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Chewing and Spitting

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Alright, I'm guilty of the following... chewing and spitting. Whenever I get a craving for a really fatty, high calorie food such as chips, cookies or whatever, I chew it for a while to get the taste and then spit it out. Does anybody else do this? Am I crazy? Is there something wrong with doing this? I get my fair intake of calories a day (between 700 and 1500 <-- I don't eat a lot to begin with, I never have). I almost feel like a freak for C and S. Am I really that weird?

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You're not weird, but here's a few things

  1. Chewing and spitting is not a weird thing, but it's not a healthy habbit.
  2. You should have a smaller range of calories, if you go to "Tools" then to "Allowance" and fill that out you should aim for that amount of calories. Generally eating under 1,200 calories on a regular basis is very detrimental to your health.
  3. Chances are if you have been eatting under 1000 calories for a while you may want to check with a doctor and make sure you haven't done any damage to your body, especially your thryriod and metabolism.
I think that's everything, good luck and take care.

Thanks for the pointers! It was very kind of you! :) I recently had a checkup with my doctor (about a month ago) and she said all my "bodily functions" were excellent. My blood pressure was better than ever, my blood sugar level was normal and I had enough vitamins and calcium and all that jazz. I didn't even realize how few calories I actually ate until I came here. And I have no idea what to do about it! Hehe!
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That's good... But you do want to make sure you get enough calories each day, and if your body is in tip top condition don't worry about cutting calories too far (generally people think the less I eat the more I'll lose- I know that's how I used to think 0:) lol), because your body needs calories to survive- so having a cookie here and there really won't hurt you. :)

take care.
I've done that a few times, mostly w/ chocolate chip cookies b/c I start to eat it, then feel guilty before I swallow and so I spit it out. Gross, I know but I have done it from time to time (when no one else was around lol)

The only thing to worry about would be if you do it constantly it might encourage tooth rot (but no more so than swallowing it would do anyhow). But if you're chew-spitting 100 cookies a day, that would be bad for your teeth even if you only consume calories for 1 cookie.
hey guys...just popping in to say that chewing and spitting is a sign of anorexia.  Please be's not a healthy habit no matter how you look at it.
Im curious By chewing and then spitting arent you just getting more calories Like when you chew gum Doesnt the flavoring add to your calories?? That prolly makes no since
your body starts to obsorb fat and calories in the mouth. and  those will be washed down with your salava. so if you chew and spit, it it almost the same as swallowing.

i am seriouse, my sister was doing that, she had a surgery and couldnt eat sweets anymore, so she would chew and spit, and she gained weight from it. :O  so doc told her to stop. told her what i just said about it being obsorbed in the mouth, so she did stop. and boom, weight fell off... soooo, i guess he was right about it.

Hi All, I have done this for years (probably about 20!).  I just chew it and then get rid of it.  When my mum found out all those years ago she was devastated but I have never thought it was a big deal.  I do it every day without fail, but never with 'forbidden' foods, just bread and sugar free jam or shredded wheat with water and splenda (still calorie conscious).  I know that I am taking in some calories doing this but have some idea of the bread and jam in the first place, then try to work out roughly what percentage I may have inadvertently swallowed.  I guess I have OCD right?  I have never become aware of anyone else who does this so right now I kind of feel better that someone else does this.

Aladrien, do you do this everyday?
"I guess I have OCD right?"- not from Chewing and Spitting, and not from counting the percentage... OCD is more of a disorder where everything has to be perfect, like in perfect order, and people with OCD generally engage in tasks in the fear that something bad will happen if they stop doing it/if they do something (like step on a crack break your mommas back).

What you show signs of is perfectionism which is one of the biggest things of an anorexic (which is what C and S is a sign/symptom of) with that you may want to take this and if you answer true to a good number of them then you should seriously consider seeking medical help (which isn't a bad thing)... If not I'm not saying you necassarly are, but I just want to make sure you're healthy :)

take care.
that list is scary, im not anorexic by a long shot, but i do most of the things on there :S hum... well i dont think i can get anorexic anyways! lol (and i dont do the laxatives, pills, puking, anything like that!! only the eating slowly, hating peeps watching me eat etc)
Thanks for the help guys. It's nice to know I'm not the only one doing this. Clairmiles, I don't do it every day. I only do it about once a week or so, but when I do C and S, I do a lot! Not as far as 100 cookies, but I'll go through 4 or 5 cookies by C and S. I realize that some calories are absorbed through saliva and my mouth, but isn't it better to only absorb some than all? If I didn't C and S, I'd eat all of those calories for sure. I've struggled with eating habits for my entire life. Sometimes I have anorexic tendancies where I'll restrict my calories a lot, and then other times I'm a compulsive over eater. I don't have severe tendancies that would greatly affect my health, it's just something that I've always had to deal with.
omg i do the chewing and spitting thing to so I think that its normal
I dont think chewing and spitting is that bad upon itself but it could lead to bulemia.  Personally I've never done that (I cant waste something I just budget it in) but if you really need high fat foods that bad you are probably hungry or you need to deal with those cravings another way.

What I found that works for me is to treat myself sometimes, even to ice cream or mcdonalds, so I'm not missing anything.  Also, go to the supermarket and look for the lowest cal version of those highfat foods and you will be surprised - there are lots of lower cal options out there.

What's worked for me ... when in doubt, buy a box of strawberries and just mow on them.  They taste awesome and a whole box is like 80 calories.  Lots of dietary fibre too which makes them even better
cosmowhore- I'm sorry but it really isn't "normal" people do do it... but generally only when they have an eating disorder, please seek medical help. :(

computerology- you're right chewing and spitting by itself isn't horrible but I don't know anyone to do it unless they have an eating disorder... :\

take care.
I am not anorexic, I help people who are bulimic though
cosmowhore- I'm not saying you are anorexic (actual I purposely avoid saying that to anyone because that's for a doctor to diagnose)... however the "diet" your on really isn't a "diet" it is simply starving yourself, and I'm sorrry, but you are only damaging your body...

please take care
the only time I spit out something I've chewed is if it tastes bad or has bones in it. :P

damned if I'm going to add something I didn't like the taste of to my calories for the day, so I spit it out.

I'm such a dork. XD
Hi All. I am not sure how 'unusual' C and S actually is, I also don't see it as being as extreme as binge eating or vomiting food. It's a bit like having your cake and (almost) eating it too. Sure, the best way would be to factor calories into your diet and eat all those calories, however, there are times when you fancy a bowl of cereals with milk and sugar (splenda!!); you don't want to have an extra 250-300 kcals on your daily limit, but you still want the psychological satisfaction of having it in a bowl in front of you.  It's surely is a terrible waste of food, and this is the aspect I struggle with the greatest. I can't bear the thought of wastage, and always hate the fact that the western world has so much when others have so little. So, yes in one way as I can see that for me certainly it is a compulsion and a total waste of food, but I don't feel that I nor my family suffer in anway from it.   I have a wellwoman check every 12 months and my results are always super, I am very fit, almost at my target weight, happy, confident but have just this one 'vice'. I can think of worse things I could be doing, and as mentioned in an earlier thread I have been doing this for 20 years with no progression to anorexia/bulimia.
wow i never thought to do this before. does it actually work? and you can only really do it when you eat alone right? which is hard cause i live with my family at home at roommates at school and we usually eat together in both situations. hmm. . .maybe i'll give it a try.
Just a note: food (calorie) absorption begins in the mouth through the linings of the cheek and the tongue.  I've never tried this, but I do think it would stink to think you're not getting any calories or fat and spit a bite out only to find out you are getting them. . . I'd also think it might feed cravings, but that might just be me personally. ..

Has anyone asked a nutritionist or a medical doctor?

karenrevisted, I'm just curious, why would you want to hide any eating behaviors?
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