time you go outside, you are exposed to radiation from the sun and you can get sun damage.

I'm not saying that's what this is, although it is what it looks like, I just don't want you to think you are not at risk for issues related to sun exposure just because you've never been tanning.

But I live in a cold country. The only time sun comes is like 4 months or so. My parents are from the middleeast so maybe I got their skin, and that my body ain't used to coldness? I'm just scared that it will spread up to my neck. And why would that happen to me. And why the back? Why not arms or hands or face? :/

It's not as likely as if you live in Aruba, but stranger things have happened.

Chances are it's just a small issue that will either resolve itself or go no further.  It's always smart to have a doctor check out any changes on your body but I wouldn't freak out. 

It's also probably much more noticeable to you than it would be to anyone else.

Just get it checked to be on the safe side and if it's just a cosmetic issue ask if there's anything you can do to fade them.

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