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a cry for help...all teenage girls 5'3" 110 lbs...

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I'm sorry if this is too specific, but I really think I need this. I have a serious problem with my body image that changes day to day. Sometimes I see myself as horribly obese, sometimes as normal, sometimes as skinny...I'm getting so sick of guessing about what I look like. I'm a 'recovered' anorexic struggling with a relapse and I think if I see some pictures of another girl with similar stats it may make this easier for me to get over. So please, if there is anyone who is 5'3", 110 pounds, medium frame, and under 18 who wouldn't mind posting up some pictures of themselves, it might help me a lot and it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


p.s, the under 18 thing is because i think older people, tho with the same stats, may have a different build than younger people. I read the post back to myself and it sounded a bit weird so i figured I'd clear that up.

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Swim, I am sorry to hear you think you might be in the middle of a relapse. And I really worry that these pictures people may post up may be triggering rather than helpful to you.

As I am sure you know already, no two people are alike and depending on muscle and fat content of each person they may look entirely different to you.

I strongly encourage you to trust what we say here in that at 110 lbs and 5'3" you are absolutely not obese, fat or overweight at all. And being that you are a swimmer you are probably extremely lean and slim.

Please talk to your school counselor or parents and get some outside help to assist you in your relapse. It will help more than looking at photos of people you do not know in this forum.

Take a look at the Eating Disorder Resource thread also as there is some useful information on many of the links listed which I hope will encourage you to see yourself as the slim, fit young lady that you are.

Take care of yourself,

NYCGirl, H&S forum moderator

Hey! ok so i dont weigh 110 now but i used to and i have a picture......ill add it to my page right now if you want to check it out. :)
the girl in that picture DOES NOT weigh 110 pounds....that looks more like 90 pounds or less.
yea, you are teeny, tiny in that picture.  I used to weigh 110 and am 5'3" and had bigger boobs, etc and didn't look that tiny.  I now weigh under 100 and still don't look that small.   

Disclaimer:I am way too thin and am trying to gain weight.  I look gross and bony and have no curves.  Being 5'3" and less than about 105 looks repulsive.
ok well i naturaly have small boobs.. and there is nothing wrong with that.  Also maybe i look like i weigh 90 but that doesnt give you the right to say that i dont weigh 110 because if anything i weighed a little more than that. i guess looks can be deceiving...
I didn't mean to offend you and I'm sorry if I did.  I'm just saying you look way smaller than 110 pounds in that picture.  And I didn't mean to imply that there is something wrong with small boobs either...mine are an a so mine are tiny too : )
haha no its ok i just couldent beleive that someone would say i looked that skinny.  All i have heard my whole life is how skinny my sister is and to hear it said towards me idk i guess it stunned me. lol.
That looks kinda like me I guess. I too have really small boobs....thx. Are you super active?

Hey I'm 5'3" and 110 as well. I would upload a picture, but i don't think that anything I show you will make you change your mind about your own body. I recently lost weight I used to be 118, and I feel this weight is the perfect weight for me, but it always varies from person to person. I'm sure you look great :)

Please what?  Read nycgirl's post and follow her advice.  Your question has been answered.

Hi, im 18 and i also feel very insecure about my body image but yet some people say including my family doctor that my weight is perfectly fine, but i dunt think so i think im so skinny but my boobs r a B so that can pass, but i tried protein shakes always eating(but i love to eat)... so i agree with you , but idunt know what to do

hey i kno its been like almost 3 yrs since that reply, bbut are you sstyl the same weight

At 5'3" you should weigh 115 pounds when you get on that scale in order to be considered healthy in case you are wondering. Sometimes you could be the correct weight for your height, but you might appear "bigger" because of water weight, water retention, etc., or hormones are making you feel unattractive or "fat". Basically, if your 5'3" 115 pounds your pretty normal, if your underweight you need to eat more. As simple as that! Hope that helps.

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