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Why can't I stop eating peanut butter?

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I'm at a normal weight, 130lbs, 5'3"...I eat about 1700 calories a day...but for some reason i cannot stop craving peanut butter and lately have been eating about 1000 calories of pb over 1700...why?? (my period isn't for another 2 weeks..)

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My first thought is that, assuming you are maintaining, you simply aren't eating enough.

Or, it could be that you are eating enough overall, but not enough fat.

From what I have read and heard, a lot of the time when this happens it usually means your body isn't getting enough of something -- a particular nutrient or just food in general.

I suppose it could be that you just like peanut butter? :)

My sister had to stop buying peanut butter for the same reason. She had to ban it from her house. It seemed to be a trigger food for overeating.

I am able to eat peanut butter and still lose weight, because I control my portions. I treat it like a fat --which it it pretty much is.

I would never eat an inch-thick slab of butter on bread, or dip my veggies in pure fat.

When I eat peanut butter, it's 1 Tbsp --about 100k.

If you can't learn to control it, though, you might have to banish it like my sister did.

I don't like peanut butter that much to be honest...I wish I could ban it from the house but my roommates have pb and they let me use it, but I have to keep replacing it because I feel bad that they bought it in the first place and it was originally there because they wanted to eat it...any suggestions on how to stop eating this crack? >_<  I thought it might be because of my chocolate withdrawals haha (trying to give up chocolate because it's a major trigger food)  I also consume flaxseeds and eggs every day, and most of the time an avocado.


i agree with the 1st poster, i dont think youre eating enough, at all, and that you should start eating more food.  eat more fats, even chicken, cheese, those foods have good fats.  also, allow yourself 1-2 servings a day, bfast+snack so that way you know youll be getting it in your day eventually and u dont have to have it all at once or think youre depriving yourself.  but back to pint A-EAT MORE!

I think I am eating only exercise for the past 2 weeks is 3 days of weight lifting for about 45 minutes.

i still think you should eat more, like a few hundred more

I am currently trying to lose..if I target 1700 calories, isn't taht like maybe a 500 calorie deficit?

how much do u want to lose? youre at a healthy weight

I looked at one of your posts from a few days ago, saying that you are trying to lose 15 lbs.

Of course we can't know for sure without having all your stats and assessing your health, but might I suggest that your body is doing all it can to keep you from losing weight? I mean to say: in your profile, you hint at a short stint with ED behaviors. While 115 lbs at 5'3" still falls withint the "healthy BMI" scale, it's possible that you've reached a set point with your weight. 1700 calories for losing weight is a fair amount, but perhaps you should think about maintaining for now? I say this only because your current problem screams "I'm not eating enough to be at my healthiest!"

I know it seems bizzare and like there are other ways to get around the problem, but take it from so many first-hand experiences on CC that in most cases the real problem is not enough food. Just because your only exercise this week was 3 days of weight lifting (and that's not so little) doesn't mean you are eating enough.

I hate to sound pushy, but that's all the advice I can give you and I can confidently say that it is more than likely that not eating enough is the root cause of the problem.

I don't know about the eating enough thing (calorie wise), but I am 5'3" and 127lbs and I have a low budget (which I am definitely going over today) and sometimes, even when I'm full, I can eat a lot of chocolate or peanut butter, and the only solution for me is to take it out of the house because I can just keep eating it and not get full. For me they are trigger foods, and I don't think its my body telling me I need to up my calorie intake--I lose weight at a healthy rate. I'm also trying to get to around 115lbs but I'm not trying too hard- I'm mostly trying to be healthy and find where my body is most comfortable. I know how you feel having cravings like that and the only solution for me is to eat a lot of salad until I am so full I can't think of eating any more and wait till the cravings pass. Or maybe do some cardio because afterwards I don't want to eat anything. Or just tell myself no over and over again (I used to have a big problem with binge eating) . I hate cravings and wish they would just go away! Good luck with your cravings, hope they go away soon.

You can't stop eating it because it is the most wonderful best tasting food on the entired planet! I'm at a loss with self control when it comes to this stuff too :-)


You may have enough calories, but your body needs fats and proteins too. PB has both! Add a little more meat to your diet, chicken or fish. Milk, beans, and tuna are all good too. You said you eat eggs, but perhaps your body needs more than that. Relax on it a little, you are healthy and young.

Also, if you get a craving for something, and don't actually want to eat it, do something to distract yourself for about 20 minutes. That's about how long it takes for cravings to pass. Call a friend, get out of the house for a bit. Hide the peanut butter, and RELAX!

Oh, and you may want to try if you really want to get to a healthy weight. It tracks far more than just calories. It tracks your fats, carbs, and protein too! At least check it out to see what your daily intake is like. It'll show you where you need to alter your diet. It's great!

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yeah it is a food i eat more than i prefer to.  i think i am going to pass on buying another jar again, being i just finished it off.  i'm best off with out it.
i don't think reading about peanut butter on this site helps either.

good luck.  maybe just don't start with it and you'll be fine with out it.


No one can stop. It's just the natrue of the oh so tasty, salty, nutty, creamy, health, perfectly made, beast.

Every one has made good points. Firstly, you may already be at a comfortable weight for your body. 115 is not necessarily too thin for every one at 5 ‘ 3, but it is on a lot of people, and you may be one of them. When you are already at a healthy weight, it is usually best to try to tone up through weight or resistance training.

People who have had even slight issues with disordered eating should be careful when trying to lose weight, as they are often not in a healthy enough place psychologically to do it. I hope you know this, and are aware that things can get of hand when people in your position want to lose weight.

If doing weight training is not enough, and you genuinely do feel that you would feel more comfortable if you lost a little weight, I would not lose to 115 lbs. I would lose 5 lbs initially, and see how you feel. You should not assume that 115 is healthy for your body. Not every one is born thin. But you can still be fit and healthy looking.

Peanut butter is also very easy to over eat, although you say that you do not find it that nice. A lot of people simple find peanut butter so good to eat, right out of the jar with a spoon, that it is simply a matter of not being able to control themselves, around a food they love eating so much.

Original Post by jessie7676:

You can't stop eating it because it is the most wonderful best tasting food on the entired planet! I'm at a loss with self control when it comes to this stuff too :-)


Original Post by beowulf34319:

No one can stop. It's just the natrue of the oh so tasty, salty, nutty, creamy, health, perfectly made, beast.

 Haha exactly! Nuts and seeds in general... I just don't buy them. Occasionally, when I visit Whole Foods, I'll get a handful of mixed nuts from the bulk section. There's also a PB section you can get in bulk as well, freshly ground. Try that maybe. Once a week go to a health store and get 2 servings of peanut butter.

By the way, I could probably eat a whole jar and not feel full or satisfied. I don't understand when people say nuts are filling - they're not!! (at least not for me)

I can also eat a whole jar if I tried - I do not get full from peanut or almond butter. It is probably because we are young, and all that fat does not make us feel ill the way it would with a lot of other people. Our bodies can handle it now, perhaps.

The thing I have noticed with peanut butter, is that it is one of the things I have heard people saying they craved when they were either not eating enough calories, and/OR, when they were lacking a something in their diet, such as protein, fat, or a major micronutrient deficiency( vitamins or minerals).

For me, peanut butter was something I craved when I was not eating enough fat or protein, and I have heard a fair few people that have also felt this way. If you actually LOVE peanut butter, then it I imagine the craving for it would be even more obvious!

I really find it strange that I ate so much pb because I was getting plenty of fats and protein before I started this awkward binge.  I think more than 40g fat and more than 80g protein per day.  Does this not seem enough for a 1500-1700 calorie plan?

Original Post by white_sakura:

I really find it strange that I ate so much pb because I was getting plenty of fats and protein before I started this awkward binge.  I think more than 40g fat and more than 80g protein per day.  Does this not seem enough for a 1500-1700 calorie plan?

 80g of protein a day? Surprised


Got this off this site: a.htm

Q. How much protein do I need?

According to official government guidelines, the best diet plan contains only moderate amounts of protein.

High protein diets are not recommended and may even be dangerous.

To find out how much protein you need, see the following protein chart.

Protein Recommended Dietary/Daily Allowance (RDA) Infants Up to 12 months

13-14 grams

Children 1-3 yrs old 16 grams   4-6 yrs old 24 grams   9-10 yrs old 28 grams Males 11-14 yrs old 45 grams   15-18 yrs old 59 grams   19-24 yrs old 58 grams   25 and older 63 grams Females 11-14 yrs old 46 grams   15-18 yrs old 44 grams   19-24 yrs old 46 grams    

Over 25 yrs old: 50 grams


The Problems With Protein

The following conditions may result from too much protein in the diet:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Kidney damage
  3. Constipation
  4. Tumors and cancerous growths
  5. Biochemical imbalances in the tissues (overacidity)
  6. Arthritis
  7. Bone-loss (osteoporosis) f-a-high-protein-diet/the-problems-with-prote in.html

Okay the formatting got all screwed up here.

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