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Colonoscopy diet suggestions?

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yes i have googled it! and o looked before here as well but not much luck as to good suggestions.

I know for 3 days before I need to start limiting my fiber and my choices should be

chicken,  potatos mashed, cheese, eggs and white toast

the doc also said i can eat mashed cooked fruits and veggies with out peals (but i am guessing to stay away from any red or dark colored ones)

stay away from nuts and dairy

i amm not making a big deal of it, its just 3 days,  but does any one know about hummus, or any tips.  i dont want to know about the procedure just the diet.  thanks

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Stay away from dark green leafy veggies, definitely. Steamed veggies are good replacements like your doctor said. And just an add on about the nuts, stay away from nut butters too. I don't know whyyyy, but they seem to make it just as bad :P Also, a few days after it's good to keep to around the same diet cuz for me anyway, I couldn't keep anything else down that didn't hurt my stomach. Soups are good too with the broth and all. That I mainly just saved for the day before. 

As for the hummus, I would say since it's made outta chick peas it's best to stay away from them but that I do not know for sure. To be on the safe side if you don't get a definite answer. Good luck with you're colonoscopy!

So which veggies are ok?

i think i need to stay away from red veggies like tomatoes,  beets, and green ones like spinach,  broccoli,  but what else is there? I can only think of cucumbers and carrots.

Definitely no broccoli and lettuce. Spinach is a no. Carrots are okay and better when steamed. Zucchini, squash, cucumber is all okay. Green bell pepper should be fine. I don't know about celery, I think I stayed away from it.

Ok, I may be crazy but for all the colonoscopies I had (maybe 5? I lost count), I was never given a specific diet for beforehand. Ok, I take that back. For the majority of them I had to eat only clear fluids two days prior (chicken broth, yellow popsicles, Italian ice, etc. - nothing red though) and then drank this stuff (can't remember what it was called- it was in small bottles and incredibly tart) each day. The other times I had to drink go-litely (or however you spell it) which was awful, but I could eat what I wanted prior to about noon the day before the procedure.

So, I guess what I'm getting at is that I would just follow what your doctor suggested and not over-think it too much. They never said they had problems with me so I think you should be ok. Do try to drink lots the day before though because when you get all good and emptied out and are forbidden from drinking that can be a bit rough.

Really? Dang you're lucky cupcake! The first one I had they never gave me a specific diet cept the two days before thing and the gross liquid to clear you out. So for my second recent one, I thought oh it'll be the same, til I got the instructions out like 3 days before and it said I was supposed to start limitting certain stuff a week before! Crazy, but I think they just do that as a precaution cuz they didn't have any problems with me either. I also had some biopsies done during the colonoscopy so I never thought about that being a factor.

Cupcake is right, don't over think it. Just remember the two days prior stuff and I really think you should be fine and just listen to your doctor, every doctor is different but every doctor also conducts the procedure how they want I suppose. Some use extra precautions while others know what works in the past. I also agree, drink plenty of fluids cuz when you can't you'll miss them.

Clear broth, popsicles(no red dyes) for 24hrs before and drink that horribe Magneseum citrate drink.  That was all i was told before my colonoscoy. Mine was just for lower left pain. maybe you have a special issue?---Jaisa

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