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Why can't I *ever* feel full?

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Argh. I don't know why, but I can NEVER feel full! Well, I can eventually, but it takes awhile.

Case in point: This week, I've been strength training/running to finally get back into the groove after a horrible month and a half of not exercising/binging 3 times a week. I've gained weight, and I look flabby (I can't see my abs or my arm muscles that much anymore!!), so I've been eating about 1800 cals per day.

But for some reason, I'M NEVER FULL. Even when I upped my calories to maintenance this week, I still couldn't feel full at 2,000-2,100 cals. What happens next? I get so hungry/feel so deprived that I eat everything in sight until I'm at around 4,000-5,000 calories (estimated) and feel like I'm going to get sick.

What the hell is wrong with me?!?!?! I'm 15/female/ 5' 3.5 inches tall and am 122 pounds. I did diet earlier this year to get to 115, but I did it all wrong and sometimes did not eat very much. This time, though, I'm doing things the right time around.

I don't know if I could be going through a growth spurt or not. I mean, after I stopped dieting a few months ago, I grew half an inch taller, but that's it. Nothing since then. 

This sucks. I feel like I just threw my week or hard work away and will now have to start all over again. And all because I can't seem to get my hunger and eating under control.

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maybe you shouldn't try to lose weight, i mean you're at a healthy weight already and clearly the dieting isn't making things easy for you. 

You are still growing and need more calories than an adult. What are you eating? What kind of foods? If you don't get proper nutrition you will feel hungry. Calories from junk are not the same as calories from good, wholesome,nutritious food. You are at a healthy weight for your height.

I eat healthy nutritious food. I try to eat very clean. 

The problem is that when I crave that processed food, I try to not let myself have it.

I know that I'm at a healthy weight for my age and height, but I am overfat/overflabby. I am best around 115!

Sounds like when you allow yourself to eat those high cal body get use to that level.  Than you shut it down and it goes into shock.  It has to readjust to the less fat and cal's and your stomach literally needs to shrink.

Stay with a program of senible eatting for over a two week period without binging and I guarantee...your body will start to function better on less.

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I am having the same problem. I am 5'9 male, 122 pounds. 


After eating a meal, I feel starving shortly after.


any ideas as to why?



because your very under weight? and unless you are suffering from a disease,  other than mental,  your not eating enough,  so there for your body is actually starving and that is why your brain tells you your starving.  simple enough i think.


As for the above poster,  i was like this 90per of the days. i was never getting enough protein,  i was eating it at every meal,  but i found even if i uped it and ate lots of proteins,  even peanut butter and more fatty choices i was much fuller for longer,  it was like magic,  maybe the fat too,  i need to eat something with fat in it before bed or i dont sleep well,  low cal diets are good,  but bodies need fat,  are you getting enough cause with all those low fat, fat free options sometimes i forget and its true,  i could only have like 5g of fat a day or less if i did not think about adding it in my diet.

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I know that I am a little underweight, but I had a full meal, a turkey and cheese sandwich, vegetable thins, and a glass of milk. I should not feel starving a half hour after I eat it.

when your body is underweight,  and i think you are really under weight , my huband is 150 and your height and we call him skinny and i want him to gain weight,  but its true maybe through body composition, or like me body dismorphic disorder you dont think you are really under weight. 

however it is you are still underweight and your body wants food it wants more calories than you are allowing it,   your underweight and you are restricting your food, if you are hungry at your weight you should be giving your body, reasonably what it is craving,  add 2 pieces of fruit to your lunch, and something for dessert,  that is if you want to be healthy,  if not we cannot give any tips about how to cure feelings of starvation in people with ed,  ya there are ton of tricks, but that would be trig for those of us who know we are sick and its against the rules here 

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