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Could coffee make my stomach hurt?

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So I love plain black coffee, but yesterday I drank some, and it's hard to describe, but once I drank the coffee I felt like my stomach just really hurts and is so sore on the inside. It feels like this one time I overdosed and my stomach was messed up with these drugs and I was just really bloated. I can't describe it any either way except my stomach feels kinda stingy sore. Could it be the acid in black coffee? Or could I have an ulcer? My dad is always discouraging me from having coffee when he's around because he said that it really hurt his stomach. 

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There is a lot of acid in coffee.  After 25 years as a daily coffee drinker I had to give it up because it gave me terrible acid reflux.  But I will have to say I never felt it in my stomach.

I would say it's the acid coffee - I wouldn't worry too much.  I am a coffee FIEND but sometimes when I drink low quality coffee or drink it on an empty stomach the same thing happens to me. starbucks coffee is the worst- they roast their beans and let them sit for ages so some of the oils go rancid and can be quite harsh on digestion.  Maybe try adding a little milk/drinking it after you've eaten something.

Thanks guys. I think Ill give the black coffee a rest for a bit and hopefully my stomach will feel better. That probably was very bad coffee. I was working at the election polls and someone randomly brewed some. yeeesh

If it's processed coffee, it's not good for you! Make sure your getting un-messed with coffee, organic even. The processed stuff has a mound of chemicals that could be messing with your stomach. Make sure your drinking water with it as well, as coffee is a natural dierutic and may dehydrate you a bit. :)

How much coffee did you drink?

I know that if I have a lot I get a little bit of pain. But by a lot I'm talking like 8 shots of espresso over a couple of hours.

Probably, it just wasn't great quality stuff.

Are you feeling better?

Yea it's a bit better. I agree, normally I can drink loads of coffee, but this must have been really terrible stuff. 

Yes.  I had stomach ulcers and the coffee made it worse every time.  I had to stop drinking it until it healed.  I'm not saying it GAVE me ulcers, but it aggravated it for sure.

Approximately 20yrs.ago

I had to give up coffee, soda, almost tea and CHOCOLATE....

I had serious pains when I consumed certain things coffee was a big problem since I have been enjoying it on / off since 5 yrs old (41)

Black, cream or milk, specialty coffees Espresso, Cappuccino you name it but my fave the old cuppa joe. 5 cups a day was a slow day +/-

Lately I am dying for a cup and my husband’s empty calls to me! thank heavens it is usually empty because I am so tempted for “just a sip”

I started dating my husband around this time and he made my coffee black with honey –so good!

When I started having pain I thought the honey-maybe allergy

The pain was indescribable, then the soda & CHOCOLATE (life’s blood).

I cut down or added milk to everything as in (you are probably too young to know) Lavern & Shirley sitcom-Milk and Pepsi was Laverne's favorite drink.

The milk helped some and my boyfriend insisted I probably had an ulcer insisted I go see the dr. and being dr phobic I rejected that idea, dr and ulcer theory.

Occasionally I reconsidered (yes/no daily), 6 months of bleeding –at work I felt faint and was told I looked "real pale" and was released from work! 

I once had food poisoning, for 3 days I worked before they let me go for the remainder of the week  but this time-told to go to the doctor I began to seriously consider going because now I am really scared not just worried.

Now to get an appointment-headache I won’t go into the long bs history however I knew I could not expect anything from K in 4 yrs I never had my Primary and everytime I had an appointment with a regular dr for specific issues they would cancel sometimes as I even sat waiting, end up paying out of pocket & seeing my boyfriends dr or clinics! emergency appointments (severe asthma attack took a week to get them to allow me to check into emergency 4pm Fri saw them around 5am Saturday had 3 shots and pills sent home. Yes, it took a week to see me for that, it took longer to check in than the nurse took time to administer the medication *never saw the dr-fine by me.

Straight from work I went to the hospital, saw the intern in emergency he looked around and said I don’t see anything-well good but what of the symptoms –could not say, well ok. He needs more information, understandable –suggested I see my Primary, I still didn’t have one K never assigned me one and they said that they had to assign me one.

Take laxatives and Rolaids –give me a break.( I never followed the advice) * I no longer have K

I went home relieved and upset.

I figured I don’t know why but I know what and started eliminating everything after months of removing everything slowly adding items back one at a time and finding that soda/carbonated beverages and certain types of tea and most definitely coffee –chocolate is safe YEAH

The doctors never found out my problem,not an ulcer, no visible problem. 

The bleeding stopped almost immediately, the pain was only if I ate or drank certain products. I eliminated them for good...

5 years ago I had an emergency trip that I was not going to fuss with tea on the plane, no alcohol, and juice can be a problem-I decided to carefully test out 1 cup of coffee –cream and sip slowly and test. I was fine after we landed 5hrs-that was it 4 days of indulging.

 The week of my trip dr did a panel lab tests my Triglycerides were fine on my return –still ODing on coffee, doing fine, within 2 weeks of my 1st tests- 2nd panel of  tests done, the Triglycerides were off the chart and the doctor was asking what did I do I told him my history and he didn’t think that could have been it.6 months later-coffee eliminated everything else the same new test resulted in good levels –no coffee since except....about 6 months ago I stole a cup-so good, no problem but I no longer get my lab done so who knows.

Caffinated or Decaf makes no difference,nor the quality/brand- off limits!Cry

I have family history both sides heart attack, stroke & aneurysms so Triglycerides need to be in check-my brother experienced similar results with Triglycerides and he saw what eliminating coffee did for him but he won’t quit though he has reduced it to 3 cups a day & substitutes w/ tea.His Triglcrides are elevated but better than before 

I tried some editing, wow is this long

Wow.....sorry for your little troubled history with your stomach :-( Hope it's all better now. I think the bad cofee like messed up my digestion, not to be gross or anything. But I think it will be ok in a couple of days. But I'll refrain from doing any weigh ins until.......yeah

thanks ...stomach is fine I just watch what I ingest -coffee...:(

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