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Constipation On A Vegan Diet

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WTF. I feel like that's such a contradiction, but it is what it is. I'm seriously considering going back to eating dairy (organic only, it was the idea of hormones in my yogurt that bothered me in the first place) in the form of greek yogurt and maybe occasionally cheese.



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hey I was just on a vegan diet for 3months, just wanting to try it out but now im back to just vegetarian, but yea that is strange that you'd be constipated, i was so extremely regular when i was doin it, are you getting enough fiber, greens, beans? whats your diet looking like? are you eating processed subs to make up for eating the real thing?

I'm getting enough fiber, about 35 grams a day. I eat plenty of fruits and veggies, whole grains only, nut butters, tofu, etc. I don't really like the processed subs like boca burgers or anything. I'm wondering if my body just doesn't like being vegan.

Are you drinking enough water?  Water keeps things moving in the digestive system.  Good luck!

Yeah, I drink soooooooo much water and I'm not even really supposed to because my BP is low as it is (I don't consume enough sodium no matter how hard I try). I drink probably around 96 oz of water per day.

A lot of vegan diets are low in fat, and you need a fair amount of fat to get things moving also.

Nuts, evoo, avocados, and some delicious french fries should be in every vegan diet.

Also- if you're not eating enough, that can def be the problem too. I'm assuming you are.

I'm pretty sure I get enough fat too...according to todays plan I should be getting 59 grams of it. I'm eating enough, I'm trying to lose weight on 1800 calories/day(I'm a dance major in college...I know this is kind of high but I'm actually really active). I don't have much to lose, only about 5 lbs, but I'm scared to weigh myself until I am, um, relieved. Never have I ever been constipated until I became vegan, and that makes me really sad because I feel like veganism is something I really want to do but my body doesn't.

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I dealt with a little of this when I first went vegan – I was lactose intolerant and still eating cheese and yogurt, and that, um, got things moving.

Just giving it time solved the problem for me. Also, coffee. And I eat a lot of fiber – 50 or more grams a day – without trying.

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