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Too many colds; help!

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I have already had about six or seven colds this season (yes, I've been counting) and am very frustrated, since this is down time lost from work, excercise, etc.  I am open to any suggestions.  I just emailed my doctor who recommended that I try allergy medication (to rule out allergies?), but I didn't think muscle aches are a symptom of allergies.  I haven't been to the doctor since last summer and the colds seemed to increase (I think) when my stress increased as well as when I stopped taking Vitamins.  However, now my stress level is at a minimum and I get plenty of sleep.  Please provide any suggestions or ideas.

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If your immune system is weakened for any reason then you will fall prey to every virus doing the rounds.  A poor diet is linked to stress and also repeated illnesses and, if vitamin supplements made things better, it would make sense that your diet is at the root of your problems.  

Assuming you're consuming enough energy (calories) for your size.... let's say 1900-2000 a day.... then check out the food choices you're making as to whether they're providing you with a good range of nutrition.   Are you getting at least 5 portions fresh vegetables and 2 of fresh fruit a day, for example?  Diets low in Vitamin C can lead to the symptoms you describe, including aching muscles.   So adding a couple of kiwifruit to your diet each day would help, possibly.  Low iron stores are common in young women.... do you get plenty of red meats, dark green vegetables, beans, lentils?

Until you can get your diet up to scratch a multivitamin could be a good saftey-net.  But go and see your doctor and ask to be checked over physically.  It could be something else entirely.

I'd take a few weeks eating your maintenance calories and getting lots of fruits and vegetables along with the healthy fats and lean proteins.  Enough sleep matters, so do plenty of fluids.

Try using a nasal spray several times a day to keep the passages moisturized and clear, wash your hands frequently, etc.

I've had two lymphectomies and been diagnosed with severe rhinitis (nasal allergies) and after several years of catching every bug and feeling as if I'd never be able to breathe from my nose again I feel I've finally found salvation. Two words: Bikram yoga. The first couple classes were absolute torture as the heat took some getting used to but now I am hooked. Everyone in my office was sick with the flu this winter and I swear I was the only one who made it through uninfected. My doctor was amazed to see me for a check up and hear I'd had zero symptoms or illness in an entire year. He thinks I'm bonkers for subjecting myself to strenuous exercise in a heated room but agrees it's worth it if I am going to be able to stay healthy and not have to rely on antibiotics or nasal sprays. Because I never want to have to take all that medication again, I make it a point to go a couple times every week. If I have any problems during hayfever season or high pollen days, I book an appointment with my accupuncturist and am usually sorted within 48 to 72 hours. I'm telling you, the way us Westerners have been going about health, fitness and all that other stuff is just wrong. The Easterners have got some much better alternatives. I know all this sounds really flakey but if you're as desperate as I was when I was last sick (in the doctor's office weekly!) you begin to feel as if you may try ANYTHING! Oh, and I burn 800 calories per 90 minute Bikram yoga class, so there are definite benefits to my overall fitness and weight control, too.

No medical training here but besides good nutrition and activity, may also be good to take probiotics daily and use a neti pot. 

Good Luck!

Thank you, thank you for your helpful tips.  I really appreciate this input, because I have been stunned and perplexed (and very discouraged) by my frequency of colds, but your ideas are very helpful.  When I picked up my groceries this week, I was more intentional about picking up fresh produce, particularly citrus fruit and keifer (liquid yogurt loaded with more probiotics, so thanks Renekane - great idea).  I know it sounds basic of what is included in good, balanced nutrition, but I think I need to be even more intentional; I think I had been neglecting when I was a student this year and stressed.  (Thank goodness I'll be graduating in a few weeks!).  I finally signed up for a massage yesterday which was long overdue since my muscles seemed to have a lot of stored stress.  I am very intrigued by the bikram yoga, Asetti!  Thanks, I have heard about it, but you sort of sold me on the value of it, and the potential to adjust to the heat.  (I do love exercise but was fearful of the heat).  I'm getting vitamins this weekend (Standard Process from a chiropractor).  I am also intrigued by the neti pot, just newly read about this on a web site today.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

hi wildflowers,

with all the changes you're making, i'm sure you'll be feeling better soon. i'm sure the stress-reduction with school ending will make an enormous difference. good luck!


well as you know it is the uncommon cold and it changes its form alot so no one is immune from the odd cold. it seems that you've been in contact with alot of people with colds, I got mine from the bus someone sneezed on me it was horrible :'( wanted to scrub my face (yeah he sneezed in my face!) and it has lasted for two weeks and it also came with a chest infection. anyway you just have to get on with it.

I am getting a lot of colds too, maybe, at least one every month it seems. This month seem to be the worst cold I have had in the last 2 or 3 years, This time there is a lot of mucus and nasal congestion. The doctor give me some amoxicillin/clavulanat, ratio-aclavulanate, but hasn't help very much yet.

I have been eating heathly since I join this site last december and lost just over 11 lbs since mid December. Desipite the cold, I am still losing weight. I am very carefull of what I eat, with plenty of veggies and fruits. I love my fruits.

I take Vitamins C, D and K every day and Echinacea, the first sign of a cold. And I usually don't get stress out that easily. I am a very relaxed person, in most situation.

The weather has been quite mild this winter on average, at least for Manitoba.

I shouldn't get colds that easily, but I do, and it is getting my wife stressed off, but she is healthier than I am, dispite of being much heavier than I am, and doesn't always watch what she eats.




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