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Calories in Cough Drops?!!

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I have been terribly sick with a cold and a nasty sore throat, so I've basically been chugging these cough drops down like nothing (in between meals of course). And low and behold I happened to read the back label and each cough drop is 15 calories! Who knew these little suckers had calories?? I probably had like 10+ a day!! Frown  Sorry, just needed to rant. Tongue out

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go for sugar free ones, they have 5 or 6

If they are helping you fight your cough/cold, does it really matter? Honestly?

Why did you think they were calorie free?

If you're fighting a cold, your body needs the extra calories anyway.

It shouldnt matter how many calories are in cough drops.

Your main priority should be getting well. When your sick, your bodies sending you a message.

Santonacci is right in saying your body needs the extra calories.

However if it bothers you that much, i guess you could always make this:

Honey and Lemon cold relief

Boil some water, pour into a mug, add the lemon juice and stir in two teaspoons of honey (or to taste).

I dont know how many calories are in this.. but it sure helps me! Laughing

Other than that.. bed rest helps best!

Get well soon lovely..


whoops double post Sealed *hides*

Treat them the same as any other boiled lolly... they've got the same basic ingredients, plus menthol and stuff. You're not really meant to eat them like candy anyway.

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I know when I was younger I thought they were calorie-free, but that was before I knew about what makes up a calorie. A lot of cough drop packages don't even list the nutrition facts. Luden's makes sugar-free ones that are >5 though. It says 0, but I know it's not actually 0...

Those suckers are icky! They tend to have glucose, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch or anything of that nature in them... so while you may think you are doing something healthy... really your just putting toxic chemicals into your body... You should simply drink some herbal tea which tends to help sore throats too! 

You didn't know so don't beat yourself up. Either limit them, use sugar free or take the healthier natural method that others have mentioned.

You will be fine. I'm sorry you are feeling sick though and hope you get better soon.

I'm a big fan of ginger lemon infusions.  Basically make a pot of hot water and add fresh slices of ginger and lemon.  It's good both hot and cold, you can add honey or orange blossom syrup to sweeten it up if you want to.

thanks guys for the replies. of course getting better is number 1 priority. I'll try out the suggestions you guys gave. I was just surprised by their content b/c there's no nutritional label in the back. Didn't mean to sound crazy. Tongue out

Original Post by jojonannie:

go for sugar free ones, they have 5 or 6

 NOOO don't do it. They're made with aspartame and if you have more than 2 you're intestines are not going to be happy. I made the mistake of switching over when I realized the truch about cough drops (don't worry happiness, I felt the same way, you're not overreacting). But the sugar-free ones will give you gas and cramps from hell Embarassed

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