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Can't sit still...always shaking foot, bouncing leg, etc.

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Anyone else like this? I can't sit/stand still; I'm always moving. even at night when I'm tired, I notice that I'm shaking my leg.

My first thought was maybe that I have ADD or ADhD. But I've never had trouble focusing mentally - always made great grades in school. This is solely a physical problem.

My mom freaked me out the other day and said that it's not normal and that I might have something wrong neurologically. That freaks me out.

Do any of you know what causes this? Most of hte time I don't even realize I'm doing it...someone else points it out. Thanks :)

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Nervousness? I do it too. Unless it's like uncontrollable shaking that you can't control (like Parkinson's disease type thing) I wouldn't worry. But if you are worried then ask your doctor.

breathe more deeply and slowly.  i can almost guarantee that if you get enough oxygen to your brain, this will diminish, if not go away entirely.

Original Post by misscherryjane:

 Unless it's like uncontrollable shaking that you can't control

Ha, if it was uncontrollable shaking then you obviously wouldn't be able to control it would you?!! You know what I mean :D

How long has this been happening?  Has your caffeine intake been up lately?  It sounds like caffeine jitters to me.  It also sounds like a symptom of sleep deprivation.

There is also Restless Leg Syndrome.

If it continues, talk to your doctor.

I'm the same way :) I usually find that running helps get rid of some of it - although sometimes it makes me even more energetic.  Undecided

I wouldn't worry too much about it, unless you find that it interferes with your life or it becomes painful, then I'd see a doctor.  But if it's something you don't notice and you can control (make it stop) if someone points it out, then I'd just leave it be.

I agree it sounds like it could be Restless Leg Syndrome, which you can also have in your arms (and it's annoying as hell, lol).

I happen to have a neuromuscular disability called Dystonia which keeps me moving, but I'm not sure this sounds the same- if you had uncontrollable spasms I would say otherwise.

Some people are just constantly active. That's normal and nothing to worry about. If you can control it, then just say you fidget and don't worry about it.

And hey, you burn calories fidgeting :)

I do that. I'm always moving something. It was anxiety for me. It is, really. I was prescribed Ativan for it but I only take it sometimes and it seems to chill me out for like a full day or two after I take one pill.

I do that all the time!! And I just read an article yesterday saying fidgeting like this can burn an extra 700 calories a day! ha ha! So think of it as HEALTHY FOR YOU! :)

I fidget and am always shaking my leg or tapping my foot or moving in some way. I lots of anxiety & lots of energy and always have.  I've been fidgetty, but when I was in full ED mode I couldn't sit still AT ALL. I couldn't keep my butt in a chair for more than 5 minutes.  I was up and down and constantly moving, cleaning, organizing then reorganizing, shopping, anything to keep me moving.  Really, if its just fidgeting you're probably just anxious or have excess energy but there is a line that you can cross when it becomes a problem.

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