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I can't stand myself

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Why can't i stop binging?! Everyday for the past 5 months, i've been binging for 2 hours straight in the afternoon. Then my mom forces me to have dinner and once i start eating again, i can't stop and i binge another 2000+ calories. So total i eat around 4000+ calories. On weekends i have 3000 calorie for breakfast. What's wrong with me? Can someone please help me? I'm dreading the day that my family will call me fat :(
P.s. I'm 15 and weigh 107. I used to weigh 98 pounds this past summer :( will binging also make my stomach perminantly stretched out?
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When I want to binge which is like everyday I think "Will this make me happy?" and I stop so I hope this will help!

At your age you should not be worrying so much about your weight.  And you really are not overweight - I am assuming you are talking pounds not kilos - That is not over the top for your age.  Is this something you can talk to your mother about?  Because at your age, I assume you would be living at home, is there any way of reducing access to foods that you binge on - the easiest way to stop bingeing is to not have access to food.  It also depends on what you are eating, are you able to ask your mother to have healthier foods in the house so that when you do go on a binge and feel like eating, you can go for healthier and lower calorie foods.  It might also help to speak to a counsellor to find out why you feel like bingeing at certain times of the day.


I wish you all the best in getting this under control but don't be too hard on yourself.  YOu are only 15 and really not overweight.  Be kind to yourself.


I have an idea ... why not get OUT of the house in the afternoons so you won't be tempted to "binge" before dinner?  Can you go to the library? Or for a walk? Or volunteer somewhere? Just keep busy ... wash the car, do homework, anything!

You are 107 pounds .... no one will call you fat. If anything, you probably need to be learning as much as you can right now about nutrition and what it takes for a healthy body to grow and develop!

Do you think you are a healthy weight right now? Have you looked up the nutrition requirements for girls your age? That may be a great way to start getting really informed and in control of your health (and your body!) Knowledge is power!

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What is your BMI and how fast are you gaining weight?

Do you eat breakfast and lunch? If you don't, that might be why you binge in the afternoon.

Has your family called you fat in the past? What makes you think they will do so? If you aren't actually fat (you aren't, if anything you're a bit underweight no?) then why would you care anyway? They would simply be incorrect (not to mention kind of jerky).

Why does your mom force you to eat dinner? Have you had a history of starving yourself?

EDIT: you've gained 9 lbs in the past five months? There is NO WAY you are eating 4000+ calories a day (unless you're puking it up afterwards?).  You need a reality check.
my mom calls me fat already and she says it like she means it! :(

well, i do eat breakfast but i try to keep it low cal because i know i will end up binging so i have to save some calories.

I've never told anyone this (please don't think i'm crazy) but recently, i've been purging a little, not my whole meal, just a little bit but is it still called bulemia? Thanks for all your help!
Yep, you're bulimic. I think you need a little more help than we random people can offer you on this forum. Seek a professional.

Binging will not permanently make your stomach stretched out, however it is a sign of very disordered eating which you will want to seek help for.

Are you sure you are actually eating 4000 calories during your binges and 3000 calorie breakfasts? How do you calculate that? If you are calorie counting, maybe it's triggering the binges?

Have you ever had help regarding your disordered eating or talked to your mother about it? She is obviously concerned about you. And now that you are starting to purge I think it's imperative that you seek outside help immediately. If you cannot talk to your mother, can you talk to an adult at school such as a counselor or the school nurse? Or perhaps your family doctor?

You are a young growing woman, on the verge of the best time in her life. There is no reason you should have to deal with this alone.

Please check out the Experts area and see the pages on Eating Disorders.  I think there is a lot of info there on binge eating which could help you!

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I have to agree with the other posters. You can't escape from eating 4,000+ calories a day by only gaining 9 lbs in 5 months. I could get away with that when I was 235 lbs, but I'm 6'1" and a guy. If I did that now I'd be gaining about 2 lb a week (I maintain on almost 2,700-3,000). If you were really eating as much as you say, you would probably gain 4 lbs a week, which is a lot more than you've gained.

The purging is a real problem, that you need to address. You will destroy your body if you allow it to continue.

At 15, your body is still developing.  While most growth in the upward direction has probably stopped, some teenage girls are still gaining height, but you definitely are developing internally.  You could easily be eating and using 4000 calories a day if you're getting some exercise.

Are you eating because you feel hungry? Are you eating because you're bored?

The 3000 calorie breakfast does seem a bit extreme, what does it consist of?  Do you know for a fact what your calorie counts are or are you just guessing?  Until you start logging and counting calories for a while it's hard to look at a meal and come up with a good ballpark figure for how many calories it has.

I can't imagine anyone calling you fat at 107 lbs. Your stomach will change size, getting bigger when it needs to be and getting smaller when it doesn't need to be. Parents often have pet names for their children and tease them, not realizing how distressing it can be for them.  Talk to your mom about her calling you fat and tell her how it makes you feel.

The purging you have got to stop.  It could do some permanent damage to your throat and your tooth enamel.  I'd recommend finding a counselor at school and talking to your parents so that you can get some help as soon as possible.


You are wayy to young to be worrying about when you are hungry and stop when you are full and if you cant recognize the difference then make a meal plan with a nutritionist that fits your daily needs and intake. However, if you over analyze this at such a young age you are most likely to end up developing an eating disorder that last a long time and may hender your relationships and life goals. I know that you said that you have been purging too...this is the start of bulemia (please seek help) and also remember that we are always here to talk!
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