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Ok, TMI and strange question here, but I am at a loss.

when I urinate, sometimes it smells strongly of chicken soup (salty, chicken... soup-y?).

My dietary habits have not changed, nor am I taking any new medications. There is no stinging, tingling or burning accompanied by the odd smell. The color is the same as it usually is. I have not been eating chicken soup. I have not lost a great amount of weight recently. This is not an all-the-time thing, maybe once a day at the most to every other day or so.

Is there any idea what it could be?

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You know, we had a question very similar to this one a few months back.

Your urine is not discoloured, you have no pain and there's been no other changes to warrant the possibility there is an underlying problem at all.

It's likely more to do with your ability to smell.

If you've ever eaten asparagus and noticed a strong cabbage/ammonia type of smell in the urine afterwards then there's a combination excretory capability and smell capability involved in that. d-scientific-curiosity/

You are able to smell various noxious excretory compounds in urine that don't affect your health or wellbeing at all.

Who knows what on earth kind of value that may have for survival, but there you go. Nothing to be concerned about.

My pee smells like butter popcorn (haha) when I'm not drinking a lot of water and has a yellow color to it. But when I drink plenty of water and go to the bathroom regularly, it's normal and clear. Have you been drinking lots of water?

Not sure of what the problem could be, but it's a suggestion.

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