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What can cause Painful Bloating?

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I've noticed that after I eat sometimes, I get bloated.  REALLY bloated.  I feel like I have a giant balloon of air in my stomach and it's really painful to the touch.  Is that gas?  I don't umm..."pass gas" so I don't know what could be causing this.  It's been happening for the last year or two.  It seems to be completely random.
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OK I've been over this with people before, is your "poop" normal? Check out the 'Digestive Problems' link just down the page for a few suggestions, mine are there too!
I think so.  A few weeks ago I ate a light n fit yogurt in the morning and this painful bloating ALL day.  I don't *think* I'm lactose intolerant since this doesn't seem to happen every time I eat a yogurt.  How do I make it go away?  Is there anything I can take?  I'm going to a fancy martini bar tonight and don't want to feel like a balloon.
for emergency I take tums gas pills, they're like a gel cap pill you buy that pop out from foil in a box, not the chewable tums. works like a charm. start drinking metamucil every day, it might make you gassy at first but you'll thank me later!
It could be what you are eating.  I tried Activia yogurt (thinking it would be good for me) and I've never been so bloated and stomach-achey in my life.  I ate the yogurt everyday for a week and then I had to quit eating it and it took another week for my stomach to feel better!
I have irritable bowel syndrome so this happens to me a lot. my belly painfully distends and i feel bad and it is really uncomfortable. just try and be mindful of what food you may be eating that may trigger the distension and try to eat a little less portion of it and see if that helps.
needing to fart :)
OK...I am having a similar problem right now, am even wondering if I need to see my Dr.  I am having seriously painful stomach issues, yesterday and today.  The only thing that I ate that my husband didn't is I had some fat free miracle whip (I spose it could have been bad) and we both had draft beers at a ball game, but then I got one from a different vendor.  Can a person get food poisoning or whatever from draft beer if it were like dirty lines or something? 
Try giving up certain foods and replacing them with others...maybe you'll be able to recognize what's causing you the problems...
There was a period of about a year where I felt the same, bloated, gassy, and would have acid indigestion after larger meals.   I found that moving to a lower carb diet, especially eliminating/ cutting down on starchier type items like pasta, potatoes, white flour based breads, made all the bloating and acid indigestion virtually non-existent for me.  That's what I found with my dietary practice, and it sure beat my Doctor's recommendation of wanting to put me on some prescription drug or other.

--- bbw
FallingStars: It does sound like gas, even if you don't feel gassy. Go to a private room, lie in the fetal position or on your back, whichever is more comfortable (though the fetal position may relieve pain) and rub your stomach in circles (from just above your belly button to just above your bladder, which you should try to avoid, cause it'll just make you have to pee); do it strongly enough to feel the pressure, but not too hard that you bruise :) Sometimes using a tennis ball or a round thing will help with this. Repeat until a)you fart b)you feel better. If that doesn't work, sit on the toilet and try really hard to poo, and rub your lower back to encourage it. I agree with Kaddy: Tums (and also pepto bismol) and any other anti-gas medication should be great (though probably embarrassing to buy), but it'll still take a while to kick in.

Angelmoon: Activia gave me huge problems too, and I quit it entirely. It's better to stay on normal yogurt than to be in pain for two weeks. Your body is probably not able to handle the difference in the added bacteria. A fun thing to try, if you have the stomach for it (HAH! GET IT?!?!), is yogurts from different countries, because different environments produce different natural bacteria in yogurts and dairy products.

Mindy: it's more likely that it's the miracle whip than the beers. I got severe mayonnaise-induced food poisoning when I was little, and now I avoid mayonnaise and anything that hints of mayonnaise like the plague.
fallingstars, is it after you eat anything imparticular?

I'm currently going through diagnosis for gallstones (just waiting for my scan  results to confirm it), I get a really hard stomach after eating fatty or sugary foods, and sometimes alcohol, stomach goes really hard from just under my boobs down to my belly button, looks like an island if I lie down.
Try a cup of hot brewed spearmint or peppermint tea to curb/soothe bloating. Watch carbs -- they are notorious for bloat.

[T]hough probably embarrassing to buy -- jess

If we can buy tampons we can buy ANYTHING! :P
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These symptoms can also be products of food allergies, be it wheat (beer, bread, pasta), or dairy (yoghurts, milk, cheese). The best recommendation truly is to see a Naturopath.

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It may be a food you would never have suspected.  After experiencing the same thing for a long time, I was able to pinpoint onions as the culprit.

Original Post by angelmoonfairy:

It could be what you are eating.  I tried Activia yogurt (thinking it would be good for me) and I've never been so bloated and stomach-achey in my life.  I ate the yogurt everyday for a week and then I had to quit eating it and it took another week for my stomach to feel better!

^this. exactly with me too

This used to happen to me especially after my lunch at work....usually a big salad or soup and a diet pop. After several weeks of wondering why I got bloated and had painful gas I decided to eliminate one of these things from my lunch at a time and arrived at the was the pop!

I'd drank usually just 1 diet pop a day at most for years and never noticed a problem. But once I cut that bloating or pain! Now I'll have maybe 1 a week and more often than not, the same thing happens. :( No more Coke zero I guess....oh well!
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