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What to do when you can't "go"

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Sorry for the TMI post but I need desperate help! I've been calorie counting for the past 2 weeks and have changed the way I eat, I used to eat nothing but fatty non healthy food with soda's all day long. Well now that I've drastically changed my diet. I eat ALOT of fruit and veggies with lean meat and drink 100% natural green tea instead of soda.

I feel so much more healthier and managed to lose 4 pounds last week.

This week has been hell, I can't go to the bathroom (I don't even feel the urge to go) going every few days was my norm before but now it's almost a week and I'm gaining weight because of this. I can't go see the doctor this week *he's on vacation* and my husband is recommending taking a laxative for a quick way to empty out my bowels, I've read that could make me retain water and could possibly make me weight more. I upped my fiber the last 2 days and it isn't helping at all, any recommendations on what to do?

If i was to take a laxative it would only to help empty not to lose weight, I wouldn't be using it more then the one time, I've never token one before will it help me go soon after taking it?

Thank you for your help!!

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i would personally take the laxative if your feeling really bad :) depending on the laxative (some are quick fast relief, others are overnight) you might go within the next hour, or sometime later tonight. try eating dried fruit everyday too! like maybe 1-2 dried prunes, apricots, dates or figs. i don't know where you read that laxatives help you retain water :o they give you diarrhea, which is actually helping you LOSE water. if you do decide to take one, be sure to drink lots of water afterwards!! it'll make it less painful too! feel better soon :D x ali

A laxative will only make you retain water and gain if you overdose on the laxative taking and give yourself diarrhea....And technically it wouldn't make you "gain water" you would lose water with the diarrhea and get it back....:)

Well since it's been a week since you last pooped I think I'd either go with the laxative or buy this tea called Smooth Move. The tea usually makes you poop within 12 hours of drinking it. It's pretty normal to get constipated when you change your diet-if you're eating more fiber you need to drink lots of fluids.

thanks girls, I'll get my hubby to pick some up tonight and *fingers crossed* with the extra fiber that this won't happen again. I appreciate all the help!

I've been struggling with chronic constipation ever since I quit smoking.  Even after increasing fiber and water intake, I could not go.  And if I somehow managed to go, it would be very minimal and required a lot of straining.  At first, I would occasionally use milk of magnesia when I was really backed up (it's very gentle, at least for me - I didn't experience any cramping; however, when it kicked in, I had to run like hell to the bathroom).  However, this was only a temporary fix; as was stool softeners.  By advice of my doctor, I started taking probiotics (a bottle at my grocery was only $4 or so - much cheaper than buying Activia yogurt all the time) and I'm much closer to what's normal for me - on a good day I'll go two or three times, and it's lovely. Smile

that's awesome advice thank you, I'm doing my grocery shopping tomorrow and will def. look for the probiotics is it liquid form or pill form?

You already gotten good advice but I will go ahead and mention the prune juice has always worked well for me when I needed a little "help". 

The probiotics I take are in capsule form.

I had this, chronic constipation for months when I quit smoking. I found fybogel (soluble fibre) really helped. A lot! I had to take laxatives a few times and I would recommend trying maybe a half dose to see if that helps. I found the laxatives to have not so good side effects. I hope it goes, I went to my doctor in tears when it was nearly 2 weeks!

eat fermented foods (sauerkraut, tempeh, organic yogurt/kefir)

drink raw apple cider vinegar diluted in 8oz of water

drink plain black coffee and warm water with lemon 

eating too much fiber can actually make you more constipated

You poor thing!  I used to have issues with this as well.  I increased my water. 8 -10  8oz glasses a day. Oh and I bring a home and garden magazine to look at to help me relax (I know TMI, but it really helps).  Best of luck to you!

Laxative may help short term (thought they're miserable). I am a long-time constipation sufferer (I feel your pain! It's not fun!) and have found Greek yogurt is a miracle worker. Love how this stuff works. Gets my system moving like none other, and keeps it moving. Gentle, easy, not to mention how filling it is, which is so helpful when dieting, full of protein, calcium. It's a wonder food. I get 0%, it has very little sugar. Might take a couple days for it to do it's work, though. 

The fybogel stuff isn't the type of fibre to clog you up more- it is actually a less aggressive type of laxative. It works if you have a sachet in the evening and by morning you can go, without the 'aggressiveness' of a proper laxative. I didn't know how to exactly word that without being really gross!!


Cleans me right out.  I have it with skim milk and stevia by the way- it doesn't have to be black.

Sip slowly and enjoy the effects. :)

If all else fails drink some "SMOOTH MOVE TEA" by Traditional Medicinals at bedtime. Guaranteed you will wake up and GO!

Original Post by nannam:

If all else fails drink some "SMOOTH MOVE TEA" by Traditional Medicinals at bedtime. Guaranteed you will wake up and GO!

^^^This.  I keep Smooth Move on hand when my other resources are not enough.  Drink a cup at night, you'll "go" (maybe 2-3 times) the next morning.  It isn't a harsh movement, nor is it so urgent you're afraid to leave the house.

For daily maintenance I take psyllium capsules.  I also take a probiotic (Digestive Advantage for ~$10/30 day supply at the drug store), but that helps more to prevent bloating.  I also drink lots of water.  Many of us restrict fat so much that our bodies can't form a stool.  We need some fat.  Constipation is pretty common when you first quit smoking, but it gets soooo much better.  All yogurt has probiotics, BTW.

I feel your pain lol literally. I don't like to use laxative pills. I usually try psyllum husk (metamucil), eating prunes, apples or other natural fiber sources and  DRINKING LOTS OF WATER.

When those fail, I use epsom salt. Follow the directions on the box - you add it to water and drink. Usually works in a few hours for me. Just as effective as the pill, CHEAP! and less convenient (taste gross, so I don't rely on it often)

Hope this helps.


Ok so I decided to wait to use the laxative until Friday night because I didn't want to spend my Friday on the toilet when I'm supposed to be working.

I asked the pharmacist which one she would recommend and was told to buy a specific one that would work overnight when i was sleeping and when i woke up the next morning I would go, she assured me I would only go the once and that it was the best one they had (it even said #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended on the box)

So I took it at 10pm, and woke up (at 3am) with HORRIBLE stomach pain, like THE worst I have ever experienced in my life. I finally went to the bathroom, I feel a bit better but I will NEVER take another laxative in my life, the nausea caused by severe pain and the stomach pain is something I would rather never have again in my lifetime, it's 4am right now and my stomach still hurts *granted not as bad but still bad enough* If my stomach pain does not ease up I will need to go see a doctor today (E.R)

So lesson learned if you need to go and it's been a while GO SEE A DOCTOR..

Take it from a vegan who has had this problem, make sure you're getting enough fat in your diet. Olive oil and almonds help move things right along for me.

...Oops!  Maybe it's because you were so backed up.  I take laxatives every now and then (the "aggressive" kind) whenever I feel I need a washout and I find that it only makes me uncomfortable when my eating habits have been less than optimal during the week prior--hence I'm a little backed up.  I know you're hesitant to use it again, but don't rule them out all together, especially if your one-poop-a-week problem persists!

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